Youtube comment character limit

There is the majority of confusion about how many comments one have the right to post per day on YouTube.

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In this blog short article, we will discuss specifically what the limit is and also exactly how it might be various from various other social media platcreates such as Instagram, or Twitter.

YouTube Comment Limits

Information on how many type of comments you can post on YouTube per day is scarce on the internet appropriate currently.

No one appears to have actually puburned the limits and written about it.

This is rather disappointing considering exactly how great a platform YouTube is for illustration attention to one’s company or product.

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I’m founding my Youtube automation journey and I needed to understand also the commenting borders to prevent getting my Youtube accounts shadowbanned.

As I haven’t succeeded at finding that indevelopment out tbelow, I’m going to carry out my own experiment and also will document my explorations right here in this article when I post future updates.

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I’m hoping this will be useful to other marketers out tbelow. Let’s begin by asking these vital questions:

How many kind of comments can you post on YouTube per day?


As this information isn’t obtainable yet, I’m going to begin off by establishing my borders to 75 comments per day! And no, I won’t post 75 comments on the initially day. I’ll begin slow.

My tool of choice for my YouTube automation is Jarvee as it’s the most progressed best now.

My strategy is simple: short article 10 – 15 comments per account on Youtube on the initially day and also rise that number by around 7 – 10 eextremely day that follows till I reach a maximum of 75 comments per day.

This strategy have the right to obviously adjust relying on what happens or if alengthy the journey, new information comes to light.

I have about 6 Youtube accounts each running on its very own proxy on Jarvee. These are what I’ll be making use of for this experiment.

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How many kind of comments can you write-up on YouTube per hour?

In my case, I’ll ultimately be posting a maximum of 3 comments per hour. As I’m founding off, I will start via a maximum of 1 comment an hour and will certainly slowly boost that to a maximum of 3.

These are very basic and safe settings for YouTube commenting and as I think about it, I feel choose I’ll ultimately press it a lot greater.

Maybe 150 comments a day will certainly eventually come to be my ultimate limit for commenting on YouTube per day.

Commenting Strategy

The vital point to remember as soon as you’re automating commenting on any platform is to usage syntax so that it doesn’t appear favor you’re posting the exact exact same comment consistently.

Jarvee, luckily, uses this functionality and also it functions really well, judging from my previous suffer automating Twitter commenting on Jarvee.

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Several of my comments will certainly contain links in them and I will certainly be utilizing two various variations for posting the links.

For instance, if my connect is instance.com, I will be posting it in variations of example.com and also example(dot)com. Using syntaxation will certainly make it simple for me to execute that.

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Another very important ingredient in my strategy is to comment just on videos via fewer comments and also views. This have to increase the opportunities of my comments getting viewed.

You check out, as soon as you article a comment under a video that has actually hundreds of views and also comments, your comment is likely to gain puburned dvery own and may not be conveniently visible to new viewers.

I will likewise use a function in Jarvee that will have my YouTube accounts liking each other’s comments.

Fast update on comment borders and strategies

How to avoid YouTube shadowban

My YouTube channels had actually been running smoothly on Jarvee for a couple of weeks.

I was auto-posting hundreds of comments throughout several YouTube accounts and was founding to watch some preferable results until a week earlier when whatever appeared to have actually pertained to a halt.

I checked if tright here were any errors but tbelow appeared to be none, so I went on each account and also copied some of the web links to the videos that my accounts had posted to, and also then I opened them on a internet browser that a various account was logged in.

That’s once I found that my YouTube accounts had been shadowbanned for exceeding the commenting boundaries of YouTube and also maybe coming off as spam.

So after experimentation different options I figured a method to store comments on YouTube visible. Here’s what you have the right to do:

You’d have to put a random time before your comment.

So, instead of commenting somepoint choose ‘subscribe to my channel and I’ll subscribe back‘ you’ll currently say ‘02:42 subscribe to my channel and also I’ll subscribe back‘.

This works great as soon as you put various random times prior to your comment because it adds uniqueness to your comments. You’ll love this if you’re making use of Jarvee!

Let me provide you a quick reminder of just how you have the right to instantly generate 600 different comments (in the eyes of YouTube). Ssuggest include the adhering to syntaxes prior to your comment:

00:26 subscribe to my channel and I’ll subscribe back


Comment automation on Jarvee while observing YouTube’s limits

The initially thing you desire to carry out is to head over to the official webwebsite and also downfill the 5-day complimentary trial of Jarvee.

Register utilizing your actual email and they’ll sfinish you a password and also a attach to downfill Jarvee.

Once you’ve downloaded and also installed Jarvee, log in using the reprimary and the password they sent out you.

When logged in, go to SOCIAL PROFILES >> ADD PROFILE and select YouTube. Go into your YouTube email and also password and then inspect where it says Manual Login.

Now click on OPEN BROWSER TO LOG IN and also click FILL LOGIN.

Allow a minute for Jarvee to log you in and also when you’re logged in click CONFIRM LOGGED INTO YOUTUBE and also wait a while until the condition transforms VALID. You have the right to now close the browser (3) and also go to TOOLS.

Don’t problem, you only have to perform this once!


We’ve now schosen the comment attribute and added our comment in the Sources tab.


Now go to the Settings tab and also revolve on commenting.

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That’s all!

If you get stuck everywhere you deserve to leave a comment in the comments section listed below and also I’ll gain back to you.

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