When Did Advertising Start? Most Complete Summary 2021

When did advertising start? To have a diverse advertising industry today, all have to go through an accumulation process. The history of advertising is an honourable one. All advertising industries such as print, Billboard, Radio, Television, Digital are closely associated with important milestones in the history of world advertising.

Undeniably, like it or not, you will encounter them every day. If you don’t want to see them unless you don’t watch TV, newspapers, access the Internet, don’t go out, etc. Like it or not, Advertising still exists in every corner of people’s lives. Now let’s explore how they started and evolved!

When did advertising start?

Print advertising

When did advertising start?- Print advertising
When did advertising start?- Print advertising

Advertising has been around since ancient times. Evidence is that people have found traces of ancient Egyptians writing notices and posters on papyrus thousands of years ago. Going even further, old stone slabs painted with messages in India have been found dating around 4000 BC.

But print advertising only really started to develop when the printer was invented. People were able to produce flyers and posters in larger quantities. Using this new technology, people can advertise anything from a storefront to public elections or a local theatre group. It allows people to disseminate and spread their message. From there, a world of possibilities opened up.

When did advertising start?
When did advertising start?

Specifically, in 1704, print advertising first appeared in the United States. It was an advertisement for a book printed on paper and taped to the door of an English church by William Caxton. And from there, during the 18th century, newspapers began to appear throughout Europe and North America. Shops and shops in town were able to create and design ads to appear in these newspapers, and for the first time, “mass marketing” made sense.

And to this day, print advertising, posters, flyers still have a particular place in the world of marketing.


When did advertising start?- Billboards
When did advertising start? – Billboards

By the 19th century, businesses began to think of ways to attract more people’s attention, which was the reason for the birth of billboards. And the first recorded billboard was in 1835 in New York of a circus.

As printing technology advanced rapidly in the next century, billboards appeared in a more eye-catching form. Over time, billboards become larger and larger, combined with many unique design technologies and effects such as 3D sea technology, billboards that create scents, billboards with smoke.

When did advertising start?
When did advertising start?

And in recent years, advanced digital technology has brought a big revolution to billboards in general and outdoor billboards in particular. Instead of conventional printed static signs, advertisements are shown with impressive images, moving TVC segments on large outdoor led screens. Digital billboards appear increasingly, especially in outdoor advertising “sanctuaries” in big countries such as the US, UK, Japan, Korea, etc.

Radio Advertising

When did advertising start?- Radio Advertising
When did advertising start? – Radio Advertising

In the early 1800s, the concept of broadcast radio began to emerge. Scientists and inventors continued to work on this technology for nearly a century, and in the late 1800s, the first radio broadcast was born.

However, it was not until 1922 that radio advertising appeared. It was an advertisement for a house in New York. And ten years later, most of the radio stations at that time were exploiting advertising.

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Some companies even started sponsoring radio shows. Radio became popular in society rapidly. In addition to listening to the radio with a cassette radio, car companies also began to manufacture and place different radio systems in cars. Even now, millions of Americans still listen to the radio every day on their way to and from work. News, music and other forms of entertainment have allowed radio to be a viable advertising platform past, present and future.

Television advertising (TV)

When did advertising start?
When did advertising start?

The first TV commercial came out in 1941, a 10-second advertisement for Bulova watches before a baseball game in New York. Over the next few years during the war, television programs became scarcer.

Until the 70s, several laws for television advertising began to be introduced as the influence of this medium became more and more widespread. For example, they were banning smoking ads in children’s programs.

The following years can all be considered the golden age of TVs. But when the Internet wave hit, television encountered a big stumbling block. The number of TV viewers has decreased significantly compared to the previous 20 years. Although there will be no story of TV advertising running out of time, it certainly has to share many of its “kings”.

When did advertising start?
When did advertising start?

So the question is: How much longer will marketers be willing to spend money on TV advertising in the face of the new century’s competition?

Digital Advertising

When did advertising start?
When did advertising start?

Finally, when it comes to the history of advertising globally, the advent of digital advertising was a huge blow.

Digital advertising was born inextricably linked with the era of the Internet. In 1990, the arrival of the World Wide Web led to the biggest revolution in advertising buying since the radio era.

Types of advertising on the Internet began to take shape, such as: email ads, pop-up ads, interactive banner ads, email marketing, etc. Things started to change again in the late 2000s with the rise of social media and mobile marketing.

When did advertising start?
When did advertising start?

People are constantly connected to the Internet, going online for entertainment and keeping up with events and news happening in the world. Some people are on the Internet many hours a day, and of course, advertisers love those leads.


That’s all about “When did advertising start?”. We hope you can find the suitable answer for yourself. Thank you for reading. Don’t  hesitate to let us know your question about this topic.

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