Wild Rift Release Date – Wild Rift News 2021

We all know that the wild rift release date is important, but it can be hard to find reliable information about when exactly this game will launch.

The only thing worse than not knowing if there’s a wild rift release date is finding out that there isn’t one. And then you’re stuck with no way to play this game and your friends are laughing at you for falling for an April Fools joke again.

wild rift release date
wild rift release date

We got tired of scouring the internet for news on the wild rift release date so we decided to create a website dedicated to giving our readers everything they need in one place – including a countdown timer! Now we’ll never have to worry about missing another wild rift release date ever again.

What is Wild Rift?

Wild Rift is a new MOBA and mobile version of the famous League Of Legends game on PC. This game beta is already available in Canada, Russia, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia. Right now it is not possible to play the game in all countries for obvious reasons.

What is wild rift
What is wild rift?

Wild Rift price and release date

The official release of this game is scheduled for 2018 but you can already download it in Chinese iOS app store right now since wild rift beta version was released in China in May 2017.

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Currently there are no news about a global launch of wild rift yet.

There are many rumors around about Wild Rift release date including statement from Tencent that the international version should be ready by late 2019.

On the other hand Riot Games, a company which provides support for Wild Rift in Europe and North America until 2019, has not yet announced a global release date for wild rift.

Wild Rift price and release date
Wild Rift price and release date

Details about the wild rift full version beta should be released soon since there are already closed beta testers around the world who bought gems to get access to Wild Rift. Unfortunately these players did not share any information so far about wild rift gameplay or news related to the release of this game on Reddit or World Of Players.

Wild Rift specs, Ranked,and unlocks

Currently, there are no Wild Rift specs shared by Tencent. However these are the most likely minimum requirements you need to meet in order to play Wild rift.

Wild Rift specs, Ranked,and unlocks
Wild Rift specs, Ranked,and unlocks

You can still play this game on computers with lower hardware settings but the performance is not as good as it should be for this

Wild Rift features, gameplay and champion pool

Wild Rift is a new MOBA which means it is going to have the same kind of features as other mobas have. This means you will have a ranked system, custom games and limited chat functions. Wild rift has a few unique features including wild rift price and limited bonuses for playing wild rift more often or on a daily basis.

In addition to these, Wild Rift aim at full mobile compatibility with all Android and iOS smartphones. To do this Tencent completely redesigned the interface of League Of Legends from scratch in order to make it more suitable for mobile devices especially phones without physical buttons.

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Wild Rift features, gameplay and champion pool
Wild Rift features, gameplay and champion pool

More importantly there are many Wild Rift champions you can try out right now in beta version even though some of this characters belong to the Chinese version only.

What are some of the best features in the game?

Besides the fact that there are many Wild Rift champions you can try out right now in beta version, this MOBA has many interesting features including:

What are some of the best features in the game
What are some of the best features in the game?

– Skillshots and line skillshots (lucian ultimate is a good example)

– Blinking abilities (vayne’s tumble or ashe’s volley for example)

– Automatic last hit on minions. All you have to do is stay close enough to your minions and they will automatically attack enemy units which means you don’t have to push the lane

Pros and cons of this game


– Plenty of champions to try out and master

– Casual gameplay which doesn’t require too much knowledge about mobas in general and League Of Legends in particular.

– Auto attacking units (including jungle monsters) which means you can play even if you don’t use a touch device since wild rift is compatible with PC’s and laptops too.

Pros and cons of this game
Pros and cons of this game


– Only 5v5 matches, no 3v3 or ARAM… for now at least. More game modes might be added later on.

– Low end graphics although this may change when Wild Rift finally comes out of beta stages after over 2 years beta testing period.

– No chat functions at all.

– No ARAM mode for now.

Is Wild Rift on ios and android? Wild Rift is available for both iOS and Android devices although it might take a while before this MOBA comes out of beta stages since there are already some players around who have purchased gems in order to gain access to this game’s beta test period right now. Will I be able to play wild rift on my laptop or pc? Yes you can play Wild Rift on PC but you need to meet certain requirements such as minimum required specs. In addition, your computer should not be too old in order for this MOBA to run smoothly without any problems.

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This game is perfect for beginners who want to try out mobas before committing themselves to League Of Legends. It might even be the best MOBA if you play it on PC or Laptop.

wild rift conclusion
Wild rift conclusion

If you have any questions about the Wild Rift release date or anything else, leave a comment below and I will be happy to help you out as soon as possible.

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