Youtube Gunsmoke Season 14 Episodes, Gunsmoke Season 14 Episodes

This landmark adult Western centered on Marshal Matt Dillon of Dodge City. John Wayne turned down the lead, suggesting James Arness (who remained for its entire run). Originating on radio (with William Conrad as Dillon), it moved to TV in September 1955. Its popularity spawned a number of copycats, but none would enjoy the longevity (and few the consistent quality) of this classic.

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Episode 1

Lyle”s Kid

Mon, Sep 23, 1968 60 mins

Matt intervenes when a disabled ex-lawman uses his son to settle a grudge. Matt: James Arness. Doc: Milburn Stone. Kitty: Amanda Blake. Grant Lyle: Morgan Woodward. Jeffery Lyle: Robert Pine.

Episode 2

The Hide-Cutters

Mon, Sep 30, 1968 60 mins

Matt joins a cattle drive to avert bloodshed between trail boss Amos McKee and his hands. Chunk: Cliff Osmond. Arlie Joe: Michael Burns. Bodiddly: Conlan Carter. Sugar John: Ken Swofford. Weevil: Eddie Firestone.

Episode 3


Mon, Oct 7, 1968 60 mins

A Mexican youngster has something else in mind when he makes friends with Matt. Paco: Manuel Padilla Jr. Amelita Avila: Mirial Colon. Ben Rawlins: Jim Davis. Jurato: Jose Chavez. Blacksmith: Rico Alaniz. Smitty: Rex Holman. Alex Rawlins: Jonathan Lippe. Oakes: Robert Sorrells.

Episode 4

Uncle Finney

Mon, Oct 14, 1968 60 mins

A comedy about two brothers who turn in their 103-year-old uncle for a bounty. Roland Daniel: Victor French. Elbert Moses: Anthony James. Merry: Lane Bradbury. Uncle Finney: Burt Mustin. Burke: Ted Jordan. Festus: Ken Curtis. Doc: Milburn Stone. Newly: Buck Taylor.

Episode 5


Mon, Oct 21, 1968 60 mins

Threatening Matt: a Bible-spouting, moonshine-swilling rancher. Noah Riker: Dub Taylor. Slocum: Will Greer. Mark Riker: James Wainwright. Luke Riker: Ross Hagen. Paul Riker: Lee Lambert. Matt: James Arness. Doc: Milburn Stone.

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Episode 6


Mon, Oct 28, 1968 60 mins

Matt takes on the exasperating task of protecting a troublemaking Irishman. Matt: James Arness. Louie: James Nusser. Chickenfoot: Anthony James. Clay Tynan: Victor French. Doc: Milburn Stone.

Episode 7

9:12 to Dodge

Mon, Nov 11, 1968 60 mins

Taking a prisoner back to Dodge results in a tense train ride for Matt and Doc. Elizabeth Devon: Joanne Linville. Johnny August: Todd Armstrong. Conductor: Robert Emhardt. Leitner: Frank Marth. Ned Stallcup: Johnny Haymer. Michael Drennan: Harry Lauter. Mokey: Fred Coby. Fox: Tom Waters.

Episode 8


Mon, Nov 18, 1968 60 mins

Jacqueline Scott plays a widow whose home is being used as an outlaw hideout. Judd Ward: Jeremy Slate. Tom Cole: Tom Stern. Gar: Jack Lambert. Wales: Gregg Palmer. Festus: Ken Curtis. Matt: James Arness. Doc: Milburn Stone. Jonathan: Mike Durkin. Marieanne: Susan Olsen.

Episode 9


Mon, Nov 25, 1968 60 mins

A rip-roaring episode finds Matt butting heads with a burly railroad boss, upset because a homesteader refuses to sell his land. Wes Cameron: Jim Davis. Jim Graham: Shug Fisher. Kitty: Amanda Blake. Festus: Ken Curtis. Newly: Buck Taylor. Forbes: Ramon Bieri. Larnen: Roy Jenson.

Episode 10

The Miracle Man

Mon, Dec 2, 1968 60 mins

Don Chastain plays an Irish drummer with a line of blarney. Lorna Wright: Sandra Smith. Miller: William Bramley. Nettie: Lisa Gerritsen. Festus: Ken Curtis. Matt: James Arness. Gerard: Joseph Walsh. Howard: Bruce Watson. Prudence: Margie DeMeyer. Jacob: Kevin Cooper.

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Episode 11


Mon, Dec 9, 1968 60 mins

Matt”s taking a prisoner back to Dodge, but fate seems to have other ideas. Waco Thompson: Victor French. Polly Cade: Louise Latham. Nathan Cade: Harry Carey Jr. Slick Regan: Tom Reese. One Moon: Pat Thompson. Ann Cade: Joy Fielding. Matt: James Arness. Hood: Mills Watson. Fuller: Lee de Broux. Lillie: Liz Marshall.

Episode 12


Mon, Dec 16, 1968 60 mins

Matt and an old mountain man vs. angry cattlemen and greedy bounty hunters. Luke Brazo: Morgan Woodward. Nelson: David Brian. Badger: Sheldon Allman.

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Episode 13

Johnny Cross

Mon, Dec 23, 1968 60 mins

Newly intervenes when two bounty hunters try to kill a desperado who claims he”s innocent. Johnny Cross: Jeffrey Pomerantz. Vera: Kelly Jean Peters. Hodge: Dean Stanton. Franks: Shug Fisher. Yates: John Crawford. Newly: Buck Taylor. Matt: James Arness. Festus: Ken Curtis. Doc: Milburn Stone. Cross: Charles Thompson.

Episode 14

The Money Store

Mon, Dec 30, 1968 60 mins

A tale about two children who turn bank robbers. Ray Jarvis: Charles Aidman. Mike Jarvis: Eric Shea. Annie Jarvis: Pamelyn Ferdin. Ezra Thorpe: William Schallert. Louise Thorpe: Virginia Vincent. Matt: James Arness. Doc: Milburn Stone. Festus: Ken Curtis. Bodkin: Roy Roberts. Kitty: Amanda Blake.

Episode 15

The Twisted Heritage

Mon, Jan 6, 1969 60 mins

After saving a rancher”s life, Kitty clashes with his tyrannical mother. Blaine Copperton: John Ericson. Jessie Copperton: Virginia Gregg. Matt: James Arness. Festus: Ken Curtis. Tracey: Lisa Gerritsen. Ma Dagget: Nora Marlowe.

Episode 16

Time of the Jackals

Mon, Jan 13, 1969 60 mins

Leslie Nielsen and Beverly Garland in an episode which finds Matt marked for death as he searches for a killer. Jackson: Edmund Hashim. Daggett: Kip Whitman. Rainey: Charles Maxwell. Matt: James Arness. Doc: Milburn Stone. Kitty: Amanda Blake. Festus: Ken Curtis. Brant: Jonathan Lippe.

Episode 17


Mon, Jan 20, 1969 60 mins

Steve Forrest plays a former Quantrill Raider who comes to Dodge for a showdown with Matt. Kitty: Amanda Blake. Doc: Milburn Stone. Louie Pheeters: James Nusser. Roy: Roy Barcroft. Barney: Charles Seel. Burke: Ted Jordan. Lathrop: Woodrow Chambliss. Newly: Buck Taylor.

Episode 18


Mon, Jan 27, 1969 60 mins

Two sharpsters find a new way to swindle the townsfolk—by salting a gold mine. Matt: James Arness. Smiley: Lou Antonio. Festus: Ken Curtis. Merry: Lane Bradbury. Newly: Buck Taylor. Elbert Moses: Anthony James. Shorty: Harry Davis. Grandma: Kathryn Minner.

Episode 19

The Mark of Cain

Mon, Feb 3, 1969 60 mins

Nehemiah Persoff as a former Confederate tormented by his past. Louise: Louise Latham. Sadler: Robert DoQui. Corley: Robert Totten. Matt: James Arness. Festus: Ken Curtis. Tom: Kevin Coughlin. McInnerny: Stanley Clements.

Episode 20


Mon, Feb 10, 1969 60 mins

Doc Adams must choose between delivering a baby or saving the life of a man he saw commit a murder. Jeb Perkins: I. Stanford Jolley. Garth: Jack Lambert. Tom Butler: Joe Don Baker. Sara Butler: Eunice Christopher. Forbes: John Pickard.

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Episode 21

The Long Night

Mon, Feb 17, 1969 60 mins

Bounty hunters are out to settle a score with Matt. Guerin: Bruce Dern. Mace: Lou Antonio. Diggs: Russell Johnson. Rita Lane: Susan Silo. Ben Miller: Robert Totten. Matt: James Arness. Doc: Milburn Stone. Festus: Ken Curtis. Newly: Buck Taylor.

Episode 22

The Night Riders

Mon, Feb 24, 1969 60 mins

Festus faces a showdown with renegades out to avenge property lost during the Civil War. Judge Proctor: Jeff Corey. Eliot Proctor: Robert Pine. Jay Proctor: Bob Random. Berber: Norman Alden. Festus: Ken Curtis. Matt: James Arness.

Episode 23

The Intruder

Mon, Mar 3, 1969 60 mins

Festus stirs up the past when he seeks aid for his prisoner. Riley Sharp: Charles Aidman. Henry Decker: John Kellogg. Ellie Decker: Gail Kobe. Timmy: Eric Shea. Festus: Ken Curtis. Hall: Ralph James. Ennis: Robert Gravage. Burke: Ted Jordan.

Episode 24

The Good Samaritans

Mon, Mar 10, 1969 60 mins

Brock Peters and Rex Ingram in an episode about a family of ex-slaves who shelter a wounded Matt. Kittridge: L.Q. Jones. Croyden: Sam Melville. Benji: Robert DoQui. Erlene: Hazel Medina. Mama Olabelle: Paulene Myers. Ike: David Roberts. Reba: Lynn Hamilton. Jeb: Dan Ferrone. Timmons: John Brandon. Heck: Pepe Brown. Willa: Alycia Gardner.

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Episode 25

The Prisoner

Mon, Mar 17, 1969 60 mins

Kitty is left in charge of a man about to be hanged for murder and, believing he”s innocent, refuses to let him be taken from Dodge by another sheriff. Steven Downing: Jon Voight. Jarvis: Ramon Bieri. Mathison: Kenneth Tobey. Pink: Ned Glass. Sheriff: Paul Bryar. Barber: David Fresco. Burke: Ted Jordan.

Episode 26

Exodus 21:22

Mon, Mar 24, 1969 60 mins

An ex-lawman is after the men who murdered his wife. Keith: Kaz Garas. Lloyd: Brandon Carrol. Cane: William Bramley. Matt: James Arness. Kitty: Amanda Blake. Festus: Ken Curtis. Newly: Buck Taylor. Bradford: Lane Bradford.

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