Youtube Ding Fries Are Done Original Vs Family Guy, Ding Fries Are Done Original Vs Family Guy


Ding Fries Are Done is a parody music video based on the Christmas carol song Carol of the Bells, sung by a mysterious singer only known as “Billy.” The parodied lyrics details an average work shift at a local fast food branch, like making french fries and rocking the paper hats.

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“Ding Fries Are Done” is a single track off a 1993 Christmas album titled A Very Spastic Christmas.

LyricsI work at Burger King making flame-broiled whoppers, I wear paper hats.Would you like an apple pie with that?Would you like an apple pie with that?Ding! Fries are done. Ding! Fries are done.Ding! Fries are done. Ding! Fries are done.I gotta run. I gotta run. I gotta run. I gotta run.Don”t bob for fries in hot fat.They hurt bad and so do skin grafts.Would you like an apple pie with that?Would you like an apple pie with that?Where is the bell? Wait for the bell.Can”t hear the bell. Where is the bell? While it is likely that this commercial was a mock up that was never aired but the record album does exist. The album was available on cassette tape only and could be ordered by mailing a check to a PO Box in Burbank, California. On December 11th, 1994, “Ding Fries Are Done” was featured for the first time on the Dr. Demento radio show as part of his annual Christmas-themed episodes. It has been featured over an additional 40 times on the show since then.



Years after the flash video appeared, communities like the eBaums World forums started asking questions about the origin of the song. Currently, the identity of “Billy” is assumed to be someone named Brent Calvin.

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Family Guy EffectThe popular flash video received its “kiss of death” when it was parodied by the popular animated TV series Family Guy in the episode “Deep Throats” aired in April 2006. The Google Insights chart shows only a small spike in popularity in that month, and since 2006, the popularity of the song has been lowered significantly. For more information on this phenomenon, please read Family Guy Effect.


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Notable Examples

There have been many dervatives of this flash animation, as well as other videos set to the song.

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Search Interest

Searches go up drastically each December and are on par with the song it parodies, Carol of the Bells. It is also known as “The Retarded Burger King Song” or just “The Burger King Christmas Song”. The phenomenon has been registered in the Dipity Internet Meme Timeline. It has also been parodied by Robert Lund.


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