What Is Specialty Advertising? Advantages of Specialty Advertising

What is specialty advertising?

Specialty advertising can be a very effective form of marketing. It’s also one that many companies don’t use at all, or only sparingly. But the truth is that there are plenty of good reasons to make it part of your overall strategy.

Here we’ll take a closer look at what specialty advertising is and how you can get started with this approach for your business today.

Advertising Specialties and Promotions Now Matter More Than Ever
Advertising Specialties and Promotions Now Matter More Than Ever

What is Specialty Advertising?

Specialty advertising is the marketing of products or services through a particular type of specialty product. The consumer purchases the specialty product because it has been customized or personalized with a company’s name, logo, message and design.

Why should you use this type of Specialty Advertising

Some businesses or organizations use specialty advertising as a way to promote their brand, increase sales and make the public aware of their products.

There are various types of specialty advertising items such as business card magnets, coasters, key chains, pens and stress reliever dogs. These products can be purchased at many retailers and distributors over the Internet. They usually range between $1 for a keychain to about $25 for the most expensive ones.

Use of specialty advertising is seen in many industries, although it’s more commonly used in food and services.

For example, restaurants may give customers a free coasters with their order or even business card magnets so they’ll have their name in front of them while using the other side to hold the menu.

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Advantages of Specialty Advertising

الوظائف في شركة Akron Specialty Advertising Products LLC والملفات الشخصية للموظفين الحاليين | العثور على ترشيحات | LinkedIn
الوظائف في شركة Akron Specialty Advertising Products LLC والملفات الشخصية للموظفين الحاليين | العثور على ترشيحات | LinkedIn

Every year consumers are faced with thousands of choices when making choices on what product they need. Brand loyalty is becoming less important to the consumer as the variety of products available increases daily.

This means for some businesses, just putting their product out there is not enough to reach customers and sales goals.

Today companies are constantly looking for new and different ways to reach their target audience. Many businesses turn to specialty advertising to accomplish this feat.

Brand exposure

Logo-wearing customers who use a product are more likely to be exposed not only as repeat buyers but also with friends and family. Calendar items like these go up in offices, homes across the country – earning them plenty of brand exposure all year round!


They are able to speak with only the audience that you wish them too, and also communicate any specific message.

Rapport with customer

Specialties are an important way to establish long-term relationships with customers. By giving away free cups, mugs or t shirts consumers can feel good about themselves and be more likely connect the brand as well!

These little touches help build motivation for future purchases because it becomes this “thank you” type thing where they appreciate what was done by bringing out these items at no cost whatsoever so their appreciation builds over time too

Value addition

The company’s specialty products are essential to its success, so they provide an immense amount of value.

Inexpensive promotion

Specialty advertising is a type of marketing that has low production cost and high brand exposure. This makes it efficient, providing an exceptional return on investment,

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The customers have a better connection with the brand when they can purchase products that give it some extra dimension.

It’s something personal, which provides an emotional response from buyers as well as increased loyalty towards your company for giving them this experience instead of just having ads all over social media sites and at other places on earth where people go online these days!

Disadvantages of Specialty Advertising

Advertising Specialty Institute
Advertising Specialty Institute

Disadvantages of specialty advertising are numerous. For example, trade shows are expensive with hefty costs that can include booth rental, shipping or travel for both the staff who run the booth and the employees who work it.

Furthermore, most people who attend trade shows are not potential customers but rather vendors themselves.

Having a high-quality product is not the only requirement for success of specialty advertising. Your ad also needs to be visible and unique enough that customers will notice it and remember it.

In addition, your product or service still has to be competitively priced in order for your campaign to succeed. To find out more about the specific disadvantages you should research trade shows on sites like Wikipedia.


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