When Was Advertising Invented? The Best Completely Brief Of Advertising Industry

When was advertising invented? Advertising is a form of paid or unpaid propaganda to introduce information about a product, service, company or idea. Advertising is a non-direct communication activity between people. Those who want to communicate must pay the mass media to bring information to persuade or influence the data recipient.

Advertising attempts to influence consumers or customers’ behaviour and buying habits by convincingly delivering sales messages about the seller’s product or service.

When was advertising invented?

When was advertising invented?
When was advertising invented?

According to recorded documents, the father of advertising is an ancient Egyptian. He posted the first notice on the wall of Thebes around 3000 BC.

A few centuries later, this form of notice became very popular in Greece when information intended for the public was drawn on wooden panels displayed in the town square.

If billboards developed rapidly after introducing the method (the first poster was printed by Caxton, the Englishman, from 1477), the French painter J.Chéret (1835-1932) was the inventor of modern advertising. It was a flyer for a performance of 1867, consisting of a short sentence and a strikingly colourful image. However, the Italian painter L. Cappiello (1875-1942) mentioned the poster with his 1903 “Klaus” chocolate candy billboard.

Advertising features

When was advertising invented- Advertising features
When was advertising invented- Advertising features
  1. Advertising is a paid form of communication.
  2. The advertising payer is an identified actor.
  3. Advertising content creates a difference in the product to persuade or influence the audience.
  4. Advertising is delivered to the audience by various media.
  5. Advertising reaches the majority of potential customers.
  6. Advertising is a non-personal marketing communication activity.

Types of advertising

When was advertising invented- Types of advertising
When was advertising invented- Types of advertising
  • Brand advertising.
  • Online advertising.
  • Local advertising.
  • Political advertising.
  • Directory advertising.
  • Direct-response advertising.
  • Business-to-business advertising.
  • Institution advertising.
  • Public service advertising.
  • Interactive advertising.

Advertising media

Advertisements are delivered using a variety of media, such as:

* Television: is the most diverse and comprehensive means of influencing consumers with sound and vivid images. The cost of this form is usually the most expensive. Sometimes indirectly by sponsoring shows, advertising logos on the floor, or hanging on the wall behind actors and MCs. See more TV commercials.

* Journalism: impact by images and slogans. Sometimes with fake articles as reported by hired reporters.

When was advertising invented
When was advertising invented

* Internet: when information technology and the internet develop, the type of online newspaper also develops, so companies often exploit this medium. It can also be sent to email boxes for advertising or spam. Or promotional videos on websites. See also: Online advertising. Today, the internet is very common to many families, which is an advantage for businesses to advertise products and brands in networks on the internet.

* For businesses to promote their brand, they must let everyone in society see and remember their service brand, image or text advertising.

* For businesses that want to sell products, i.e. sell to end customers, they must introduce their products directly to people in need. The new efficiency will be high.

* Radio: sound effects are verbal or musical advertisements.

* Advertising by post: sending letters to customers’ homes with information about the company and products. The cost is relatively cheap, but the effect is low because each letter affects only one family.

When was advertising invented
When was advertising invented

* Advertising on means of transport: painting the product image and company name on the side of the vehicle, especially the bus, to have a large body area and many passengers every day, which is quite effective. But because the paint on the car is challenging to change continuously, people often use the bus for advertising for products with a long life cycle or the brand of the whole company, rather than introducing short-life products. Advertising images are quickly outdated.

* Advertising through business directory publications: are publications widely distributed to consumers.

* Advertising on leaflets, posters, panels, banners: leaflets are the company’s usual form, for marketing staff to go to intersections, public places to distribute printed information about products and supply addresses.

When was advertising invented
When was advertising invented

* Advertising on product packaging.

* Word of mouth advertising: through the staff to propagate.

* Advertising from LED lights: are large lights hanging in public places that catch the eyes of passersby seeing the company’s image and products.

* SMS advertising: through telecommunications carriers, sending messages to customers introducing products, promotions, etc., that the company is applying.

* Advertise through product introduction programs in public places.

Final words

Here is all the information about “ When was advertising invented?”. We already explained about the history, features, types,… of advertising. Hopefully, you can find a lot of useful information in this post.

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