Which pokemon game is the best? Top 11

Which Pokemon game is the best?

There are so many games in this series and it’s hard to choose which one you like the most.

We can help with that! We’ve played them all and we’ll share our thoughts on each of these different games so you don’t have to waste your time trying to figure out what order they’re released in or which ones are the best for your kids.

Which pokemon game is the best? Top 11 best game

Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon is the seventh generation of Pokemon. With beautiful graphics, a new world and even more to discover than ever before, this is one of the best pokemon games around!

The seventh generation introduces us to Alola, a group of tropical islands whose unique characteristics allow for many Pokémon that we’ve not seen before.

It’s an incredible breath of fresh air and brings some really interesting types into play such as the wonderful Fairy type which means that your old favourites like Clefairy and Snorlax are now all fairies!

Pokemon Sun and Moon
Pokemon Sun and Moon

We don’t want to give away too much about why it is so great because half the fun with these games is exploring every nook and cranny yourself but let’s just say that may be one if not THE reason that you need to buy this game!

Another thing that is great about Pokemon Sun and Moon is the diversity in the game. There are many different islands to explore, each with their own special characteristics and new pokemon to catch.

Although it may appear like there is less diversity than in previous generations (not including X and Y), Alola actually has more variation in pokemon types than any other region yet.

Pokemon Black and White

Pokemon Black and White is an interesting game that takes a different approach than most in the main series.

It has less memorable Pokemon designs, but its more mature tone still helps it stand out from others games.

This only title so far to get direct sequels with Games 5 & 6 (which also have 2D graphics), this newest generation puts emphasis on storytelling by playing around with right vs wrong concepts like never before–the antagonists are not quite as clearly nefarious or Team Rocket-like at first glance compared to other titles where you know exactly what their plans were going upon entering them without interacting much yet alone fighting them directly.

Pokemon Black and White
Pokemon Black and White

With Team Plasma, a group who believes Pokemon should be allowed to roam free without being tethered by their trainers.

It tosses up an interesting dilemma with no cut and dry answers in sight– something that Diamond or Pearl would never do! This version is also more appealing visually as well; you’ll notice better sprite animations during battle scenes than before.

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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

It was first released on September 28, 2006 in Japan. Then it came to North America on April 22, 2007 then Australia on June 21, 2007. The European Union release was July 27th ’07 while South Korea got it on May 16th 2008.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl has the most sales numbers of all pokemon games (over 12 millions copies sold). This finding was reached on May 2008 when Nintendo reported it officially on their home page.

There are lots of new features in this game including the addition of 107 brand-new pokemon, making 491 for you to catch, train and evolve!

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

There are some other changes too like how music has been rearranged to suit the altered cry of certain pokemon species or how you can now play as your rival team (Team Galactic) by finding their members scattered around Sinnoh (a region).

Not only that, there’s also many changes with items like Pokeballs which include ultra balls (catch rate up), mach bike (bicycle doubling speed), rock smash (ability to smash rocks), tm case (holds tms for multi battle), poketch app (displays time, date and day).

Pokemon X and Y

Pokemon X and Y
Pokemon X and Y

Pokemon X and Y was the winner of which pokemon game is the best. Many people like Pokemon X and Y as it has very good graphics and new region. Pokemon X and Y was released on 2013 November with 3D environment. About 800 pokemon are introduced in this edition.

Another feature of pokemon x and y is Mega Evolution. If a certain pokemon has the stone, it can mega evolve which makes the pokemon very powerful. Pokemon X and Y was released on 2013 November with 3D environment. About 800 pokemon are introduced in this edition.

Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield is a role-playing video game developed by Game Freak, published by The Pokemon Company and distributed by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. It was announced on May 29th 2019 at that year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Pokemon Sword and Shield
Pokemon Sword and Shield

The game features a new region known as Galar and starter Pokemon; Grookey, Scorbunny and Sobble.

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire took the series into a world full of colour for this Game Boy Advance release.

The sprites popped off the screen, making it easy to play with friends or family members in multiplayer mode without risk that someone will get bored from looking at an empty battlefield because there were always Pokemon present on both sides!

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire
Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire

It also introduced 2v2 battle formats where each player can bring two teams instead one single opposing force – which means no more waiting around aimlessly hoping your opponent runs out before you do;

If anything happens during gameplay then all players receive loss points but not defeat Points as was possible previously (although sometimes matches end up going past their allotted time limit).

The Hoenn region was a great setting for this game, especially when you consider the Legendary Pokemon.

Groudon and Kyogre are both memorable due to their ability in particular weather element – which made battles more interesting than it had been before with just your standard Normal or Fighting moveset respectively.

Though there were lots of new abilities introduced within these games too; they did not all work so well together because some types didn’t get enough representation while others got way too much attention.

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Pokemon Red and Blue

Red and Blue, which first released 20 years ago in Japan on Sep 28 1996, was considered ground-breaking at the time of its release. It introduced 151 Pokémon species for players to catch, train and trade with their friends around Kanto region.

Pokemon Red and Blue
Pokemon Red and Blue

The game also had other features that made it unique such as graphics where pixel art was used.

Red and Blue also allowed for trainers to have one of the three Pokémon follow them around on screen, allowing players to see how their monsters would interact with each other.

While there were only 151 species of Pokémons at that time, this number has since increased with time up to 718 today! Moreover, catching all the Pokémons has become a challenge for many players.

Pokemon Gold and Silver

Pokemon Gold and Silver have more Pokemon in it than any other generation of Pokemon game ever made.

Which means, you can play it for hours since there are hundreds of different pokemon to catch. There are also online features that were added recently which makes the game even more interesting, especially if you’re a fan of the trading card game or if you want to battle with others.

Pokemon Gold and Silver
Pokemon Gold and Silver

You can actually get your favorite pokemon cards into the game! Pokemon Gold and Silver is just overall better than every other Generation 2 Game… That’s why it’s so popular! It has so many unique things about it that make people come back for more. It deserves all the credit it can get!

Pokémon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition (GB)

Pokémon Yellow is the ultimate version of Pokémon Red and Blue. You automatically started with Pikachu as your starter, which was given a voice and personality!

Not only did you get to experience this in-game event for yourself, but there are even drawings related to these features all throughout one’s adventure through Kanto region.

The new surfing minigame allowed players who had mastered howitzers on two wheels take control over their character while they’re riding atop an electric mouse companion—making it easier than ever before possible just getting around town (and giving them hints along th way).

Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! (Switch)

Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! (Switch) is the latest game in the series. The game takes place in Kanto, where you’ll experience a whole new adventure with Pikachu or Eevee.

Not only that but it comes with some new mechanics like your partner following you around and battling together. You can also play co-op multiplayer with one JoyCon per player.

It has both the original 151 Pokémon along with some Alola forms to get. Let’s Go is definitely not just another rehash of Red/Blue so be sure to give it a try.

Pokemon Black and White 2

Pokemon Black and White 2 is the new Pokemon game that many of you have been waiting for. This Nintendo DS version will keep you entertained with an all-new storyline and a unique, never-before-seen twist on some classic features.

A portal to another dimension has unleashed a new unknown Pokemon type called the Mystery Dungeon.

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As a member of the Expedition Society, you’ll work with your partner Pokemon to save the nearby town from destruction at the hands of this powerful being.

The Mystery Dungeon also allows players to link wirelessly with friends who own either Black or White 2 versions. In addition, Black and White 2 give players access to more than 720 different kinds of Pokemon – both old favorites and new ones!

What’s your favorite type of pokemon?

I looked through the article’s list of words and noticed that “fire” was used 10 times, “ghost” 22 times, and “type” 42 times.

Since the author finds it especially important to emphasize their preference for ghosts by using it frequently, we can infer that this is not a common opinion shared by most people.

In fact, even though Ghost is definitely one of the more popular types due to its many interesting creatures (who would want a regular boring spooky ghost Pokemon when you could have mega-gengar?), it’s still not one of the most commonly used types.


What is considered the best Pokemon game?

The title of the best Pokémon game has been debated for years. Some say that since there are multiple versions, it’s not possible to choose one over the other, while there are others who believe that whichever version they played is best. Yet others think that the best Pokémon game is the one that has the most features.

What is the best Pokemon game of all time?

It’s a question that people have been debating for decades now. The original Pokemon games revolutionized the gaming world by being one of the first RPG games to ever be released on consoles, but which game is truly the best?

Pokémon Red and Blue are usually cited as the best in most people’s minds due to it being revolutionary. It was also probably one of the easiest ways to get introduced to Pokémon into what later became a phenomenon.

Which Pokemon game is the most fun?

The pokemon games are my favorite. they are really fun to play, even if you have played them all. You can pick any version of pokemon and still enjoy it because you will always be able to find new pokemon that you haven’t seen before.

That is my argument for which Pokemon game is the best, there are always new ones! Also the quality of the graphics is getting bigger every day with each new release so you don’t have to feel like playing a game from 2008 or something.


Ultimately, the best Pokemon game is a subjective question. It depends on your personal preference and what you want out of that particular experience. If you’re looking for a storyline with an immersive world to explore, then go with Pokemon X or Y.

There’s also some crossover between generations so if you’re trying to get all of them it might be worth buying both games at once. In this case, I recommend going with Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire as they have the most content from previous releases in one package.

But don’t worry about which one is “best” because there isn’t really such thing! They are all great games that offer something different depending on who plays them and why they play them.

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