You Will Always Be My Best Friend Lyrics, You’Ll Always Be My Best Friend

I’m sorry for all of your losses.This could have been written for me and my boy they even look like us. I got him at six weeks, and lost him suddenly aged 13 to a cancer that had burst inside him (hemangio?) I had a few signs from him but nothing major, which I put down to advancing age until that horrific morning I found him collapsed. The grief is indescribable I am still six months later traumatised and shocked at how hard it hit me. My life is empty and I’m lost without a dog, but I’m terrified to get another in case I can’t enjoy it, at the back of my mind will be the fear that I’m going to have to go through it again. Or maybe I will be better prepared next time? I miss my boy so much.

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This is just so good… It says it exactly… My children’s furry brother, Bullseye, passed away on March 11th this year just two days after his 16th birthday. He was a Jack Russell x Chihuahua…and so, so sweet. He really was their little brother, as they were 7 and 9 1/2 when we got him. He was my shadow. And, as a puppy on the first day we got him, he wanted to sleep on my husband’s chest. On his last day, he also wanted to rest against my husband’s chest. It’s been over three months now, but I can still almost not watch this video even though I love it. This video speaks beautifully of the dearness of our dogs. My heart and Bullseye’s were just completely interwoven…and I miss him immensely. Thank you for making this lovely little film.

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I just lost my Bella on 15 June, 2018. I only had 23 hours to say goodbye as the cancer she contracted took her from me way too soon. She was only 9. I can say honestly that I cry every time I watch this. I have not truly begun to grieve. This was beautiful. Simple, yet it hits the mark with everything we all understand when we take that responsibility to become a parent. Thank you again, you have helped me to begin to heal.


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how can I forward one of your cartoons to someone I know who doesn’t have a facebook page?Can it go via email



This is a very nice video. I want to download it..can anyone please suggest me how & where should I download this from?

I’m so sorry for your loss. Bella was my heart dog and was 13 1/2, life isn’t the same with out her. Amy created magic in this video, it is my story but it is all of our stories

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