When Parking Headed Downhill It Is Best To Park On A Hill Safely

When parking headed downhill it is best to:Put your vehicle in reverse, but set the parking brake.Turn your wheels so your vehicle will roll towards the center of the road if the brakes fail.Put your vehicle in neutral and set the parking brake.Put your vehicle in park and set the parking brake.

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This question, or a similar one, may show up on your driver’s license written exam.

The answer is: D. Put your vehicle in park and set the parking brake.

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Explanation: What should you do when parked facing downhill?

In order to pass your DMV exams and to become a safe driver, it’s important to know the reason why a particular answer on the written test is correct.

The first thing you should do when parking on any hill is to set your vehicle’s transmission to park and engage the parking brake.

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However, brakes can fail and if you’re parked on a hill your car can begin to roll away.

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While this is typically a rare occurrence, if it happens, it can pose a serious hazard to pedestrians, bicyclists, and other vehicles in the road.

Along with setting your transmission to park and setting the parking brake, you should also turn your wheels so that the car rolls towards the curb or the side of the road in the event that your brakes fail.

You can find more information about this topic in the parking section of your driver’s handbook.

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