What To Do When Your Best Friend Hates You R Best Friend Hates You Secretly

Perhaps you’re too scared to talk to them about it? Or maybe you’ve confronted them and they’ve denied it?

It’s actually more common than you think for best friends to grow apart, but it does take them a while to cut the cord in this scenario.

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That’s what leads to this secret hatred that you’re fearing.

Thankfully, I’ve provided a list of signs that your best friend has already decided they hate you, even if they’re sticking around for the time being.

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Now, let’s take a look at the biggest giveaway signs of a best friend that hates you.


1 33 Signs Your Best Friend Hates You

33 Signs Your Best Friend Hates You

Regardless of what everyone tells you, all friendships go through good and bad times. You could be best friends with someone one day, and next thing you know, you’re no longer on good terms. 

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The reason is not far-fetched – people’s opinions about others tend to change over time due to new life experiences, new friends, age, and various other factors. In the end, what matters is how you deal with the change that comes.

There are a thousand and one reasons why your best friend could hate you. Anything could have ignited this feeling that now plagues your friendship. More importantly, it shouldn’t come in between you and your best friend.Nevertheless, the phenomena questions the very foundation of your friendship.

Taking a critical look at your relationship with your best friend would point you to the root cause of the problem. This will enable you to tackle the issue between you two head-on to salvage the friendship. If you’re looking to confirm your suspicions and ask questions before drawing any conclusions, here are some subtle signs that your best friend hates you.

1. He/she ignores you when you talk to them

Communication plays an integral role in building and sustaining a relationship. It’s almost impossible for best friends to go a day without talking to one another. One way to spot a friend who hates you is to gauge their interest level when talking to you. They often go as far as pretending not to hear you when you are talking to them.

2. Both of you don’t agree on anything

Best friends typically agree on everything, including values, preferences, and dislikes. Once in a while, one questions the other, but it eventually ends well. However, if you begin to notice a disparity on issues you previously held similar beliefs, then there is a problem. This is one of the obvious signs that your best friend hates you. He/she blatantly disagrees with everything you say regardless of whether it is true or false. It may even appear as though your close friend doesn’t respect or believe your word anymore.

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3. They rarely associate with you in public

Close friends, out and about with each other in public is always a pleasant sight to behold. One way to know friends who are close to each other is by watching how they relate in public. Whenever there is a fallout between close pals, you’d hardly see them together in public. Sometimes, they behave like they don’t know whenever they see you.

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4. Your best friend regularly says unpleasant things behind your back

It’s inconceivable to think that your best friend would say horrible things about you behind your back. One of the signs that your close friend isn’t a big fan is when he/she begins to spread false tales behind your back. Hearing all that’s been said behind your back by someone you value and love can be heartbreaking and demoralizing.

5. You keep on having quarrels


If your best friend finds your presence annoying or intensely irritating, then it’s a sign that she hates you. What’s more, there’s that face they make that makes it seem that you are a bother to them. You may also notice them showing signs of boredom like rolling their eyes or playing with their fingers. Chances are, they are only managing to tolerate you.

25. Your best friend tries to get you into trouble

A friend that regularly gets you into trouble isn’t a good friend; talk more of your best friend. What’s more, it is only a friend that doesn’t have your interests at heart that seeks ways to put you into one problem or the other. He/she may be doing these bad things around you, which ultimately implicates you when the repercussions come. Best believe that the two of you are no longer as close as you remember.

26. Your conversations are always negative

It’s quite challenging to have a pleasant conversation with a negative person. Your best pal uses every conversation to complain, blame everyone else, criticize, and vent their anger and frustration. Most times, these emotions are directed at you, and it’s not easy coping with them. If you can be firm and maintain a calm resolve, it’s possible to keep the relationship alive.

27. They are no longer straightforward with you

A friend that is not straightforward with you never means you well. It’s especially unfortunate when you keep catching them in a lie. If your close pal hates you, he/she will never be upfront or real about anything. Ideally, close friends are always honest with each other, but when the reverse becomes the case, it raises a red flag.

28. They insult you at the slightest turn

Best friends insult each other all the time without getting offended. However, if these insults aim to put you down, then the person doing it hates you. Perhaps he/she insults you in the presence of other people just to upset you. The best thing to do is to confront the person and express your displeasure. If it persists, you have no other option than to quit the toxic relationship.

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29. Your best friend stops coming to you for advice

If your best friend often relied on your advice and counsel but suddenly stopped, then this might be a cause for worry. Something must have caused him/her to stop coming to you for advice. Most times, even when you give them advice, they disregard it and do whatever they want. If you no longer play a confidant role, he/she likely hates you.

30. There’s a change in her attitude towards you

Change is constant in life for everyone. However, the ways people change sometimes can impact their relationships. If your BFF starts behaving differently towards you, there is likely something wrong, and you need to closely examine the friendship. Talking about what you have noticed is an excellent avenue to repair relations between you.

31. They are overly suspicious of you

This happens in a friendship full of drama and controversies borne of past events. These events enable them to find reasons to be suspicious of you. Despite being a shameful thing, distrust is a subtle sign that your friend hates you. Whenever something wrong happens in the relationship, he/she directs accusing fingers at you straight away without thinking twice.

32. Your best friend is always uncomfortable around you

It’s unheard of to find close friends who are uncomfortable around each other. In your case, the hatred they feel towards you is likely causing the discomfort. You may notice them laughing or gesturing wildly. The idea is to ease the tension and despair they are feeling at that moment; practically everyone has felt this like this once or twice. Some people try to hide their discomfort, but their body language betrays them.

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33. They want to cut off ties with you

When a close pal hates you, they will try every possible means to ditch the relationship. Often, they try to do it, so it does not hurt your feelings or attract so much attention. If, after everything, you feel the relationship is unsalvageable, now might be the best time to call it quits and move on.

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