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If you like to watch funny vines, you may often get to YouTube to search your favorite vines on YouTube. There are various vines on YouTube funny vines channel, such as Best Fail Compilation, KingDaddy Solo Vine Compilation, Funny Vines Johannes Bart, etc. And in this article, we will introduce top 15 YouTube vines to you. These YouTube vines can bring happiness to you. If you want to save these YouTube vines on your device for watching whenever you want, we also recommend two easy ways to help you download these funny vines from YouTube.

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The first part of this article, we will first recommend the best way to download YouTube vines. You can use this professional video downloader to save any YouTube funny vine as you like.


YouTube Vines

Part 1. Best way to download YouTube vines YouTube Video Downloader is a useful video downloader which can download many YouTube vines from YouTube. Besides, this program can convert YouTube vine videos or other video to any popular formats. Moreover, YouTube Video Downloader can offer editing unction to help you edit any YouTube vine video.

Step 1 Download YouTube Video Downloader

Click above download button to download and install YouTube Video Downloader on your computer, and then launch it by double clicks.

Step 2 Input the URL of the YouTube vines

Copy the link of the YouTube vine you want to download, and then get back to the program, click “Download” to enter the link you just copied.

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Step 3 Analyze the YouTube vine

Click “Analyze” to start analyze the YouTube vine. And you can also select the resolution of the YouTube vine as you like.


Step 4 Start to download the YouTube vine

When you finish all the settings, click “OK” to start download the YouTube vine. Wait a few minutes, and then the YouTube vine will be downloaded on your computer.

You can watch below video to learn how to use this program:


Part 2. Recommendations of top 15 YouTube vines

1. KingDaddy

This YouTube vine is the collection of many funny things. All the funny things are about kids and the video is shot by the kid”s father. These kids toward lens to talk with their father, and their talking content is so funny. You cannot help laughing when you are watching their expression.


2. Johannes Bartl

In the beginning of this YouTube vine, you can see that the man get in to kitchen to show the small blain to his friend. And his friend make a fuss about it. After his friend helping him to cover the blemish, he became a black. It is so funny that you will not think about it.


3. Animal Fails

The main focus of this YouTube vine is mainly about animals. You can see that there are so many interesting things happened on animals, like a man who ride on a horseback, but his falls down when he just ride on it. A goat”s head is locked in a small box with a funny expression.


4. Dope Island & Caleb City

This YouTube vine is mainly about a person who collects these interesting things in his life. The frame in this video are not much, you can just see that he is talking something funny toward the lens. Maybe he just want to share the funny moment in his life to viewers.


5. Katja Glieson

This YouTube vine is made up of many funny stories. You can see that a man is looking his phone, the other man with funny brow has a peep at his phone when talking with him. And the second story talks about two girls. The third story shows that the man”s girlfriend give him a surprise with a heavy make-up.

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6. Vines Compilation

The theme in the beginning of this YouTube vine is doctors who are mainly curing animals, but he cannot find his patient in a white quilt. He find out many toys without real life.

7. Kid Fails Compilation

It is the compilation of kid”s funny things. The little baby is dancing on the desk, suddenly she falls down from the desk. A little girl who is sitting on a pail, and she cannot stand up as her buttocks is locked in the pail.

8. PurpleCrumbs

The owner take an electric dinosaur to scare his pet dog. In the beginning, his dog is so afraid of this dinosaur with barking toward it. But after being scared several times, he becomes no response of this dinosaur.

9. RIP Vine Compilation

A drive finds that the car in the front of his car is always rolling. Finally, he overtook the car in his front, but what he find is that the drive of that car is a dog. You cannot think that the drive is unexpectedly a dog. There are many other funny things in this YouTube vine.

10. Austin Miles Geter & Sister

The man with a lot of beard is a very fat and his friend is the same fat with him. He suddenly find that there is a broccoli in his friend”s nose. It is so amazing thing.

11. Animal Fails

The man has a box which is filled with snakes. The snakes always escape from the small box, and the man need to catch them and put them in the box. When he catch this one, that one escapes again. When you want to view YouTube vines, you can give this video a try.

12. Kids Say The Darndest Things

Let”s continue our list of YouTube vines. There are some little kids whose action are like adults. There is a little kid who takes a black phone to talk with someone, while he hit the keyboard with his left hand.

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13. Funny Vines Best Wins Ever

The juvenile can throw the good in his hand into the box which is in his back. Nearly every time he is successful. And there is a person who can put a lot of bricks on his head. You may think his possesses some special skills after you watching this video. Come on and check this Vines video on YouTube.

14. Kid Fails Compilation

This YouTube vine is also the collection of kids. You will find many interesting things in this video, such as a kid fall down from staircase when he is applauding.

15. King Bach

The last one of the YouTube vines is King Bach. A group of people get together to singing. One of those people is beaten up by the other people. In this YouTube vine, the people imitate bad guys to frighten other people.

Part 3. Easy way to record YouTube vines

YouTube Video Downloader supports almost all YouTube vine videos. But you should know that, YouTube doesn”t allow you to download online videos from its site. And it will constantly update itself to forbid all downloading. So there are still some YouTube vines cannot be saved by this program. If you meet this problem, maybe it”s time to use Screen Recorder to record the YouTube vines with high quality.

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This article mainly talks about YouTube vines. We introduce the best way to download YouTube vines in the first part. And in the second part, we introduce you with top 15 YouTube best vines, so you are able to find your favorite YouTube vines among the recommended videos. In the third part, we introduce a one-for-all solution to record YouTube vines with Screen Recorder. If you have any other questions, feel free to leave us a message.

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