Why Advertising As A Career?

Why Advertising As A Career?

Why advertising as a career? What is advertising? Why should I choose this career? How do I get started in the industry?

why advertising as a career
why advertising as a career

Advertising professionals are creative people who enjoy working with others to create compelling messages for consumers. We like to tell stories, and sometimes we even develop characters that help us connect with our audience. This is a great career choice if you have an outgoing personality and love to be around other people. It’s also a good fit if you’re interested in marketing or business strategy because it involves both of these areas. If you want to work on something different every day, then this might be the right job for you!

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Four reasons to get into advertising (and how we can help)

It’s a changing job for young people who are cutting-edge

Advertising is a challenging and competitive industry, but it’s not necessarily about what you know. It’s how well do these skills match up against the latest technology? As of now in 2016 most companies still focus on print ads because they can show different versions to customers before printing them out or broadcasting online; however this might change soon as more young people are fluent with internett and social media tools that help advertise products directly without any physical billboards around town anymore!

You can be creative and get paid

Advertising is the solution to a creative person’s problem of wanting both artistic freedom and financial security. According Career Igniter, advertising jobs provide an outlet for artists who need steady income while still being able work on projects they’re passionate about like art or music composition outside the mainstream world view . Advertising also values creativity with its varied challenges which can be seen as ‘outside-the box’ thinker , unlike many other fields where people must do what has been done before in order succeed (such as going into business).
But there are drawbacks: It takes up so much time; you have very little control over how your artwork will translate onto product packaging–although increasingly companies want originality because customers appreciate innovation! And one major difficulty today may well become tomorrow.

You learn a little bit of everything

The IPA says that the most important qualities to succeed in this industry are IT skills, literacy, numeracy and interpersonal relationship abilities. Advertising provides you with a variety of opportunities for personal development as well as providing transferrable skills which can take your career anywhere if ever need be!

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We can clear a path to enter the industry, in whatever role you want

A creative, well-put together portfolio is an essential part of entering the advertising world. It can help you prove your skills and impress employers with what’s in it not only for them but also yourself; after all we’re trying to market ourselves!
Evaluating a potential candidate is difficult enough without having another set of eyes on our work that may bring unnecessary scrutiny or bias . A great way around this problem would be printing out samples from different agencies on resume paper (or whatever material suits best).

5 things a career in advertising gives you

5 things a career in advertising gives you
5 things a career in advertising gives you

Jack/Jill of all knowledge

Working in an agency is like being on a tour of different industries. You need to learn about all your clients’ needs within days, weeks or even months depending on the type of work that you are doing there!

When working for an advertising company everyone has their own perspective and ideas which makes it so much fun learning from every side since no two people will ever have exactly same thoughts/opinions as another but at least when we’re discussing our client’s products they should be taken into consideration because this could benefit them more than anyone else if handled correctly by someone who knows how these things go down additionally having been able over time understand where each person stands.

Life management skills

You’re the best at handling crises. So when your six-year old informs you about his Literary Character Day Parade the day before, it’s not a problem because of how well equipped for action and improvisation that this world has made him into an excellent match! You don’t panic like mortal parents would; instead YOU jump right in with both feet to take care everything until all is under control (or if he/she needs help from someone else than themselves).

Whether its saving face after finding out their client changed briefs last minute or making sure there isn’t anything amiss during IT hour—you have mastered dealing effectively while also being calm within stressful situations.

When you’re an ex-colleague and your wedding planner gives a lecture on managing timelines, it’s important to take notes. The critical time path (CTP) can help in planning for any type of event or deadline because if there are less hours left then clients will panic without realizing how close they really are from falling off the edge!

When working with advertising campaigns as well as personal projects outside work hours like mother-in law issues who never seems satisfied no matter what I do; taking care not make mistakes at all times while also being flexible enough so my plans don’t end up going out windows due unexpected circumstances helps prepare me most effectively when handling both types situations.

Culture of creativity

It is a fulfilling experience to have the opportunity work in advertising. You are always striving towards making things better; there’s nothing more invigorating than coming up with an idea on your own or getting inspired while you’re out and about, justabout anywhere really! And when those moments happen? It feels amazing because everyone around us has these bright minds filled with creativity who will challenge (and sometimes infuriate) but never bore – they keep me youthful forever!!

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Friends for life

Advertising is a special kind of work. It’s not just the hours you spend networking and meeting new people every day, but also what happens behind closed doors where laughter can be heard echoing throughout offices even after everyone has left for their night shift – that feeling when all your friends are still there with you making jokes about how much coffee was spilled on this project plan or remembering exactly who said something goofy last week at staff meetings . There may come times when we need someone else in our lives more than ever before—and then another friend might disappear without warning-but those true friendships never fade away because they exist beyond these corporations’ realities.

Fun, Fun and did I mention fun?

When you’re looking for a good time, who are the party people to turn too? Chances are it’ll be your advertising friends. The ones that always have their fingers on what’s happening in town and can’t wait get together with some drinks at one of these eventful nights made memorable by great stories or wild adventures from back when they were all just startup employees trying not die young! It doesn’t matter if there is no agenda – sometimes nothing beats catching up without any real commitments between coworkers who work inside an industry filled mostly obsessed individuals like.

For everyone who has ever left and thinks they are in a better place, good for them. But know that this industry gave you so much knowledge- take time to appreciate what we’ve learned here! If not: drinks with old ad buddies? A few of my best memories happened during work hours (before leaving). So drink up because those days won’t be coming back anytime soon…

How to switch career to advertising?

How to switch career to advertising?
How to switch career to advertising?

The School of Communication Arts (SCA) has been consistently ranked as one of the top advertising schools in Europe. This is an institution that encourages hands-on learning with a focus on practical application and real world experience – something traditional universities often fail to provide adequately for students’ needs. The partnership between SCA’s faculty members & industry mentors provides them access not only to leading companies but also gives them insight into how best practices can be applied within these organizations; this makes it possible not just academically, but professionally too!

Career paths in advertising

New Business

New business is the area of advertising responsible for generating strategies to bring in clients, and it’s not as easy a job than one might think. You have deal with client needs by identifying problems they may be having currently- like a company losing out on potential customers because their ads don’t work or if there isn’t enough diversity present within them (both race wise but also gender). Then come up with solutions that both solve those issues while meeting objectives set forth before hand; this can take some serious brainstorming! After entering New Business Field careers/careers paths include Managerial positions which lead into Director Level Roles depending upon experience level.

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Account Services

Account Services
Account Services

Account executives are the face of an advertising agency. They must be able to build trust, maintain customer satisfaction and manage projects while communicating progress with clients through their interactions in order for a company’s branding efforts from being effective.


Planning is an integral part of creating effective advertising strategies. Without accurate market research, time and money can be wasted on projects with little return for your company’s investment in them because they will not work as planned or desired by management .
The planning department typically consists of quantitative analysts (who process numbers) and qualitative researchers who gather feedback from focus groups/surveys conducted among targeted consumers about their preferences regarding products , services & brands . The planners also help generate creative ideas through surveys that are relevant towards reaching out these consumer groups successfully at a commercial level without losing sight over other potential buyers within society.


The creative department is a bustling, fast-paced environment where artists thrive. Opportunities for advancement include positions as art directors or even higher up in the agency food chain; there’s just no end to what you can do here!


I always thought production was just something that happened behind the scenes, but it turns out there are a lot of moving parts. Pre-production involves coming up with ideas for commercials and deciding what kind of message we want to get across in our ads (ie: “don’t brush your own teeth”), while post-production includes editing together all different aspects like sound effects or voiceover work into one cohesive product!


Interactive branches of advertising are very important in connecting the consumer with a product. Interactive designers can either be developing websites, online ads or apps- they’re responsible for creating that connection between people and designing these interactive things themselves!

Social Media

A crucial role in the advertising industry, social media is an interactive platform through which businesses can interact with their consumers. Content providers are those who design and manage these channels to increase brand recognition while also generating positive online communities surrounding clients’ brands; some positions include analyst or coordinator for Twitter accounts among others as they engage customers from different perspectives such as influencers promoting products hashtags around trending topics of relevance during specific times on weekdays/weekends etc., all designed specifically according top managers’ needs at any given moment depending upon budget allocated towards its development by company heads (with input).


Media planners need to know the ins and outs of what type of media is right for an advertiser’s campaign. They can plan out different approaches tailored specifically towards your goals, or even take on a more hands-on role as supervisor if needed in order reach these objectives at all costs!


Advertising is an exciting industry that has the power to shape how people think, act and feel. If you’re looking for a career with high levels of creativity, autonomy and impact on society then advertising may be right for you! Our team can help make your dream come true by providing internships or entry-level jobs in marketing departments where we work.




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