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League of Legends stream sniping is a problem that has been around for years and it still hasn't been fixed. It's the biggest issue in the game right now and I'm going to help fix it.

League of Legends stream sniping is a problem that has been around for years and it still hasn’t been fixed. It’s the biggest issue in the game right now and I’m going to help fix it.

 Stream snipers are ruining games by watching pro-players streams while they play, then copying their builds and strategies to win more games than they should be able to! 

The best way to stop this from happening is for Riot Games (the company behind League of Legends) to add an option into their client that allows streamers who have enabled “viewer mode” on Twitch or Youtube Gaming, etc., can only be viewed by friends. If you’re not friends with someone on LoL, you won’t see them in your matchmaking queue at all. This will prevent people from using these services as a tool to gain an advantage over other players!

1. What is stream sniping

What is Stream Sniping? The Craze Terrorizing Twitch's Biggest Stars - YouTube
What is stream sniping

League of Legends (LoL) is a multiplayer online battle area game released by Riot Games in 2009. League of Legends was the most popular PC online game played worldwide, according to “PC Gamer” magazine (2013).

League of Legends has become increasingly popular with live streaming websites such as TwitchTV gaining League fans who watch League gameplay. One problem League players face is League of Legends stream sniping.

Stream sniping is mostly used to win games, especially in ranked game play where League players compete to climb the League levels. League streamers often express their anger towards League stream snipers as they give them a disadvantage by eliminating key characters before they can be played or killing League commentators.

League of Legends stream sniping is not considered to be against League of Legends terms and conditions.

The League of Legends community has found many ways to detect League streamers, for example some League players will only tell you where they are at the start of games. Some League fans have even gone as far as creating League bots that automatically talk in game League chat. League of Legends stream sniping is not considered to be against League of Legends terms and conditions.

 2. Why do people stream sniping

It is a common practice for League players to watch streams of other League players in order to glean insights into their playstyle and tactics. Watching pro players’ streams not only allows the average League player to improve their League skills but also provides entertainment. However, watching a League player’s stream can also provide information that League players would rather not be seen, such as champion preference and location.

What Is Stream Sniping? Here's What You Need to Know
people stream sniping

In League of Legends, a player can choose from over 130 different champions to play as in League matches. League Stream Sniping provides the League player being sniped with additional challenges since this knowledge may allow another League player to guess the League player’s champion choices. stream League games typically have a small amount of personal information displayed, such as their League of Legends summoner name and the city they are from.

A League player with sensitive personal information displayed can become a target for League Stream Sniping abuse.

3.What is IRL stream sniping?

Unlike virtual stream sniping, in real life stream sniping is incredibly problematic. IRL stream sniping invariably involves viewers actively seeking out the streamer in the real world, instantly breaching their privacy and interrupting the stream.

While IRL stream sniping can often have negative outcomes, there are also times when it can lead to some incredibly wholesome moments.

4. How to avoid being a victim of stream sniping

Welcome to League of Legends, where silver players are the worst League players ever and they will never reach platinum. Even worse than that is stream sniping. What is stream sniping, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you.

Stream sniping is when a League player watches the League streaming League players streaming League on League player’s League streams to League-ack them League.

What Is Stream Sniping?
how to advoid being a victim

Wow, that was a lot of League. Anyways, League players who watch League League League League League League League League League League League on League League Streams, rather than just blindly clicking around the internet trying to find League League League.

5. Tips for preventing yourself from getting streamed on 

In League of Legends, there are a number of champions that have become popular for their ability to “stream snipe” other players; this is not a tactic to be confused with “stream bullying” where a streamer will go after a weaker player for their amusement. Stream sniping is a legitimate tactic for players looking to hit League of Legends streamers where it hurts by defeating them in their favorite game.

Stream sniping is the act of waiting for a League of Legends streamer, or very skilled player , to begin playing League of Legends. Once the streamer begins streaming, the sniping player will then try to defeat the streamer in League of Legends while they are playing. A League of Legends stream sniping guide would not be complete without mentioning the infamous League of Legends player, IWillDominate. 

Since this player has reached Challenger tier in League of Legends, he is quite often targeted by League of Legends stream sniping players looking to make a name for themselves. Even though IWillDominate has managed to block out the League of Legends stream sniping players on occasion, some League of Legends streamers have not been so lucky.

Even though League of Legends stream sniping is one of the League of Legends tactics that falls under “gray area,” it is still something that League of Legends players should be aware of if they spend a lot of time streaming League of Legends.

6. The effects of being streamed on without your consent

Imagine you are logged on League of Legends, playing with some friends.  Suddenly, the game freezes.  The League’s IP tracker shows that you and your friends are nearly in the same League.  You go to investigate and find out that it is a streamer (a League player who has live-streamed League on Twitch.TV for about an hour, gaining around 200 viewers).  You wish to spectate the streamer but League won’t let you.

 League of Legends (LoL) review, rating & gamer opinions

League of Legends is a free to play,  action-strategy game developed by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows. League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena genre of game where players are ranked by their level and overall performance in the game. League of Legends is set into 5 vs 5 matches where League players will fight against League players on the opposing team. League of Legends became a massive success, gaining upwards of 67 million League players monthly as well as League guilds, League guilds are the League equivalent of clans in other games.

To spectate a League player’s stream, click on the broadcast tab of League players.  The League player must be broadcasting for this to work.  Then, click on the League streamer’s name and their League broadcast will open up.  Be sure to check the League streamer’s League rating and League stats before spectating them as there as League streamers who use League hacks.  League League of Legends has only been out for 4 years yet has gained more League players than World of Warcraft. League League of Legends is League’s most popular game, League players are known to watch League streams for hours on end.


The term “stream sniping” is used to describe the act of appearing in a streamer’s chat room with an intent to provoke them. It was popularized by Tyler1, who would often appear on streams and harass players until they were banned from Twitch or YouTube Gaming. More recently, this has evolved into people engaging in various types of harassment against other users through social media platforms like Twitter.” Stream sniping can be very disruptive for your business goals as well as for individual gamers’ experiences. Take precautions now before it becomes too late!


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