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What is The Best Staff in Dark Souls 3? Best Staves For Your Build

What is the best staff in dark souls 3?

I have been looking for a good staff to use, but it’s hard to know which one is actually going to be worth using.

There are a lot of great staves out there, and it can be difficult knowing what will work best for you. In this article we’ll talk about all the different types of staves available in Dark Souls III and how they stack up against each other. We’ll also look at some specific recommendations for players who want something more than just “the best.” Let’s get started!

What is the best staff in dark souls 3?

What is the best staff in dark souls 3?
What is the best staff in dark souls 3?

The best staff in dark souls 3 is the catalyst of sorceries. Maxing out faith and intelligence for this catalyst will allow you to cast very powerful sorceries, or miracles if you choose too.

This staff does not scale with any stat, but it doesn’t really need to because if you are able to get this staff, it means that your character is already pretty strong. It will make fighting much easier regardless of what level your character is at.

In this article we’ll go through a list of the best ones for your builds, to save you some of the effort!

10.Sorcery: Homing Crystal Soulmass

Sorcery: Homing Crystal Soulmass
Sorcery: Homing Crystal Soulmass

The Homing Crystal Soulmass is a very powerful sorcery. It requires level 40 Magic and 20 Faith to use, so you will need to have those stats even if you don’t plan on putting any points into them. This magic spell makes it easier for your character to fight fast enemies such as Silver Knight Ledo and Darklurker. It will allow you to burn them down much faster.

It has a medium spell charge time, and requires four intelligence per each cast.

How do I get it?

You buy this sorcery from the cat in town. The cat is located behind an illusory wall on the second floor of Firelink Shrine . To get to the illusory wall, you must first defeat Knight Slayer Tsorig who can be found at the end of Catacombs of Carthus .

Once you defeat him and open up the shortcut to the Catacombs, you should then be able to enter a room that contains an enemy called Skeleton Wheel. This spell can be purchased from the npc after defeating this skeleton wheel, but it will only appear if you have defeated Tsorig beforehand.

9.Staff: Murky Longstaff

Murky Longstaff  
Murky Longstaff

The Murky Longstaff is a fairly decent staff in dark souls 3. To be honest, it’s actually one of the strongest staves available for Sorcerers early on if you know how to hide behind the walls that are scattered throughout Drangleic . It has a very long reach and can allow you to hit enemies that are off-screen with no problem at all .

This staff does not scale with any stat, but it doesn’t really need to because if you are able to get this staff, it means that your character is already pretty strong. All this staff requires is 20 Faith and 16 Intelligence , so if your character is str or dex based, then you won’t have an issue using this weapon.

Sorcerers who use dex to cast spells will have a slight damage boost from using this staff because even though it doesn’t scale with Faith, many of the spells do.

How do I get it?

To get the Murky Longstaff , you must first defeat Looking Glass Knight . This boss is found inside of the Undead Crypt which is connected to Drangleic Castle.

This location can be entered by either talking to Benhart at the Memory of Orro firelink shrine, or by talking to Chancellor Wellager in Drangleic Castle.

Once you defeat this boss, he will drop the Looking Glass Knight shield and the Murky Longstaff . If you choose to kill him first then talk to Benhart, you must then go back into the Undead Crypt and use the summon sign that is located next to where you fight the boss.

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8.Sorcery: Great Soul Dregs  

Great Soul Dregs
Great Soul Dregs

The Great Soul Dregs is a sorcery spell that does exactly what its name implies. It gives you the power of great souls such as Elana, The Squalid Queen and even Slave knight gael . This spell also scales up to about 200 intelligence so this makes it incredibly powerful for Sorcerers who play on pure Int builds.

The spell takes about 3-4 seconds to charge up depending on how much Intelligence you have when you cast it , and the damage is pretty decent . It also does poison damage which means that this spell will scale with your Int AND Faith, so Sorcerers who use dex based spells can use this in conjuction with their weapons to deal even more damage.

Great Soul Dregs costs 300 FP per cast and only requires 30 INT to use. If you’re looking for a spell than can allow you to deal insane amounts of damage early one, then look no further because Great Soul Dregs is perfect for any sorcerer!

How do I get it?

Great Soul Dregs can be found in Dragon Aerie . This area is connected to the Ancient Wyvern boss fight, so you will need to defeat this boss if you want to get this spell.

The Dragon Aerie can be found by traveling through the Shrine of Winter which is located near Drangleic castle. If you remember where you fought the Looking Glass Knight, then simply make your way back to that platform and turn towards your right to find an illusory wall. Break through the wall with a weapon and you should find yourself inside of Dragon Aerie .

Now that Great Soul Dregs has been unlocked , it’s time to go get another spell.

7.Staff: Izalith Staff

Izalith Staff
Izalith Staff

The Izalith Staff is one of the stronger staves in Dark Souls 3. It has a very long reach and can hit enemies that are off-screen with no problem at all .

This staff scales to about 50 strength so using it with a strength build will allow you to deal decent damage while being able to block 100% physical damage.

The Izalith Staff only requires 40 Faith and 30 Intelligence, which means that it makes perfect sense for anyone who is dex based with their spells. The higher your Faith goes, the more damage this staff will deal.

How do I get it?

To get the Izalith Staff , you must defeat the Dancer of Boreal Valley . This boss is located within the Cathedral of The Deep , which means that you will have to defeat the Deacons of the Deep first to gain access.

Now that Izalith Staff has been unlocked , it’s time for another staff!

6.Sorcery: White Dragon Breath

White Dragon Breath
White Dragon Breath

The White Dragon Breath is a pretty powerful spell that coats your right hand in ice, dealing high amounts of damage. This spell scales up to about 150 intelligence meaning that Sorcerers who are dex based can use this weapon to deal even more damage.

This staff costs 300 FP and deals around 500 damage per cast depending on how much Int you have at the moment. To be honest, I personally do not use this spell very often because it is incredibly hard to aim and you can miss your target if they dart around too much .

The White Dragon Breath also has a 0.4 second charge up time which means that you will have no problem hitting targets before they hit you, or after they are finished with their combos.

However, this spell does take a bit of time to charge up , so you will need to plan your attack accordingly before engaging in combat . This is why I personally do not use this spell that often because there are better spells out there in my opinion.

How do I get it?

White Dragon Breath is located in Anor Londo . This will require you to defeat the Dark Sun Gwyndolin boss who is located inside of the city.

Now that White Dragon Breath has been unlocked , it’s time to go get another spell!

5.Staff: Heretic’s Staff

Heretic’s Staff
Heretic’s Staff

The Heretic’s Staff is a pretty decent weapon that scales with both Intelligence and Faith. This staff requires 70 Intelligence, 50 Faith to use it effectively making it fairly easy to unlock for any build that you are using.

This staff is perfect if you want to poke your opponents constantly throughout the match because it has an insanely fast poke speed . This is thanks to the weapon having a base damage of 130 which can be increased even more with your stats.

The Heretic’s Staff only costs 200 FP, so you are able keep poking opponents for quite some time without running out of mana . The staff also has a pretty large AoE radius so it will hit opponents who stand behind you as well.

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The downside to this weapon is that it has a bit of a wind up time which means that you will have to plan your attack accordingly to ensure that you do not get interrupted . However, since the poke takes 0.3 seconds , it’s very hard for an opponent to interrupt your combos unless they know what they are doing.

However, if you are in a melee match, this staff is perfect for poking your opponents when they are vulnerable , or when you know that they cannot interrupt your attacks

How do I get it?

The Heretic’s Staff is located within the Undead Settlement , which means that you will have to enter the tower near the Cliff Underside bonfire.

4.Sorcery: Crystal Soul Spear

Crystal Soul Spear
Crystal Soul Spear

Crystal Soul Spear is one of the best spells in the game. It only requires 30 intelligence which isn’t too difficult for a caster to get. This spell does require two faith, but one can be replaced by using the Darkmoon Seance Ring (dark souls 3 ring that boosts your faith stat by +1).

This spell scales very well with intelligence, so Sorcerer’s who put points into this stat will see an increase in damage. It also has low stamina consumption and requires two attunement slots.

How do I get it?

Crystal Soul Spear can be bought from Logan as a gift after you rescue him from the building where he is being held captive. If your first attempt at rescuing him ends in failure, you can come back and try again as many times as you like.

3.Staff: Sorcerer’s Staff  

Sorcerer’s Staff  
Sorcerer’s Staff

The Sorcerer’s Staff is one of the best staves in Bloodborne. There are two ways to get this weapon, but both require you to play online . The first way to get this staff is very long and difficult so I recommend trying the second method if your character can’t handle that.

You will need a friend once again to make this weapon accessible to you. Once you defeat the boss Vicar Amelia , your friend must then kneel at her corpse . You will be invaded by an NPC wearing the “Executioner’s Hood” called Yuria of Londor . Defeat her, and she will offer to sell you powerful sorcery spells.

There are three spells that this NPC will sell you, all of which are incredibly useful. One of the spells is called “Sage’s Crystal Staff” , and it can be purchased for 12,000 souls. Once you purchase this staff from Yuria , she will disappear so you must find her again to buy more spells if needed .

How do I get it?

The first way to acquire the Sorcerer’s Staff is to take the very difficult route by farming both Vicar Amelia and Yuria of Londor . It takes several attempts at defeating these bosses before they will appear. However, Yuria only appears after killing Vicar Amelia , so that process can take a long time . You may not even encounter them both during your playthrough unless another player has helped you defeat them.

The second way to get the Sorcerer’s Staff is much simpler . The player must first defeat the boss Martyr Logarius , after which his head will be available to pick up in his location. Take this item over to Yuria of Londor, and she’ll give you the staff for free! Some important things to mention are that once you have killed Logarius he will no longer drop his head, so if you’re interested in getting this weapon then do it quickly before someone else gets it!

2.Sorcery: Soul Stream 

Soul Stream  
Soul Stream

Soul Stream is a very powerful spell that scales incredibly well with intelligence. It requires 30 faith, which isn’t too difficult to build as long as you use the right rings . The damage output on this spell will increase exponentially if your character has high intelligence and faith.

The Soul Stream works similar to Heavy Homing Soul Arrow from Dark Souls , except it’s faster and does more damage per second. To balance the power of this spell, it does require two attunement slots and consumes a lot of stamina when casted . The range of this attack scales with strength , so playing as an heavy strength build means your hitbox for this beam gets wider and can be easier to hit enemies.

How do I get it?

To get the Soul Stream spell, you must first defeat the boss Executioner’s Chariot . After defeating this boss, look for a nearby fountain in Undead Settlement called “Forlorn”. This fountain will only work after you have defeated the aforementioned boss. If it is not working, simply return to any other area and come back to his location. Once this well has run dry , travel all the way down to Cathedral of the Deep . Head towards Rosaria’s Bed Chamber where you can find another well behind an enemy named Deacon Felicia . Travel through that path until you get outside then head left into a cave opening to collect your spell from Karla .

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1.Staff: Court Sorcerer’s Staff

Court Sorcerer’s Staff
Court Sorcerer’s Staff

This staff is a staple in PVE, but it shines most in PVP. The Court Sorcerer’s Staff does not scale very well for the damage of PVE, however you can cast it with no attunement slots which can make up for that lack of scaling . It is incredibly useful because most players at the early levels will not be able to dodge this spell, and its range allows you to stay outside of their melee range.

The only drawback on this staff is that you cannot use it while your opponent is facing directly at you or they will simply step out of the way. To get around this problem, roll diagonally behind them to hit them with this spell easily.

How do I get it?

To get the Court Sorcerer’s Staff , you must first defeat the boss High Lord Wolnir . Once he is defeated, an item will appear in the same room towards the left side. Pick it up and you can purchase this spell from Yuria of Londor .

Suggestion for which staff to use, and why that one is the best ?

The Sorcerer’s Staff is a much easier way to get a staff, but the Court Sorcerer’s Staff is the much better weapon. It requires less stats and allows for more freedom in how you play since it doesn’t require attunement slots. This means you can use an actual shield if you want, or spells from other schools of magic. I would recommend this weapon because it has higher damage output and scales well with intelligence .

If you are new to the game, or still leveling your character, I’d recommend going with the Sorcerer’s Staff if you have 30+ faith. If not then just use whatever staff has the highest spell buff . As mentioned before, both of these staves are great but only in specific situations. They’re definitely worth picking up because you can easily switch between them when needed if your build requires it.

Other suggestions on what weapons are good too ?

I’d say the other staple magic weapon would be the Witch Tree Branch . It scales well with intelligence, and has a very good base damage for being so early in the game. Like Simple Sorcerer’s Staff , it doesn’t require attunement slots which allows you to use an actual shield like Grass Crest Shield if you want. This staff is great because it only requires 12 faith which is very easy to get.

This item can also be found in Irythyl within this chest near where you meet Karla . You need to do Knight’s Honor achievement before that room will unlock for you though (see achievements section at bottom of post).

FAQ about what is the best staff in dark souls 3?

1.What is the best sorcery in Dark Souls 3?

There is no “best” sorcery in Dark Souls 3. The best sorcery depends on the play-style you want to use and what build your character is.

2.Is heretics staff better than Sorcerer’s staff?  

No, they both have different uses and offer their own benefits. Sorcerer’s Staff is easy to use for beginners or quick attacks while Heiratic staff is better when you want something more heavy hitting. It also scales better than the Sorcerer’s Staff .

3.What is the best character build in Dark Souls 3?

Like with all games, there is no best character build. Everyone will have their own opinion on what they think is the best build, but there are builds that can be considered meta right now due to how powerful they are.

4.Is Crystal sages Staff good?

It is an alright weapon, but it is heavily outclassed by the sorcerer’s staff in damage output. Crystal Sage ‘s staff doesn’t scale well with intelligence at all so it isn’t worth using unless you are trying to level up that character more.

With the release of Dark Souls III, or any other game in this series for that matter, there is one question on everyone’s mind. Who do you think has the best staff? Now we can’t answer this definitively because it really depends on your playstyle and what type of character you want to create since every weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages. But let’s look at a few different categories so you have an idea which kind might be right for you!

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