what is spot advertising: Definition and new creative tips for creating spot ads in 2021

What is spot advertising? Advertising spots are a type of advertisement that can be placed in radio, television, or on the internet. They are usually short and concise messages designed to convey information about a product or service. In radio and television they may also include jingles or other sound elements. The term “spot” refers to the fact that it is typically brief (i.e., “spot”) as compared with longer advertisements such as miniseries which may last for days at a time. Spot advertising is often targeted toward consumers who are believed to have an interest in the advertised product, service, brand, or company; this targeting may be based upon factors such as demographics (such as age group) or behavioral variables (such as past purchase behavior). A spot generally runs for shorter periods than campaigns using broader broadcast media like newspapers and magazines but run longer than direct mailings which go out only to specific individuals whom marketers know will likely buy their products.[1] Advertisers use spots to increase brand awareness among potential customers by reaching larger audiences than they could with just billboards alone.[2] Spots can also elicit action from consumers through direct response marketing techniques including mobile marketing.[3]

what is spot advertising
what is spot advertising

What is spot advertising?

What is spot advertising? In radio, television, and newspaper advertising there are advertisements for specific programs or time periods. This type of advertisement is called a spot.

A spot can be as brief as one line on a web page at the bottom of the screen, although it may sometimes take up the entire screen. In broadcasting, a spot will appear within an established program.

Most spots are short advertisements but it is possible to have a longer spot. When this happens the advertisement may be broken into two or more spots and run together in link format. Each individual spot ends with a station break which allows time for station identification and commercials to follow.

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Purpose of advertising spots

Purpose of advertising spots
Purpose of advertising spots

Now you know what is spot advertising, but why do you use it? The purpose of advertising spots is to promote something at a specific time and place. Businesses use advertising spots as a part of their marketing strategy with the goal of promoting their products or increasing their brand recognition. Spots are also used to advertise upcoming events, such as a concert or play. Some businesses choose to have a short animated advertisement made especially for viewing during a specific period of time.

Since the goal is to promote something at a specific place and time it is necessary to know when and where your target market will be watching TV, listening to the radio or browsing the internet.

Types of advertising spots

There are different types of advertising spots that you can use to achieve your specific marketing goals:

  • Product advertisement – this type of spot promotes a product and tells the public what it is, how to use it and where they can buy it. It may also be an informational spot such as telling the public about a new product in an upcoming line.
  • Commercial – this type of spot is used mostly during television shows to get people’s attention and promote something that will air later on during the show. For example, if there is a popular TV show with lots of viewers it may be beneficial for businesses to air commercials during that program to get more exposure.
  • Live commercial – this is like a regular commercial spot, but instead of broadcasting it at a specific time it will be played live. For example, if you’re selling tickets to an event or giving away free samples you can advertise that on the radio by having your DJ play it live.
  • Information spot – this type of spot is like a news flash, briefly reporting important information that the public should know about. For example, there may be an important storm warning or traffic update that you can share by broadcasting it on the radio.
  • Live spot – this type of spot is read live on air at a specific time instead of being pre-recorded and broadcasted later. For example, you may have a special guest coming on the radio to talk about an event that’s happening tonight.
  • Announcement spot – this type of spot is used by businesses to promote upcoming events or specials which will be run for a limited time only. For example, if your business is running a promotion or hosting an event you can announce it on the radio a few times to get customers’ attention.
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Reason for using advertising spots

The following are good reasons for using advertising spots:

• To promote special events such as the Olympics or other major sports events.

• When there is not enough time in another format to highlight an item properly. A spot does not require the same space to explain an item in detail.

• To highlight a special product or service at a specific time. For example, a company may want to run ads for its products during prime-time television shows when many people are watching.

• To make an announcement that only needs to be viewed by the public for a short time. For example, to inform people of meeting times or public service announcements.

How long should advertising spots be?

There is no set time that commercial spots should be. The length of a spot will depend on the goal you are trying to achieve and the amount of information you want to share with your listeners or viewers.

Tips for Creating advertising spots

The power of the 30” and 60” spots cannot

30” and 60” spots are at the heart of TV advertising. At the most basic level, they allow direct response advertisers to offer products or services for sale. They also allow businesses to build brand awareness and interest by telling viewers about their products.

30” and 60” spots can be hard to pull off well, but we think we have a secret weapon: our host and multimedia effects. We view the host as a character in the world we’re building; we use them in much the same way that modern filmmakers use an actor, or musicians an instrument or singer. In this way, they can play a role in both video and audio content to drive effective storytelling.

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Keep it short

Spots can vary in length and 10”, 20” and 40” spots are available.   Keep your message simple to keep the attention of your audience.


You have a choice to go abroad or target your commercial spots. You can buy them by dayparts to better reach audiences off-peak hours. Or you can choose to narrow it down to specific programs, timeslots, and days of the week if that works for you. There are great benefits to both options depending on your strategy.

Special effects

To create an impactful message, you can use music and multimedia messages within the spot to enhance your message. If it’s possible, try creating spots with different messages to target different audiences. This will allow you to reach out to your audience more effectively at a minimal cost.

Spot advertising agency

Spot advertising agency
Spot advertising agency

You can use a spot advertising agency to help create and place spots for you. These agencies will ensure that your message gets heard and they will buy the specific type of media coverage that best suits your needs.

There are some best spot advertising agency in America:

  •     G&G group :- http://
  •     Adlink media: –
  •     Media advantage:  –

What It Costs: Some TV Spot Examples

Different TV companies charge different rates for different spot times. Here are some examples of TV spot costs according to B&C Research .

  • The average cost for a 30-second ad on ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC is $132,523.
  • A 60-second ad during the same broadcast networks’ primetime programming will cost $264,885 on average.
  • The average cost for a 30 second commercial on nationally broadcast cable TV, such as CNN and ESPN is $25,288.
  • The average price for a 60-second ad on well-known networks like AMC and USA will cost $51,451.


Your advertising spot doesn’t have to be just for TV. You can promote your business with many different types of places and times, so get creative! What are some ways that you could use an ad spot?

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