What Is Mobile Video Advertising? – Advertising 2021

What Is Mobile Video Advertising? - Advertising 2021

What Is Mobile Video Advertising? Mobile video advertising is the future of digital marketing. It’s also incredibly tricky to figure out how it all works, and what you should be doing with your mobile videos.

what is mobile video advertising
what is mobile video advertising

I was in the same boat as you when I started looking into this topic. There are so many different types of video ad networks, platforms, and formats that it can get overwhelming really fast.

This guide will walk you through everything that is important when considering mobile video advertising for your business or brand. We’ll start by introducing some basic terms and ideas about mobile ads before diving into specific platform options for creating great quality videos to promote on various social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube! Finally we’ll cover how much money you can make from each type of ad network based on our own experience using them over the past 6 months!

What is mobile video advertising?

What is mobile video advertising?
What is mobile video advertising?

One of the more popular app monetization strategies is mobile video advertising. Developers integrate it on their apps in order to make revenue when users watch content within these videos and ads themselves, so that they can receive money from companies who want people’s attention as much (or even more) than brands do!

App developers often use advertisement through different formats like banners or interstitials which means there might not always be an opportunity for advertisers with deep pockets during gameplay – but this doesn’t mean you should ignore your favorite game altogether because we’ve got some suggestions below if playing makes up most.

What are the different types of mobile video ad formats?

What are the different types of mobile video ad formats?
What are the different types of mobile video ad formats?

Instream video ads

YouTube is a juggernaut in the world of digital media, and instream video ads are one way that YouTube monetizes their user base. These types of advertisements play before or after videos on the website – either while you’re watching as well (pre-roll) or post completion by pressing “play.” The prerogative behind this strategy? To increase brand engagement with viewers; who also tend to watch longer than other content genres due largely because it’s easier for people just want click away.

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YouTube has over two billion active users now, and 40%–50% of them watch videos on their phones. As you can see from the graph above when combining tablet/mobile viewers 50+billion potential customers!

Interstitial video ads

In-between menu transitions, mobile apps can be monetized with interstitial video ads. These pop up advertisements cover the user’s entire screen and are often used in various applications to make money from free downloads. The most effective type of ad for this purpose is a short moving clip that uses rich media such as graphics or animation.

The use of interstitial ads can be quite bothersome. They have high clickthrough rates, but you should only include them when they are needed to maintain the flow in your content and not because it is an advertisement or promotion for another website’s product/service.

In-app video ads

In-app and native video ads on social media apps are known as sponsored videos. These advertisements appear before the user while scrolling through their feed, usually with a brand logo or other visuals to catch attention of an average person who is just browsing for something new in order not be bored stiff by one’s own life posts every day!
The benefits that come along with this type advertising could bring about more conversions because people tend get distracted easily nowadays due too much competition online whether it’s between brands vying over territory shares at best; potential customers trying out different.

Gamified video ads

Gamified video ads are a particular type of interactive mobile ad that takes advantage video games. These game-like advertisements can be the best way to engage consumers, especially when advertising educational or problem solving apps like “Asthma Puzzle.”

4 benefits of mobile video advertising in 2021

4 benefits of mobile video advertising in 2021
4 benefits of mobile video advertising in 2021

Mobile video drives better engagement

The Interactive Advertising Bureau conducted a study and found that video ads on mobile devices are 2x better than banner orInterstitials, while also achieving 3x higher click-through rates. The number of people watching videos continues to rise which means there’s an even larger potential market for marketing purposes!

Mobile videos are likelier to been to the end

Mobile videos are shorter, which means that consumers have a higher chance of watching them to the end. Some studies show 88% percent of short 30-second clips are watched in its entirety on Instagram or Snapchat for example.

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Mobile encourages sharing

One of the best things about video ads–and particularly those that go viral-is that they are easy to share on mobile. This provides your advertisements with an organic boost, which improves their exposure and gives you better value for every dollar spent!

Better target your video ads with geo-location

Thanks to geo-location, mobile advertising is more accurate than ever before. This allows you the opportunity for targeted targeting and better insights on who watches your videos by checking them in at different locations!

Why use mobile video advertising in 2021?

Space Ape Games is a mobile game company that specializes in catering to the needs of its audience. The strategy for acquiring new players and boosting installs has been through video advertising, as it was found most effective with this target demographic: people who grew up on Facebook . With over 2 billion active monthly users worldwide (as per April 10th), they were able to reach potential customers globally without breaking any bank accounts!
The use case study will look at how Space ape used smart targeting by utilizing insights from user testing; namely when analyzing what type of content performs best among certain groups like “kids”, then focusing all campaign efforts there while diversifying across age ranges if necessary- something marketers refer too now days called.

Best tips to create mobile video ads

  • To satisfy your viewer, it is important that the video quality on any given stream is up to par. For this reason many publishers use technologies such as Multi-codec streaming which will allow optimizing their streams without requiring a lot of bandwidth and ensuring viewers have an enjoyable experience watching them play!
  • Maintain your brand identity: make sure to include the elements of your logo, fonts and slogans. They will ensure that you are consistent in terms of what people see with their visual perception of who they think ‘you’ represent.
  • It’s important to have a clear marketing goal in mind when creating an effective video ad. Whatever your strategy is, make sure that it interests and inspires customers by being customer-centric while informative or entertaining for the viewers depending on what you want them interested with from watching!
  • An ad that does not require sound can also be a good option. You could use text overlays or captions while still being able to capture the attention of people who like their phones with little noise from other things going on in background such as TV commercials, podcasts and videos streaming online etcetera
    As long as they are accustomed enough not only hear but see what you’re trying advertise then chances are this will increase conversion rates even further!
  • When creating a video ad, you should optimize it for each platform and network that it appears on. For example: Instagram 1:1 Square (square), Facebook Feed 9-16 Wide/Full Portrait Vertical and Stories are all different aspect ratios specifications so be sure to account for this when crafting your advertisements in order make them as effective across platforms.
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Some notable mobile video ads


The e.l.f Cosmetics GIF on TikTok is an effective mobile video ad that has a lower production cost than YouTube ads, and it showcases the brand in an appealing way with slow motion effects using music for emphasis as well sparkles from their products which effectively delivers its message across.


Netflix has found a way to get its new shows in front of people who are interested. In January 2021 alone, 19 million downloads were made from the Netflix mobile app for iOS and Android devices! This number does not even take into account how many times this was downloaded on other Apple products like smart TVs or game consoles. With all these viewers watching videos offline during work hours it’s no wonder that if they’re looking for some entertainment when their wifi isn’t available; so as well have uploaded special vertical clips onto Instagram which will give them an idea what content would best suit their needs before streaming full episodes online later.


Mercedes Benz has created a two-minute black and white film celebrating the 130th anniversary of BerthaBenz’s first long distance drive in 1888. The video was uploaded on various social media platforms, such as Facebook or YouTube with their videos being shared widely across these channels!

Mobile video advertising is the new frontier for advertisers, but it’s tricky to get right. This article will walk you through what mobile video ads are and how they work, as well as some best practices that can help boost your ROI. If this sounds like something you’re interested in learning more about then keep reading!

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