what led to the fall of the aztec empire


What Led To The Fall Of The Aztec Empire?

Invaders led by the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés overthrew the Aztec Empire by force and captured Tenochtitlan in 1521, bringing an end to Mesoamerica’s last great native civilization.Invaders led by the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés overthrew the Aztec Empire by force and captured Tenochtitlan

Although there are not precise numbers, the city’s population has been estimated at between 200,000–400,000 inhabitants, placing Tenochtitlan among the largest cities in the world at that time.

What caused the downfall of the Aztec empire?

There were many factors involved that led to the great fall of the Aztec empire. The four major factors that were obvious to the downfall of the Aztecs was the bloody sacrifices, religion, diseases, and the Spanish tactics used against the Aztecs.…

Who was responsible for the fall of the Aztec empire?

Cortés’s army besieged Tenochtitlán for 93 days, and a combination of superior weaponry and a devastating smallpox outbreak enabled the Spanish to conquer the city. Cortés’s victory destroyed the Aztec empire, and the Spanish began to consolidate control over what became the colony of New Spain.

Why did the Aztec empire fall quizlet?

Many different things led to the downfall of the Aztec empire like diseases, weapons, alliances, and religion. … The Spanish also had many advanced weapons, which were used to defeat the Aztecs. The Spanish also had many alliances, like the Indians, which outnumbered the Aztecs and led to their defeat.

How were Aztec wiped out?

Fall of the Aztec Empire

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The Aztecs were conquered by Spain in 1521 after a long siege of the capital, Tenochtitlan, where much of the population died from hunger and smallpox.

What were the 4 reason why the Aztecs were conquered by the Spanish?

The overthrow of the Aztec Empire by Cortez and his expedition rests on three factors: The fragility of that empire, the tactical advantages of Spanish technology, and smallpox.

Why were the Aztecs defeated so easily?

The Aztecs no longer trusted Montezuma, they were short on food, and the smallpox epidemic was under way. More than 3 million Aztecs died from smallpox, and with such a severely weakened population, it was easy for the Spanish to take Tenochtitlán.

When did the Aztec Empire rise and fall?

The Aztec Empire (c. 1345-1521) covered at its greatest extent most of northern Mesoamerica. Aztec warriors were able to dominate their neighbouring states and permit rulers such as Montezuma to impose Aztec ideals and religion across Mexico.

What happened to the Aztecs after they were conquered?

By August of 1521, the glorious city of Tenochtitlan was in ruins. The Aztec lands were renamed “New Spain” and the colonization process began. Conquistadors were replaced by bureaucrats and colonial officials, and Mexico would be a Spanish colony until it began its fight for independence in 1810.

What led to the decline of the Aztec and Inca empires quizlet?

By the middle of 1521, smallpox and indigenous allies had helped Cortes annihilate Tenochtitlan, and the Aztec Empire as a whole quickly collapsed. … Eventually he and his expedition caused the collapse of the Aztec Empire.

What events led to the fall of the Aztec and Inca empires quizlet?

Cortes attacked with the enemies of the Aztecs, cut supplies to the city so they were starving. They also brought smallpox which killed the Aztecs. Which conquistador brought down the Inca Empire? Francisco Pizarro who was looking for the wealthy empire.

What caused the end of both the Inca and Aztec empires quizlet?

– Both empires were weakened by diseases brought by the Spaniards.

What killed the Aztec?

Smallpox took its toll on the Aztecs in several ways. First, it killed many of its victims outright, particularly infants and young children.

What virus killed the Aztecs?

The disease became known as Cocoliztli by the native Aztecs, and had devastating effects on the area’s demography, particularly for the indigenous people. Based on the death toll, this outbreak is often referred to as the worst disease epidemic in the history of Mexico.

Why did the Aztec Empire fall so quickly to the Spanish?

Disease. When the Spanish arrived, they brought with them smallpox. … Smallpox spread among the indigenous people and crippled their ability to resist the Spanish. The disease devastated the Aztec people, greatly reducing their population and killing an estimated half of Tenochtitlán’s inhabitants.

How did the Spanish affect the Aztecs?

The Spanish had a positive effect on Aztec civilization because they helped modernize the society. They introduced the Aztecs to domestic animals, sugar, grains, and European farming practices. Most significantly, the Spanish ended the Aztec’s practice of human sacrifice.

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Why were the Spanish able to conquer the Aztecs quizlet?

Why were the Spanish able to defeat the great Aztec Empire despite their inferior numbers? It was because the Aztecs thought that they were gods so they would not harm them, the disease of smallpox was killing them, and they had better weapons like guns and steel swords.

How did the Aztecs rise to power quizlet?

How did the Aztecs rise to power? The Aztecs rose to power by war.

How did the Aztecs change the world?

The Aztecs were a prominent influence on the world in which we live today. … With their court structures and judges, the Aztecs had an incredibly sophisticated justice system. This is demonstrated in their countless laws against theft, murder and vandalizing–they also had laws enforcing temperance among the citizens.

How did the Aztecs treat conquered peoples?

The Aztecs conquered the surrounding peoples. However, the Aztecs did not usually n other nations. Instead, they forced them to pay tribute (goods like gold, feathers, weapons, and precious stones). … Furthermore, the conquered people had to send soldiers to serve the Aztec emperor when they were needed.

What events brought about an end to the Aztec and Inca empires?

Invaders led by the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés overthrew the Aztec Empire by force and captured Tenochtitlan in 1521, bringing an end to Mesoamerica’s last great native civilization.

Why did the Inca empire fall quizlet?

An army of 10 Spanish conquistadors were led by Francisco Pizarro to defeat the Incas. With excellent tactics, advanced weaponry and the alliance of native forces, the Inca Empire fell quickly. Francisco Pizarro came from Spain to find the country in civil war.

What did the Aztecs use to make art?

The Aztec people were known to trade for materials that could be used in their artwork, but they often made use of natural decorations at their disposal. Clay and feathers were usual mediums for artwork, but other artistic materials included shells, rocks, coral, copper, gold, quartz, obsidian, silver, and turquoise.

Who was the Aztec emperor at the time of the Spanish conquest?

Montezuma II
Montezuma II, also spelled Moctezuma, (born 1466—died c. June 30, 1520, Tenochtitlán, within modern Mexico City), ninth Aztec emperor of Mexico, famous for his dramatic confrontation with the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés.

What is the ancient capital of the Inca empire?

Situated high in the Andes, Cuzco had been the capital of the Inca empire and had become the headquarters for each of the religious orders in the viceroyalty. European artists began working in Cuzco shortly after Spanish colonization of the city in the 1530s.

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How did the Aztecs adapt to their island environment?

Answer:The correct answer is A) by using terracing and irrigation to farm. The Aztecs adapted to their environment mainly by using terracing and irrigation to farm.

How did the Aztecs adapt to their environment?

They adapted to their environment. They built canoes so they could hunt and fish. They created medicines from the many plants they found in the area. They created floating gardens for more places to grow food.

How did the Aztecs location and environment help them conquer an empire quizlet?

The geography of where the city was located helped them because it was an aquatic environment that provided protection because it was surrounded by a huge lake.

Are Aztecs still alive?

Today the descendants of the Aztecs are referred to as the Nahua. More than one-and-a-half million Nahua live in small communities dotted across large areas of rural Mexico, earning a living as farmers and sometimes selling craft work. … The Nahua are just one of nearly 60 indigenous peoples still living in Mexico.

Did any Aztecs survive?

By the 1500s, they had not only survived, but managed to prevail, and they were taking no chances of being forced to go backwards. They used their brains and their brawn to defeat their neighbors — first the other ethnic groups in the central basic of Mexico, and then much farther afield.

How many Aztecs died from the Spanish?

Fall of Tenochtitlan
Casualties and losses
450–860 Spanish 20,000 Tlaxcaltecs 100,000 killed in action 300 war canoes sunk At least 40,000 Aztecs civilians killed and captured, other sources claim 100,000 to 240,000 were killed in the campaign overall including warriors and civilians

Which best explains the fall of the empire of the Aztecs?

Which is the best explanation for the fall of the Aztec Empire? Aztec enemies allied themselves with Spanish invaders. … Which two events weakened the Inca Empire prior to the Spanish conquest?

How did Spanish conquest affect Mexico?

Cortez’s men destroyed the city, killed thousands of Aztecs, and ushered in centuries of Spanish rule. … They also introduced the Spanish language to an area with a variety of indigenous languages, most notably Nahuatl, the official language of the Aztec empire.

Why did the Spaniards conquer the Americas?

The Spanish Conquest of Mexico

In 1519, two powerful empires – Spain and Mexica (Aztec) – were hungry for expansion in central Mexico. Led by emperor Motecuzoma II, the Mexica people had subdued their native enemies and now controlled a sprawling territory with the great city of Tenochtitlán at the center.

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