why doesn’t holden go down to see jane


Why Doesn’t Holden Go Down To See Jane?

Stradlater had a date with her. Why doesn’t Holden go down to see Jane? He wasn’t “in the mood.” … Holden got mad because of Stradlater’s attitude towards Jane Gallagher, and he started calling Stradlater a moron.

Why doesn’t Holden go down to see Jane after he learns that she is Stradlater’s date?

Holden is nervous about his going out with Jane because of Stradlater’s sexual experience. He does not want Stradlater to make a move on Jane because he fancies her for himself (despite being too awkward to do anything about it).

Why do you think Holden really doesn’t go down and say hi to Jane even though he says he should multiple times?

Why do you think Holden doesn’t go down to say hi to Jane? Because he likes Jane, if more intimate, he would not know how to handle it.

Why does Holden hang up on Jane?

He was the kind of guy who was always trying to show off his muscles, but Jane said he just had an inferiority complex. Holden actually does try calling Jane, but he hangs up when nobody answers. Holden once again contemplates giving Jane a call while he’s waiting to meet Phoebe and return her money.

Does Holden See Jane innocent?

For most of the book, Holden sees this as a primary virtue. … Holden comforted Jane when she was distressed, and it bothers him that Jane may have been subjected to sexual advances from her drunken stepfather or from her date, Holden’s roommate, Stradlater.

How do interactions between Holden and Ackley develop readers understanding of Holden as a character?

In Chapter 3 of The Catcher in the Rye, how do interactions between Holden and Ackley develop readers’ understanding of Holden as a character? … Holden is a peacemaker. He tries to persuade Ackley that Stradlater isn’t so bad. Holden enjoys stirring the pot—that is, he likes to mess with people sometimes.

What information does Holden reveal about Jane Gallagher?

(Stradlater carelessly calls her “Jean.”) Holden clearly has strong feelings for Jane and remembers her vividly. He tells Stradlater that when she played checkers, she used to keep all of her kings in the back row because she liked the way they looked there.

Does Holden say hi to Jane?

Holden repeatedly says he should go downstairs to say hello to Jane, but he never does. Stradlater talks Holden into writing an English theme paper for him.

How does Holden feel about Jane?

Holden clearly appreciates and adores Jane, and she is someone he can talk with comfortably. Except for family members, she is the only person to whom he has shown Allie’s baseball glove. Holden loves Jane’s idiosyncrasies.

Why is Holden in a mental hospital?

After a two month jump in time, he explains that he returned home to his family and got sick. He was sent to a rest home, which is more commonly known as a hospital to treat his mental illness.

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Why does Holden consider Jane different from girls?

How is Jane different from most of the girls Holden knows? (His memory is of her as an adolescent) She is innocent, doesn’t judge him, she’s truthful and she doesn’t care if his hand is sweaty when they hold hands. They had an intimate friendship that Holden thinks fondly of. He saw himself as her protector.

How does Jane influence Holden?

By remembering Jane, therefore remembering the past, it can be seen that the thoughts and memories of Jane impact Holden greatly. These thoughts and memories cause Holden to become emotionally manipulated. Holden’s memories of Jane cause him to experience and feel a number of emotions all at once.

Why does Holden want to stay innocent?

The gold ring symbolizes adulthood, which Holden didn’t do anything to stop the children from reaching it. In the novel The Catcher in the Rye, Holden is obsessed in preserving his innocence. … He wanted to preserve his innocence to feel the love from his parents that he has been longing for so long.

Why is Holden obsessed with innocence?

In The Catcher in the Rye, Holden is so obsessed with innocence because the death of his younger brother, Allie, from leukemia was traumatic for him. Ever since that time, he has longed to protect others as he could not protect Allie and has yearned to recreate the innocent and safe world of childhood he remembers.

How does Holden lose innocence?

In The Catcher in the Rye, Holden loses his innocence at the age of thirteen, when his brother, Allie, dies of leukemia. … He blames himself for not being able to protect his brother and wants to become the catcher in the rye, rescuing children before they can fall off the edge of a cliff.

How does Holden see himself?

Holden describes himself as already wrinkled, sneering and squinting, over six feet tall, and bits of grey hair before his time.

What was the past relationship like between Holden and Jane?

The past relationship between Jane and Holden was a summer time love. The families despised each other, but Jane and Holden got along fine. Holden thought Jane was absolutely beautiful, and loved all her flaws. When Jane was upset, Holden comforted her.

How does Holden see the world?

In The Catcher in the Rye, Holden views the world as an evil and corrupt place where there is no peace or innocence. He believes that only children are innocent and he must protect them from the sinister adulthood.

How did Holden first meet Jane Gallagher?

Holden met Jane Gallagher when her childhood dog would go to the bathroom on Holden’s family’s lawn, which made Holden’s mother very angry. … A few days later he recognized her as his neighbor while she was by the pool at the club and said hello to her and convinced her he wasn’t the one with a problem with her dog.

What does Holden show Jane in Chapter 11?

Summary: Chapter 11

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Holden and Jane became close—Jane was the only person to whom Holden ever showed Allie’s baseball glove. … Holden held her, kissing her face and comforting her.

Is Jane Gallagher pretty?

5. Holden’s mother does not think Jane is pretty. But Holden says that he just liked the way she looked, that’s all.

Why is Catcher in the Rye so controversial?

Image Via Slanted Online. One of the main reasons people have banned The Catcher in The Rye is because it contains foul language. The protagonist, a sixteen-year-old boy named Holden swears throughout the book, which makes parents feel like he’s a bad role model for their teens who are reading the novel in school.

Does Holden Caulfield have schizophrenia?

The severity of his mental problems are catching up to him, but now his body is affected as well. … In final analysis, Holden Caulfield suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder (manic depression) and psychosis.

Does Holden Caulfield end up in a mental hospital?

Even as he’s telling the story, he is in a hospital in California.

Why is it difficult for Holden to stop thinking about Jane Gallagher How is she different from other girls he knows?

Why do you think that Holden can’t stop thinking about Jane Gallagher? She is innocent, doesn’t judge him, she’s truthful and she doesn’t care if his hand is sweaty when they hold hands. They had an intimate friendship that Holden thinks fondly of.

What does Holden’s hunting hat symbolize?

Here, the red hunting hat symbolizes Holden’s alienation from society and his intentional isolation from people. … In addition, buying the hat is Holden’s way of trying to protect himself from society’s consequences, such as the ridicule he probably received after losing his team’s equipment.

Why does Phoebe not want Holden to go away?

The general answer is that Phoebe doesn’t want Holden to leave because he is her big brother and wants him to stay.

Who does Holden think is innocent?

Holden cares deeply and wants to protect the childhood innocence of is Phoebe. One symbol that Salinger uses is in the title of the book.

Is Holden afraid of growing up?

Fear of Growing-up

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Holden is just scared of growing up, he still looks for attention, he still wants to have problems like other children and therefore he strongly resists growing up. “More than anything else Holden fears the biological imperatives of adulthood – sex, senescence, and death” (Bloom 32).

Did Holden accept Allie’s death?

However, Holden and Phoebe are very close, and Phoebe seems to know Holden better than anyone else and accepts him exactly as he is. … Allie’s death greatly affects Holden in the jaded way Holden looks at life, in how he struggles to connect with people, and in the way he feels the need to protect youthful innocence.

When did Holden lose his brother?

July 18, 1946
Allie died of leukemia at the Caulfields’ summer home in Maine on July 18, 1946. He was 11 years old; Holden was 13. Holden, distraught over the loss of his brother, broke his hand punching the windows out of the garage of their summer home.

What does the theme loss of innocence mean?

A “loss of innocence” is a common theme in fiction, pop culture, and realism. It is often seen as an integral part of coming of age. It is usually thought of as an experience or period in a person’s life that leads to a greater awareness of evil, pain and/or suffering in the world around them.

What are the themes in Catcher in the Rye?

Themes in Catcher in the Rye
  • Self-alienating for the purpose of self-protection.
  • Growing pains and loss of innocence.
  • Adulthood is “Phony”
  • Inability to take action.
  • Maintaining appearances and performing happiness.

What does Holden not like about himself?

He also considers himself to be weak and passive. He does not necessarily believe in violence—apart from roughhousing with Stradlater—and he describes himself specifically as a “pacifist.” Holden also admits to being a “terrific liar,” a trait that he certainly loathes in others.

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