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Zoe League Of Legends Build – LoL Runes, Items and Skill – Season 11

Zoe League Of Legends Build - LoL Runes, Items and Skill - Season 11

League of Legends is a MOBA, and like all MOBAs it can be very overwhelming to play.

Zoe’s build can be quite tricky to get right, but it has huge potential when played correctly.

zoe league of legends build
zoe league of legends build

Zoe League Of Legends Build – LoL Runes, Items and Skill – Season 11 will help you play Zoe effectively in the mid lane. It will teach you how to use her abilities effectively and maximize your damage output while also explaining some of the intricacies that make this champion so special. We’ll also give you a few recommendations for runes, masteries, items and spells that should work well on this particular champion! Enjoy!

Why Zoe?

Zoe is the queen of one-shot kills. She can take down enemy champions before they have time to react, and with season 11 focusing on dragon objectives she’s been present in every game so far! Zoe benefits hugely from elemental buffs which makes her an even more dangerous threat when playing as part of a team – control that keeps them safe while you wait for your opportunity at last hit gold or safety behind allied wards.”

Zoe’s flexibility allows her to be a part of every team comp. Her poke style makes up for not being the most powerful champion, but with multiple power spikes throughout the game and amazing damage output that can carry games single-handedly; there is no reason why people won’t play Zoe! What do you need in order top build your ultimate z Penetration runes on Marksmen Brand?
I’m going back into my past memory lane where I remember playing League Of Legends as an avid player vs AI mode (smartly named “Normal”) seeking out similar strategies from then until now about how they could dominate larger groups without much strategy involved by proactively harassing their opponent at all times possible before inevitably winning after like 90%+ kills had been achieved

Playstyle – Zoe League Of Legends Build

Early Levels

Zoe is one of the most popular lane-pushing champions in League, and for good reason. She can easily turn a 1v1 situation into her favor with Corrupting Potion while also gaining some serious movement speed from Time Warp Tonic each time it’s used – which will happen often due to how much healing this skill provides! Her passive ability even gives Zoe an immense advantage over enemies: as long they’re burning towards death (and thus taking more damage), there isn’t much that anyone could do about it; not even their teammates or opponents themselves are immune when fighting against someone on fire…

Zoe’s Q is a powerful ability that can be used to harass and trade with opponents. Zoe has access to long range, but it does less damage the further away she throws it because people might see her animation before being able hit them themselves so instead keep them close for maximum effectiveness! You could also twist your spell by throwing behind you when an enemy steps out thinking they’re safe from getting hit then hitting him in his back arc – this takes much longer than just poking at max distance but still deals enough punishment should he turn around too late or move onto another target without feeling like wasted effort since lightining doesn’t travel very far these days anyway.

Zoe’s early game power is off the charts with her ability to take advantage of unsuspecting opponents by stealing their spells and items. If you happen upon a lucky Hextech Protobelt-01, it can be worth its weight in gold as this item does more damage than what other champions should possess at 3/4 or 5 minute mark!

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As soon as you hit level 6 and come to lane from your first buy, work the whole map. Zoe is an excellent ganker who can easily setup kills on both lanes with her long-range abilities providing invisibility in river locations while sleeping teammates execute enemies before they have time for a counterattack.


Zoe is a potent immovable object in the early game, able to win her lane and secure objectives with two Qs. She roams together as jungler or goes alone if there’s no one else around – either way, she takes what she wants from jungle skirmishes quickly while leaving other champions bitching about their turret security all too much!

When it comes to sieging, Zoe is number one! Whether you’re attacking or defending a turret, Zoe can hide behind walls and repeatedly throw Paddle Star and Sleepy Trouble Bubble. Her poke isn’t easy for any opponent more than two or three times before they retreat–or dive on her defenses just like how she does with everything else in this game of League Of Legends
A lot goes down during each match: from deciding which objectives will be taken by either team (inhibitors plus Baron), all while remaining hidden until an enemy approaches too close-range whereupon then using agile moves such as recall & lite heal spammer mode aka Gay Mode™


In the later stages of the game, Zoe should stick with team. With her low base damage and weak earlygame power she can’t survive one on one fights against strong split pushers such as Irelia or even Tryndamere who rely heavily upon their ultimate for burst damage. She’s much better in a group where you’re able to safely throw Es until they land which turns an enemy fight into 5v4!

Zoe is the king of hit-and-run. With skills like Throw trajectories that can go a long way, it’s easy for her to get away from foes with some quick thinking and movement! Be sure not abuse walls or spots where she wouldn’t usually be expected too – these are all tools in Zoe player’s arsenal when playing safely but effectively so they don’t fall victim before even coming into contact; afterall you want this champion on your team come late game because she will win games without taking much damage at all if played right…

Best runes for Zoe in Season 11 – Zoe League Of Legends Build

Best runes for Zoe in Season 11 - Zoe League Of Legends Build 
Best runes for Zoe in Season 11 – Zoe League Of Legends Build


Electrocute is a powerful keystone for Zoe. It’s an easy-to-use buff that procs when you hit three different enemies within three seconds, making it great on the mechanically skilled champion with so many ways to trigger this effect!

Another viable option from Domination is Dark Harvest. It has an even easier proc, but it requires enemies to be low on HP already and Zoe may not work as well with this rune since she likes engage fights where there are plenty of targets for both her abilities in their full combo chains. Those who use the Electrocute rune will find many situations more convenient than those relying solely on one or two procs from dark harvest when trying hit burst damage numbers while still being able to stay safe at all times thanks largely due these stunning effects that can happen without too much peril coming our way during heavy scrapes against tough opponents (especially if they’re close enough).

Taste of Blood

Zoe doesn’t need the extra magic penetration in this row because she already has enough damage from Zoe’s passive and ability combinations. Sudden Impact will be a good pick for additional MPen, but as mentioned before it is less necessary since her E allows true damage anyway. Even though Taste of Blood provides more healing than other items due to Ravenous Hunter synergy; its primary use case would be with one goal: dealing out some hurt while simultaneously restoring your own health so that you can keep going back into battle without getting overwhelmed!

Eyeball Collection

Eyeball Collection is the best option simply because it is a permanent damage buff for Zoe. You stack this with every kill, and you don’t have to worry about refreshing its duration until your next match ends! The other rune options are there but they’re not usually as good in comparison– Eyestalkers can be helpful if played right against an enemy Snowman without much health or Suppression Runes which will silence them temporarily while hurtling rocks towards their general area from afar (or trying another axe skill).

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Eyeball collection offers some unique skills that make playing around her more fun than ever before: stacking up eyeballs on any.

Ravenous Hunter

Zoe doesn’t have any healing, so Ravenous Hunter will always be the most useful rune on her last row. Despite its long-range and ability to heal targets outside of Zoe’s sightline, many champions are still likely to dive in order wreak havoc with their attacks as well; it is essential for surviving those situations!

Biscuit Delivery

Biscuit Delivery is a great way to stay in lane longer and if your opponent has not picked it up, you will have more pots for healing. This works well against Zed or Fizz, who might try all-in attacks with this ultimate ability as their only form of damage output.

Time Warp Tonic

Time Warp Tonic is a great counter to slows, especially in the early game. It synergizes with Biscuit Delivery because it can be used 50% of its potential immediately (and gives you some movement speed) as well as later on when chasing down enemies or escaping from them once things go south! You should swap out Cosmic Insight if your goal was perfect timing- but don’t forget about how much wasted gold there would’ve been without this extra potion

The Rest

Now, Zoe is one of the most versatile champions to play in League. Not only can you use her with several keystones but also have a lot more value during laning phase as compared to later parts when it loses its effectiveness by much too quickly.

Best items for Zoe in Season 11 – Zoe League Of Legends Build

Best items for Zoe in Season 11 - Zoe League Of Legends Build 
Best items for Zoe in Season 11 – Zoe League Of Legends Build

Luden’s Echo

Straight-up, Luden’s Echo is the most important item on Zoe! No matter what you face or how the game goes – even if your team starts losing–you should always rush Luden’s Echo. It gives me everything I need: cooldown reduction (which helps with executing), mana+, and ability power+. Plus, its passive buff makes sure my damage output in early stages of gameplay isn’t too low which means rushing this sooner rather than later would be best for us both.


Morellonomicon is an essential item for Zoe. In many cases, the enemy combo will be so fed up that you cannot survive their onslaught; in this case we suggest buying Oblivion Orb and then going with whatever else they might need as soon as possible before completing Morello’s nomicon later on down the line if necessary at all stages of gameplay (because no matter who’s playing-Zoe or Lux-, he/she will most likely poke a lot). Other than just those situations where it may seem like our heroine can’t live without Zhonya’ s Hourglass or Banshees Veil… Morello has other uses too!

Rabadon’s Deathcap

Zoe’s Rabadon’s Deathcap is the perfect item for every mage, and it provides a lot of raw ability power which makes her super powerful. If you get this as your third slot, there is 99% chance that one shotting enemy AD carry or any squishy champion will be easy with only few shots needed to take them down from full health before they die off due too low amounts remaining on their own. The most vital point about hitting Q hard in Zoe gameplay are eliminating players quickly without being seen by enemies who can easily spot where she goes if spotted at all times since roaming becomes less viable when getting items such as Morellonomicon (Magic Resist).

Void Stuff

If you are the only tank in your team, then it is still a good idea to buy Void Stuff. The massive damage output of Zoe combined with her Sleepy Trouble Bubble will make sure that even if there’s an enemy champion on their team they cannot survive more than three hits from this combo!

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Banshee’s Veil

Zoe’s ultimate is powerful, but it doesn’t help her when she’s surrounded by enemies. This can be especially dangerous on champions like Zoe who lack any form of defensive spells and rely almost entirely upon their mobility from Portal Jump to keep themselves safe in battle! However with the aid of Banshee Veil (a very helpful shield) you’ll find that your chances for survival increase exponentially – provided they don’t start sweating bullets right off the bat thanks once again.

Situational Items

Lich Bane

Zoe has an interesting choice with her Lich Bane. When combined, it can do some serious damage and is not common because of Zoe’s passive that allows for empowered basic attacks from More Sparkles as well as the item giving more spell casts than physical ones.

Liandry’s Torment

Liandry’s Torment is a great item, but it can only be bought against tanks. Zoe gets more value out of the items listed above and so she doesn’t buy this as often because they are all exceptionally good for her to have on hand at once instead of just one or two other items Liandy’s provides less benefit than what some players would want in their build – especially those that focus mostly physical damage dealers like Graves who don’t need any protections whatsoever since his skills deal piercing dmg without penetration anyway (Piercing Arrow).

Mejai’s Soulstealer

Zoe can purchase Mejai’s Soulstealer at the beginning of match, but it’s not easy. You have to play well and stay alive in order to stack this item so that you may use its full power; which is definitely interesting for players who enjoy playing around with new items!

Summoner’s Spells And Skins

As a champion in League of Legends, Zoe should always have her Flash and Ignite ready to go. There are other options for Summoner’s Spells like Barrier or Exhaust depending on who you’re facing but the one thing that won’t change is how great Ignite proves itself time after time regardless if it’s used against another human player or an enemy monster/minion!

Q&A how to play Zoe?

What Lane Is Zoe?

The ability kit of this pick allows it to be played in the Mid Lane position effectively. Can also be paired with another support, but primarily functions as a mid-tier solo laner for high level competition matches and even professional play!

Is Zoe Good Right Now?

Ranking as the #30 Best Pick In the Mid Lane role for patch 11.19, placing it within our D tier rank and suggesting players avoid if possible due to difficulty level on this champion with low beginner ranking who is also seen at below average slotting in League of Legends’ meta game statistics (based off numbers).

How Do I Build Zoe S11 Patch 11.19?

To get the best out of your Zoe, you’ll need to pair her with magic-based champions and glyphs. This is because she features a weapon type that only deals magical damage! The Runes passive will help maximize this so don’t worry about getting Burst Damage Items like Doran’s Shield if those are not what you want in game.

To make playing as Zoe successful I recommend building items focused around enhancing Ability Power from champion abilities or spells such as AP brust (attack power).

Champions Like Zoe

Many people know Ahri as the Fox Spirit, but she’s also known for her ability to change forms and become anywhere. That is what makes this champion so interesting – you never know where your next target will be coming from!
A few other Burst-type picks I would recommend at moment are LeBlanc or Lux (both very strong).

Champions are categorized by roles to suit different playstyles, and you can find champions that match your personal preferences. If you’re not sure which role is the best for you yet or how to get started with playing League of Legends in general, don’t worry! We have a zoe league of legends build on what might work best based on some common personality types below. Which champion’s skill set would be most beneficial for someone who likes experimenting?


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