Why Advertising Works – 9 Impressive Brand Advertising Objectives

Why advertising works. Brand advertising is always a top concern and throughout the existence and development of businesses. So what is the goal of brand advertising? Why brand advertising for businesses? Refer to the information below to understand the purpose of brand advertising and why you advertise your business.

Why is brand advertising always a top concern?

Why advertising works- Why is brand advertising always a top concern?
Why advertising works- Why is brand advertising always a top concern?

Not only at present but from the past, brand advertising has been fascinating because of its practical and long-term benefits. Help connect brands with potential customers intellectually and emotionally, driving them to action in the future.

Customers buy products sometimes not only based on reason but also depending on emotions. That is why Korean brands such as Hyundai, Lotteria, Samsung, etc, always promote their brands based on national pride and patriotism. As a result, they attract a large number of customers in the host country.

In other words, branding helps businesses:

  • Get the trust and loyalty of consumers with the brand
  • Establish a successful brand identity process
  • Thereby maintaining and increasing sales and profits.

Investing in brand advertising for your business is the same as investing in yourself. It’s an expense worth paying to grow your business.

Why Advertising Works – 9 Impressive Brand Advertising Objectives

Introducing a brand

Why advertising works- Introducing a brand
Why advertising works- Introducing a brand

Companies big or small should also carry out advertising to build brand awareness with customers. This is the goal of brand advertising for emerging businesses, helping to increase brand awareness. Benefits of introducing a brand:

  • Brand awareness is usually calculated as a percentage. For example, if 1,000 people out of 10,000 in the market can identify your brand, your brand awareness is 10%.
  • Branded advertisements will attract customers’ attention and make them trust and use the services of the business.
  • Customers will think about your brand first when they are ready to purchase or use your service.

As a result, companies often advertise their brands and presence instead of marketing an individual product. This has been successfully applied by brands like Grab, Oracle or TripAdvisor.

Acquire customers or switch brands

Why advertising works- Acquire customers or switch brands
Why advertising works- Acquire customers or switch brands

The next goal of most advertising campaigns is to attract more customers. Increase the rate of people knowing and loving the brand, thereby promoting sales, market share, brand conversion…

Impressive advertisements can create a powerful message that makes customers switch from old to new.

Nokia was once a phone empire that seemed unstoppable. However, due to its refusal to change technology, Nokia was “taken” by other Android phone companies, causing loyal customers to switch brands.

Android phone makers constantly advertise that emphasizes innovation that keeps up with the times – something Nokia has overlooked. New technology immediately attracts customers who are too familiar with old Nokia products and switch to newer phones from other brands.

Differentiate and create value

Why advertising works
Why advertising works

What makes your brand stand out from its competitors?

  • Businesses need to know their strengths compared to other competitors. Then build on your brand’s differences and strengths to create value for both users and businesses.
  • The goal of brand advertising helps customers know the difference in the business, thereby making it easier to position the brand.

Coca-cola, Toyota, Amazon are some of the brands that have created difference and value in their advertising campaigns. Not only emphasizes features and benefits, but the ads also show personal experiences, values, lifestyle… Since then, the brand has always maintained its market share for many years.


Continuously advertising the brand, providing quality products and fulfilling the commitments made, automatically, the brand’s value will be built and increased.

Product and brand positioning

Why advertising works
Why advertising works

Brand positioning in the subconscious of customers (compared to competitors) is extremely important in brand advertising. This is one of the most crucial branding objectives of the business.

High-end products should aim for emotional value and differentiation. Products aimed at mid-range or low-priced customers should focus on:

  • Feature
  • Benefit
  • Models
  • Price

When the correct “position” of the brand is identified, the advertising will be more focused on that customer group without waste or failure.

Like high-end fashion brands such as Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Hermes, etc., they all have clear positions in the high-end segment. Not only confirmed by high-quality products, unique, distinctive and personal designs, and impressive advertisements on the best media.

As a result, customers have positioned their products only for the high-income class, the connoisseurs, with significant spending levels.

Increase sale revenue

Why advertising works
Why advertising works

In the long run, effective brand promotion will bring sales to businesses. However, if the campaign is not suitable or the ad’s audience is not defined correctly, brand advertising can fail or backfire.

Ice cream brands will be heavily advertised during the summer months because they know that advertising will immediately affect sales. They do not waste money on advertising during the winter when the number of customers buying ice cream is relatively small.

In contrast, the advertisements of blanket and mattress brands are always seen densely in the winter. Proper branding will help customers focus on buying your products more and thus help increase sales effectively.

Aim to increase profits

Why advertising works
Why advertising works

With value communicated, brands differentiated, and sales increased, brand advertising can significantly increase profits.

Wise businesses know that advertising should never be seen as a mandatory expense or liability. It’s an investment with tons of potential and benefits.

Brands like Siemens or Bosch of Germany have invested heavily in positioning the brand based on offering the best products created by German engineering and technology. As a result, they are highly profitable today in whatever segment they operate in or the product they sell.

Create a desire to buy in the future

Once the brand has been positioned in the customer’s subconscious, they will remember that brand first when a shopping need arises. Customers even have a desire to own the product even if they don’t need it.

Call to action

Why advertising works
Why advertising works

One of the most common goals of digital branding is getting a call to action. Brands invest in banner ads, promotional links… to reach their potential customers to take action.

This action can be filling out an Email form, clicking a link, watching a video, taking a survey, contacting us directly….

Coca-cola once made an exciting advertising campaign. Instead of printing the brand name on the bottle, they printed about 250 of the most famous characters. Customers are encouraged to design cans and bottles according to their preferences on the website and share on their social accounts with hashtags.

The campaign immediately attracted the immediate action of 125,000 people, the traffic increased by 870%, and countless customers bought products with their or loved ones’ names.

By considering the goals of brand advertising, businesses can come up with the most appropriate ads. Brand advertising is the most crucial factor in helping products stay in the minds of old customers and reach potential customers.


That’s all about “Why advertising works”. We already explained 9 impressive tips to help improve your advertising campaign in the near future. If you think this is helpful, please let us know by leaving a comment.

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