Fix: Youtube Playlist Autoplay Not Working : Youtube, What To Do If Youtube Playlists Not Autoplaying

AutoPlay may not work on YouTube due to corrupt cache/data of the browser or corrupt installation of the YouTube mobile application. Moreover, an outdated browser or misconfiguration of your browser like DRM settings, etc. may also cause the error under discussion.

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YouTube Auto-Play

The user encounters the issue when he tries to play a video/playlist and YouTube stops (or starts repeating the first two videos of the playlist) after playing one or two videos.

For some users, the issue is that they cannot stop the AutoPlay of the videos while some encountered the issue only with playlists (not with the individual videos). This behavior is reported to occur on nearly all the operating systems and all the web browsers. Additionally, TV apps are also affected by the AutoPlay not working issue.

Before moving on with the solutions to solve AutoPlay issues, restart your devices (phone, computers, routers, etc.) to check if the issue is a temporary glitch. Moreover, when accessing YouTube, search it through a search engine (not through the bookmark/shortcut).

Additionally, keep in mind that AutoPlay will work for 30 minutes on a mobile network and for 4 hours on a Wi-Fi to prevent long AutoPlay sessions that a user might have forgotten.

For YouTube Web:

These solutions are for YouTube accessed through desktop browsers.

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Solution 1: Toggle On/Off AutoPlay And Logout of the YouTube Account

You may encounter the error at hand if the AutoPlay setting for the video is not enabled at the backend of your account even though you might have enabled it in your application. In this context, enabling (or disabling) AutoPlay in the video settings may solve the problem.

Launch the web browser and open the YouTube website.Now open any of the videos and then enable (or disable) the AutoPlay switch located on top of the suggested videos.


Enable AutoPlay for YouTubeThen click the Settings (gear icon) near the right corner of the video player and then make sure that the AutoPlay switch of the video is in the same state (enabled or disabled) as mentioned in step 3.


Enable AutoPlay in the Video SettingsNow check if YouTube is clear of the AutoPlay issue.If not, click on the profile icon (near the top right corner of the window), and then in the resulting menu, click on Sign Out.


Sign Out of YouTubeNow check if you can AutoPlay videos/playlists on YouTube.

Solution 2: Clear the Cache and Data of Your Browser

Like many other applications, web browsers use a cache to improve the user experience and speed up things. AutoPlay might fail to work if the cache/data of your browser is corrupt or has bad configurations. In this context, clearing the browser’s cache/data completely may solve the problem. For elucidation, we will go through the process for the Chrome browser. You may check if the issue occurs in the private/ incognito mode.

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Launch the Chrome browser and open its menu by clicking on the vertical ellipsis near the top right corner of the window.Now, in the menu displayed, hover over More Tools and then in the sub-menu, click on Clear Browsing Data.


Open Clear Browsing Data in ChromeThen click on the Sign Out link at the bottom of the window.


Sign Out of the Account Before Clearing Data and CacheNow in the Advanced tab, select the Time Range of All Time (or for the time you are having the autoplay issue) and select the categories you want to clear (it is better to select all the categories).Now click on the Clear Data button and then relaunch the browser.


Clear Browsing Data in ChromeThen check if the AutoPlay issue is resolved.

Solution 3: Update the Browser to the Latest Build

Browsers are updated regularly to cater to new technological advancements and patch the known bugs. You may encounter the issue under discussion if you are using an outdated version of the browser. In this context, updating the browser to the latest build may solve the problem. For elucidation, we will go through the process for the Google Chrome browser.

Launch the Chrome browser and open its menu by clicking on the horizontal ellipses (3 vertical dots near the top right corner of the window).Now, in the menu displayed, click on Settings.


Open Chrome SettingsThen in the left pane of the window, click on About Chrome.Now, check if an update of Chrome is available, if so, then install the latest update and then relaunch the browser.

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Update ChromeAfter updating the browser, check if the YouTube AutoPlay issue is resolved.

Solution 4: Disable Adblocking Extensions/Addons

Extensions/ addons are used to add extra functionality to the browser. However, they also might have adverse effects and you may encounter the error at hand if an extension/addon is interfering in the normal operation of YouTube. In this context, disabling extensions/add-ons (especially adblocking extensions/addons) may solve the problem. For illustration, we will discuss the process for the Chrome browser.

Launch the Chrome browser and then click on the icon of the Extensions (located at the right end of the address bar).Now, in the menu displayed, click on Manage Extensions.

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Open Manage Extensions in ChromeThen disable your adblocking extension (Adblock or Ublock Origin, etc.) by toggling its switch to the off position.Disable a Chrome ExtensionNow check if AutoPlay is operating normally for YouTube. If so, then enable the adblocking extension and add YouTube in its exceptions list.If the AutoPlay issue is not resolved after disabling the extension, then disable all the extensions and check if YouTube is clear of the AutoPlay issue. If so, then try to find the problematic extension by enabling one extension at a time, and when the problematic extension is found, either update the extension or disable it until the issue is resolved.

Solution 5: Disable DRM Settings of Your Browser

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