What Is The Hedgehog Concept? – Definition and How to used

What Is The Hedgehog Concept? - Definition and How to used

What Is The Hedgehog Concept? The Hedgehog Concept in a sentence or two. Hedgehogs are simple, but not simplistic. They focus on one main thing and they do it well.

what is the hedgehog concept
what is the hedgehog concept

A fox knows many things, but a hedgehog knows only one big thing. A good analogy of this would be comparing an apple to an orange; apples are more complex than oranges because they have more parts (more flavors), whereas oranges are simpler because they only have one part (one flavor). An example of how Apple Inc.’s product line up fits the Hedgehog Concept would be their iPod music players which come with different storage capacities ranging from 1GB-200GB while all containing the same basic functionality and operating system so that consumers can choose what capacity best suits them based on their preferences for price and space instead of having to buy another device just for added features that aren’t needed by some people who don’t care about storing lots of songs or video content on their devices.

What is the hedgehog concept?

The Hedgehog Concept is based on an ancient Greek parable that states, “The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.” The story goes like this: there’s a little guy called the “hedge hog” who lives in his own world; he eats spines because they’re delicious to him (I guess). One day this special creature spots some tasty prey and sets out after them–only problem? He gets caught by another animal much larger than himself with lots of sharp teeth. Inevitably though…the snare doesn’t work! And every time it seems as if all hope is lost – just before being eaten up something astounding happens: those plump little legs start running again.

According to philosopher Isaiah Berlin, the world is made up of two types of people: hedgehogs and foxes. Hedgehogs are creatures who want one thing while they’re able bodied; whereas a fox has too many objectives going on in its head at once which leads them into failure because their thoughts aren’t focused enough for there ever being any real accomplishments or successes.

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How to apply the Hedgehog concept?

How to apply the Hedgehog concept?
How to apply the Hedgehog concept?

Find your passions

If you want to make sure your team is happy and productive, it’s important that they feel passionate about the work. But what does this mean? Well when I asked people on my own teams for their thoughts on why we do the things in our jobs everyday (especially early morning meetings) one common response was because “it gives meaning.” The reason giving sense can motivate employees even more than money or other extrinsic rewards could lie within its connection with identity – who we are deep down inside comes out through completing tasks well done which then reinforces self-worth outside professional life too!

The first step to building a strong culture is listening. Sit down with your team members and have an honest discussion about what they want from the company, as well as how that aligns or does not align with current goals for progress in business activities . You will need to work together if you hope for any success!

Understand what you do best

Your Hedgehog Concept is not just about being the best at what you do, it’s also important to understand your organization strengths and weaknesses. Remember that not being able or unwilling to provide a service in certain areas isn’t necessarily an Achilles heel – knowing how well things can work out for us may make all of those imperfections worthwhile!

Tools such as SWOT Analysis and Core Competencies Analysis will help you determine what your strengths are. By using these lists, it is easy for anyone to know where they excel in the workplace or school setting because there’s no need for subjective opinions on talent; instead we can see objective data about our skills through an analysis of core competencies!

Discover your economic engine

To have a powerful economic engine, your organization must understand how to generate sustained cash flow and profitability. This is also known as “profit per X,” where “X” refers the single measure that can have greatest impact on long-term success for you or any other company in its industry sector – it could even be different from what works best at home!

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In order to create a business that will succeed, it is important for entrepreneurs and owners alike choose denominators wisely. These can be profit per customer or employee as well as locations; but the most common are profits from part manufactured products such as those related with manufacturing time periodized by hour along side areas geographically divided into regions (such North America).

Look for the overlap

The Hedgehog Concept boils down to one central vision which should guide your organization’s strategy. The three circles represent different aspects of this core, with the overlap in their centers representing how they connect and work together for maximum effectiveness. You may have found it tricky at first but now that you know what these patterns mean – don’t worry if figuring out where exactly these concepts fit into an already established company can be challenging!

Review and communicate your strategy

The Hedgehog Concept is a tool for aligning your organization’s strategy with what you know to be true about the company. It will help ensure that, while all other ideas and efforts may seem like they’re leading in different directions, together these pieces lead towards success!
A great way start this process would be by getting management on board – explain how important it can become when considering talent or economic capabilities; maybe even link back personal passions of team members who are more open-minded enough take risks out there if their passion isn’t already obvious?

It is important to ensure that the new strategy will be successful and sustainable. We can help you with this by providing resources such as change management techniques, so your organization doesn’t experience any confusion during or after implementation of these changes!

The circles overlap is his Hedgehog concept

The circles overlap is his Hedgehog concept
The circles overlap is his Hedgehog concept

What are you deeply passionate about?

It’s important to understand and find out everyone’s passion within the organisation. What inspires them, what do they like doing most on a day-to-day basis? Are there any core values that resonate with employees but may not be known yet outside of your company walls or could we want increased employee engagement in order for people feel as if their work is meaningful enough so it motivates them more than just getting paid every two weeks does now which also leads into our next point.

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What can you be the best in the world at?

It’s about understanding the why. Organizations are often good at what they do because of their resources and capabilities, so it makes sense to start there for strategy development efforts with an emphasis on strengths first rather than solely focusing on weaknesses. But organizations also have unique competencies that haven’t been achieved yet; this could be seen as a positive weakness if those goals can provide future growth opportunities by creating new ways of thinking or approaches within your industry space – which may not already exist elsewhere!

What drives your economic engine?

Understanding the organisation’s economic engine will reveal its drivers that deliver on long-term success. To be successful, an enterprise needs to know what it earns money with and how this can be improved for greater profitability in future years. Understanding your assets is crucial when trying decide upon new strategies or develop plans so you are able take advantage of opportunities while limiting risks through prevention rather than waiting until there’s already too much done regarding remedial action remaining undone.

Who is develop the Hedgehog concept?

Who is develop the Hedgehog concept?
Who is develop the Hedgehog concept?

The Hedgehog Concept was originally used in business by Jim Collins. He argues that a company is more likely to be successful if it focuses upon doing one thing very well and invests all available resources into this “hedge” or specialized field of expertise, rather than diversifying its offerings across many different areas where they may not have as much success due competition from other companies who also do such things well enough already (or better). This long-term competitive strategy will help you weather any storms along your way so invest now!

The Hedgehog Concept is a framework for understanding the essence of what you do and how it can be made better. It’s simple, but not easy. In order to succeed with your hedgehog concept, you have to make sure that all three circles are totally integrated into one another in a way that makes sense for who you are as an organization or individual. Find out more about this powerful strategy by reading our article on the topic here!

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