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I have searched all 5 pages of the newcomers and didn”t see what I was looking for. What are the strengths and weaknesses of every line? I know basically a Japanese fighter will put turn a US fighter. But where do all the other nations fall in?


Different lines in each nation have their own strengths and weaknesses so it would be better to take each line by itself, but the generalities are:


Germans are for those who can fly and shoot – they”re the most difficult nation to master but reward a good player with fast, hard hitting airplanes. Boom and Zoom is the name of the game; a German will never out-turn anything its tier, especially past tier 4 so get good at using your speed and your firepower to sneak quick, devastating bursts at your opponent before they can reel you in. Again, NOT a beginner”s choice. 


Americans are for those who can fly but can”t shoot – like the Germans, American planes are hard to master with a high speed boom-and-zoom style, but they lack the massive, slow firing, rapidly overheating German cannons and instead pack 50 cal up the wazoo. They tend to have less burst damage but higher DPS . They turn better than the Germans, but that”s not really saying much. Their guns? Point and hold down the left mouse button. Not trigger discipline or even accuracy required.

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Soviets are for those who can”t fly but can shoot – the soviet tree feels middling. Their problem tends to be lack of firepower, so you need to be good with what you have. They turn well, have decent speed but unless you”re flying the big herp-derp multirole lines, their firepower is anemic in contrast to the others – short burst lengths, mediocre damage. Unless you”re a derp. Then its big fat one-shot monsters that are hard to master and use but oh so satisfying.

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Brits are for those who can”t fly and can”t shoot – the British tree; especially their light fighters, are easy mode for the most part. They”re also the most boring (Spitfires. Spitfires everywhere). they have great maneuverability for their class, better speed and hitpoints than the Japanese and good, rapid fire, hard hitting guns. Their Heavy tree is a little lacking compared to the Germans though, and overall they lack good altitude fighters so you”re keeping it close to the deck, a trait they share with…


The Japanese who explode when you sneeze at them – Early Japanese tier 3 – 5 fighters can be an exercise in frustration at how quickly they fall apart. Just one hit from Flak and you”re missing a third of your HP… and the game is only ten seconds old. They are INCREDIBLY maneuverable, though, and pack a lot of firepower. They aren”t quite as easy to use as the British because of their fragility, but they are super fun when you get them into a furball over friendly or neutral territory. Beware Germans booming through, though. Situational awareness is key.


That”s my take on the line at any rate… mostly playing against them: I”m a German-specialist with some dabbling into the US and British trees. Take all I said with a grain of salt and just experiment with all of them: the XP economy up to tier 5 is extremely easy (you can grind them out in about six – seven hours gameplay), so you can play multiple lines to try them out and decide which ones are for you. You can find out the nuances of the individual lines once you”ve narrowed your scope of interest. 

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I agree with the above commentary for the most part. As a newcomer myself, I recommend starting off with the spitfire line. Avoid whatever line contains your “favorite planes”, because your experience with those planes will be tainted while you learn. The spitfire is very forgiving and allows you to fly it pretty much however you want to. They have a good mix of cannon and MG armament to help teach you how to shoot (cannons) while still chipping away at targets with MGs. Once you”ve played some, and started to get the hang of things, you”ll know how you like to fly, and can try to choose a line based on how you like to fly so your playstyle is enhanced by your plane.

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I think Fox summed it up pretty well with the strengths of each nations. And crazy hawk makes a good point to go with a line that has good maneuverability so you can really learn to lead your targets and get a feel for the game play. But I”d still also pursue obtaining your “favorite plane” as its just a fun part of the game getting to fly your favorite war-bird. But just understand it may not be what you expected or quite to your play style yet.You just have to adjust.

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Example being the P-40 is my favorite and when I started playing, that was the first aircraft I went for. When I got it, I absolutely sucked with it because its more of a boom and zoom aircraft and that”s not the play style I was use to. But its just some thing you learn and get better at. Now I”m not the best at BnZ but I”ve gotten better and I can do pretty well with my P-40, and more importantly have a lot of fun with it.


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Each nation has a specific type of Multirole and Heavy fighter class. US HFs are experts at ground and air attack, German HFs are super fast, but may not have the best ground ordinance, UK…I hardly ever see these.

US MRFs are great at ground pounding but the “Jug Line” tends to be slow and both have clipped wings so they can”t fly that high. I enjoy the US Corsair MRF line as they can turn better than the Jug line and have great guns (culminating at tier 8 with the amazing F2G that can devastate the ground and air and the tier 9 that gets the Vulcan cannon and “beehive” A-A rockets).

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German MRFs are built around anti-air capabilities, they get A-A rockets the earliest, and maneuverability. It”s a pain trying to hit these things going 800+kph while using evasive maneuvers.

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