What is reminder advertising? The Beginner’s Guide

You know that reminder advertising is a great way to get more customers, but you’re not sure how it works or what the best strategies are.

Reminder ads can be incredibly effective at driving sales and increasing customer loyalty, but they aren’t always easy to use correctly. If you don’t take the time to set them up right, your reminder ads will fall flat and fail to bring in new business.

We’ve created this guide for businesses who want help setting up their own reminder ad campaigns. It’s packed with valuable information about what is reminder advertising and creating an effective campaign from scratch so that your reminders reach potential customers when they need them most!

What is Reminder Advertising?

Reminder advertising is a marketing strategy that uses mass media to encourage people who already own your product to buy it again. It can also be used to attract new customers and remind existing customers of other products or services that may interest them.

Example: If you have a particular brand of cereal in your pantry, you might see an advertisement for it during a commercial break even if you do not have the channel on. This is reminder advertising at work because they are reminding you to purchase this type of cereal when you go grocery shopping next time.

How does reminder advertising work

Reminder advertising is a unique and effective way to encourage customers to try out or buy your new products or services, or remind them of existing promotions.

You may be familiar with banner ads which sit on the side of websites and typically contain some sort of promotional offer.

How does reminder advertising work
How does reminder advertising work

Reminder advertising is similar in that it will often include an eye-catching promotional element; however, these ads are generally sent via email to current clients who have shown interest in your business before.

With reminder ads you can reach people you know like and trust who already understand what your business has to offer – rather than allowing your message to fall on deaf ears.

Why we need reminder ads

In order to be successful, brands need a clear understanding of the different marketing strategies they can utilize. These usually fall into three broad categories:

  • Informative advertising used for building brand awareness and getting interest;
  • Persuasive advertisements that influence consumers at the consideration stage (the middle or throat) applied most often by marketers in pursuit of an action such as buying their product or service;
  • Reminder messages delivered after someone has already decided on what he/she wants but also serves purposes besides just reminding them so you’ll keep coming back again.
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Your prospective clients are likely researching and comparing the many options available to them. It is a perfect time for reminder ads that will drive your leads into making their purchase! In fact, numbers show us how nurturing our lead prospects can increase sales opportunities by 20%.

The benefits of using reminder advertising

Reminder advertising is a great way to stay in contact with your customers and keep your name top of mind.

People are inundated with information every day and they naturally filter out messages that aren’t relevant or useful to them.

Reminder advertising capitalises on the fact that even if people don’t take action right away they will often think about your product later which can lead them back to you.

Since most reminder ads target existing clients it costs much less than new client acquisition campaigns so you can give yourself more time to convert these people into new business opportunities.

Since reminder advertising doesn’t require immediate action it also allows the consumer to be receptive at their own pace which is an excellent option for those customers who need extra convincing or find decisions difficult.

How to do a reminder campaign

An example of an effective reminder ad: A reminder ad that reminds ‘frequent flyers’ of their upcoming flights and offers the opportunity to purchase snacks and drinks in advance, eases the rush during security checks and keeps them ‘well-fed’ while they’re up in the air!

This type of advertisement exploits a particular group’s needs at a time when such need arises (the consumer’s convenient product) and offers solutions based on prior purchasing behavior (expected purchase).

If selling household goods, always send a reminder ad to your customer base that reminds them to stock up on particular items before they run out.

Some examples of products which could be advertised with this method would be groceries, snacks/drinks, tools, household goods or other consumables.

This method can work particularly well if you are trying to target customers who are already familiar with your brand. This type of campaign will also benefit from being sent at certain times of year – e.g., ‘buyer’s remorse’ ads around January for people who have just made New Year resolutions and might want to join a gym!

Best reminder advertising tactics

Best reminder advertising tactics
Best reminder advertising tactics

Tactic 1. Fixing abandoned carts

Not every customer who adds your products to the shopping cart eventually buys them. In fact, it often takes an additional step in order for someone to purchase their product and close out that sale – which is where retargeting push ads or abandoned cart emails come into play!

Banner ad campaigns are perfect reminders of what makes up this brand; these simple yet effective graphics can serve as a great incentive if they appear after seeing other discount offers elsewhere online (such as on social media).

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Rich media ad formats can be a good choice if you want your message to stand out. They generate more engagement and conversions, leaving lots of space for the brands’ uniqueness or creativity that they are known for; this would work equally well in emails newsletters as well on websites content pages!

Tactic 2. Driving more users to your offline store

There are tons of great reminder advertising examples used to improve physical store visits.

Push advertising is an extremely powerful format for reminding your clients about you since these ads address the users right on the spot (nearby), and deliver a short but precise message that allows brands quick results – purchases right away!

Tactic 3. Remarketing to potential audiences

Retargeting is a great way to retest your users after they’ve seen the site for the first time.

You need not give up on an offer or product if it doesn’t work right away – sometimes people Don’t Convert (their lack of action can mean anything from indifference all-the-way through purchase) but will eventually buy when given another opportunity!

Experiment with different formats like popups, text messages sent automatically every day at certain times via iOS’ Notification Center feature.

The techniques of retargeting, personalization and targeting can be used separately or in combination to lead your potential customers from the middle to bottom of a sales funnel.

For instance, you could show tailored messages/offers exclusively towards existing clients with an aim for catching their attention once again; meanwhile other ads might nurture new leads among other potentially interested audiences that are also found within this particular market segmentation (i..e., age range).

Best reminder advertising examples


Coca-Cola is a well established brand, which means that any ad they have out doesn’t need to be promoting new products.

Best reminder advertising examples - Coca Cola
Best reminder advertising examples – Coca Cola

They just want you reminded of their existence and the next time your thirsty it could lead up into buying some Coke for yourself or as gift idea from friends!

This type reminder ads are great since we’re most likely not thinking about coke all day long– seeing these messages really makes us think twice before forgetting them again after being brought back around by an old message like this one in particular.


Zillow is a website that helps people find new homes. They have reminder ads like the one below, which tells homeowners when they are ready to buy again and how Zillows can help them do so more smoothly than ever!

This ad has an interesting tagline: “When you’re ready for change.” It seems as though this brand isn’t trying anything out of ordinary but rather reminding their audience about what will happen if someone chooses zilla blox over another search engine – namely their services being there with every step in finding your perfect place down.


We all know McDonald’s as a globally recognized brand, and when you see their ads it doesn’t take long for them to remind us that they exist.

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In this particular case though we’re not being told about new menu items or anything like that; instead just enjoying some fast food in an artfully shot ad while hearing the narrator talk up how great life is with good ol’ Micky Ds cooking up home-style favorites near where ever one lives (or at least tries).


What are the objectives of reminder advertising?

Reminder advertising refers to the use of a product’s key messages or actual advertisement in order to remind consumers who have not already made a purchase.

In other words, reminder advertising reminds people who have been interested enough in the product to look for it, but they have been unable to find it.

Reminder advertisements are typically placed at strategic locations such as shopping malls and local newspapers.Reminder ads work through a number of means including reminding customers that your business is still operating and they can go back to buy from you if they choose.

Additionally, reminder ads often serve as a refresher for someone who has seen an ad recently – just reinforcing what they remember about your company and product line.

How effective is reminder advertising?

Reminder advertising is a very easy and efficient way to advertise. Reminder ads are so simple in fact that when you open up your magazine, half of what you see is reminder advertising.

An example of such an ad would be for a restaurant saying “The French Connection is still here, come eat with us.” The idea behind this type of marketing is that if you made the buyer aware of the product in the past, there is a high probability that they will buy it again once they run out.

What is reminder with example?

The advertiser often provides free samples, coupons, recipes, store maps, etc., which are used as inducements to attract consumer interest at a later time when they may make a purchase.

In grocery stores, the ads may be displayed near perishable goods or with products having long shelf lives such as canned goods, cereal boxes and pet food.


If you’ve been following our blog, you know that reminder advertising is a type of marketing where companies send ads to their customers on the day before or after they have made a purchase.

Although this strategy can be effective in increasing sales for some retailers, others may want to consider other strategies like remarketing which are less intrusive and more cost-effective. What do you think?

Do these reminders work for your business? How might it affect your customer experience if they received an email from their favorite retailer every time they logged into Gmail or Facebook? Let us know! We’d love to hear your thoughts about why one form of reminder advertising works better than another.

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