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We’re dozens of hours into Xenoblade Chronicles X already and have only seen a sliver of what the game has to offer. It’s been touted as being larger than not just The Witcher 3 and Fallout 4, but larger than the two combined. Having explored a mere fraction of Mira, the game’s world, we feel confident in supporting that claim. A large part of the Xenoblade Chronicles experience, however, is not just traversing its massive vistas, but customizing your character to your heart’s content. A big part of this customization aspect is found in the game’s “divisions.”

In Xenoblade Chronicles X, “divisions” are essentially branches of New Los Angeles’ military dubbed BLADE. Not all branches strictly focus on combat roles, but do factor it into the equation. There are eight divisions altogether, and if you’re anything like us, you want to start planning your character to the nth degree right now. So, let us break down each of these divisions, how to obtain division points and what specialty enhancement each division grants to players. Each’s division logo is included as well.

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Pathfinders’ main objective is to place data probes around Mira so as to map the terrain and expand BLADE’s information system dubbed FrontierNav — a computer network designed to collect intel on the planet’s flora and fauna on a macro and micro level. A player can enhance their Division Points while playing as a Pathfinder by planting data probes and discovering new locations. Pathfinders experience great HP recovery over time. They are a bit paladin-y by design, making them great for someone who is looking to deal damage, self-heal, and even do a bit of group healing.

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Interceptors are tasked with creature subjugation, act as bodyguards for survey teams, and rescue New Los Angeles citizens in need. Division Points are boosted through defeating enemies and completing missions. They are ranged combat experts and experience a boost in damage dealt by ranged weapons whenever they are used. They are a bit like a standard ranger/archer in that they are glass cannons; from afar, they can wreak havoc on foes, but if an enemy closes the gap they are easily taken out.



Their goal is to defeat the most fearsome creatures Mira has to offer. Division Points are boosted through defeating enemies as well as Xenoblade Chronicles X’s largest monsters, Tyrants. They experience a boost in damage dealt by melee weapons and are considered the most melee-oriented division in the game; so those looking for up-close-and-personal combat should apply to the Harriers. Think of them as the typical melee DPS class.



Reclaimers search for and recover parts from the White Whale that have been scattered across Mira in the crash landing made after being shot out of the sky. They also focus on recovering lost items from the battlefield, such as weapons that may be left behind from fallen comrades or Skell scraps that have been torn off in the heat of combat. They are more likely to receive items from enemy drops, making them the token rogues of the bunch. Division Points are boosted through retrieving White Whale wreckage and planting data probes.

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They pioneer, scout and survey Mira’s unexplored territories, and collect materials from across the landscape. To obtain Division Points as a Curator, players are tasked with finding and acquiring collectibles as well as defeating Tyrants, like the Reclaimers. They specialize in increased critical hit rates, allowing them to put up big numbers when combined with the right weapon, skills, and attributes.



Prospectors use the aforementioned FrontierNav system to mine for minerals and resources, with the aim of maintaining peoples’ livelihoods through their exploration and acquisition of resources. Division Points are enhanced by players mining Miranium and discovering locations. Their combat role is to take less damage from enemy attacks, thus specializing in what the game refers to as “defense support.” They make great tanks thanks to their damage absorption.



They support the development of the Arms Manufacturers in New LA, and are developers themselves of weapons and equipment for Skells and ground troops. By leveling up the Arms Manufacturers around NLA, and earning R&D points, they enhance their Division Points. They receive boosts in commercial points (R&D Support), which go toward Skell and weapon development, making them vital in group content and guilds, as they can produce fantastic combat items for team members.

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Mediators’ core objective is to resolve problems between citizens of New Los Angeles, acting as community problem-solvers of sorts. They’re a bit like cops, really. They obtainDivision Points via completing missions and training new prospective BLADE members. They can increase their Tension Points by using Arts, as well as by using the standard auto-attack option, and are best thought of as a more traditional mage class.

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