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This is a guide to the best armors in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition. Here, we list all armor by types from light, medium, heavy, and mechonis type armors and where to find them.

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Best Armor


When considering the best armor, flexibility always plays a great role. This is why the armor we will list focuses on armor with empty slots and unique armor plays a smaller role (with a few exceptions).

Best Light Armor

Sleek Armor Set*

Hierax Armor Set

Obtainable from enemies in Agniratha, Central Factory, and Mechonis Field

Sleek Armor Set

The Sleek Armor Set is not missable. It can be obtained by trading from the residents of the Hidden Village. However, they will only trade you the armor if your affinity with the village is at 5 stars. The Sleek Armor Set also offers lower defense stat but also 0 weight. This removes the need to equip weight reducing skills.

Hierax Armor Set

The Hierax Armor provides the highest defense out of all the light armor available in the game. They are pretty common and easily dropped by high level enemies in various locations.

Best Medium Armor

ArmorTypeHow to Obtain Rafaga Gear

Lancelot Armor

Glory Gauntlets

Rafaga Gauntlets

Lancelot Leggings

Rafaga Boots

Retrieved Boots*

Helm Dropped by Sonicia Gogols in Tephra Cave.
Plate Dropped by Aora Telethias in Alcamoth and Eryth Sea.
Gauntlet Dropped by the Slobos (including Final Marcus in Valak Mountain (Three Sage Summit)
Gauntlets Obtained from Temptest Vang inside the Windy Cave in the Bionis” Leg.

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Leggings Obtained from Asara Telethia in Eryth Sea and Alcamoth
Greaves Phoenix Telethia in Bionis” Interior
Greaves Dropped by Experienced Tristan in Agniratha
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Retrieved Boots

Retrieved Boots can only be obtained from mechons in Agniratha. Retrieved Boots are entirely missable after losing access to areas in the Mechonis.

Best Heavy Armor

Ledios Armor Set

M100 Armor Set

Can be stolen from Demon King Dragonia by using Yoink.Demon King Dragonis appears by triggering the quest “Colony 6 Defense – Demon”
Enemies from Tephra Cave

Ledios Armor Set

Ledios is the best heavy armor available in the game. Their only downside is the Ledios Helm and Greaves doesn”t have a slot. It”s best to swap out these 2 armor with other armor from the M100 Armor set or Rex Armor Set.

M100 Armor Set

The M100 Armor Set is the 2nd best heavy armor that have empty slots. The helm can be obtained from Dorsair Lizards, the plate can be obtained from Sonicia Gogols, the legs and arms can be obtained from Protective Torquidon, and the greaves can be obtained from two quest exclusive monsters, Dazzling Tolosnia and Fireworks Geldesia.

Best Mechonis Armor

Attack V set

Obtained from the Slobos in Valak Mountain (Three Sage Summit)

These armor provides the highest defence for Seven. They also come with a slot allowing Seven to equip Gems to further strengthen her abilities and strengths.

Best Unique Mechonis Armor

Speed V Frame

Obtained by completing the quest “Battling Brutes”

Similarly to Glory Gauntlets, this armor has a 45% haste gem embedded in it. Haste is one of the best equipment gems to have and Speed V Frame allows you to equip it on a non-weapon slot.

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Best Drones

Segment Drones

Obtained from Last Rhogul in Bionis” Leg

Segment Drones is the best slotted drones for Seven. It also allows her to use her talent art “Sword Drones II” which is arguably, her second best talent art. While Sword Drones X is way more powerful than than Sword Drones II, Sedna Drone doesn”t have a slot which makes Seven equip 1 less gem. This makes Segment Drones much better than Sedna Drones.

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