Your The Best Around Remix, You&#39Re The Best By Joe Esposito

Steve Aoki & Travis Barker Remix “You’re The Best” In Tribute To Karate Kid‘s William Zabka

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In 1983, Joe Esposito, a former member of Donna Summer collaborators Brooklyn Dreams, recorded a song called “You’re The Best,” which he co-wrote with Rocky composer Bill Conti and Earth, Wind & Fire collaborator Allee Willis. Years later, Esposito said that he’d originally intended the song for the Rocky III soundtrack but that it got bumped for Survivor’s “Eye Of The Tiger.” Esposito also said that he submitted “You’re The Best” for the Flashdance soundtrack but that it got rejected for Michael Sembello’s “Maniac.” But “You’re The Best” still found its way into cinematic history, scoring the karate-tournament montage in the 1984 classic The Karate Kid.

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The Karate Kid has lingered in the public consciousness, thanks in part to the TV show Cobra Kai, which recasts Karate Kid villain Johnny Lawrence as a conflicted hero. The extremely watchable Cobra Kai was first made for YouTube Red, and it’s recently become a hit for Netflix. Last night, at the MTV TV & Music Awards, the network honored William Zabka, the actor who plays Johnny, with an award called GOAT: Zero To Hero. Zabka accepted the award remotely, and he gave part of his acceptance speech in character as Johnny.

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WilliamZabka for kicking butt, taking names, and receiving the honor of Zero to Hero at the #MTVAwards: Greatest of All Time!

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