What Is Image Advertising? Benefits of Image Advertising

I’m not sure if image advertising is right for my business.

What is image advertising? Image ads are a great way to get attention and drive traffic to your website with little cost per click (CPC). They’re also very useful when you want to show off new products or services.

If you’re looking for a cheap alternative that’s less intrusive than text ads, then image ads might be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

advertising | Definition, History, Objectives, Techniques, Examples, & Facts | Britannica
advertising | Definition, History, Objectives, Techniques, Examples, & Facts | Britannica

What is Image Advertising?

What image advertising is, exactly, might be best defined in contrast to other types of advertisement. The most popular type would probably be the text-based ad, consisting of an image or pictures accompanied by a catchy headline and some copy explaining what it’s advertising.

Image ads are different because they make use of logos and watermarks instead of words (although words may accompany the image).

Image ads are seen as being more “subtle” than text-based ads. This is because they have a relatively small impact on people who do not pay attention or do not care to take notice of them.

However, those same people might find it hard to remember the advertiser’s name or exactly what product they were advertising.

In general, advertisers who use image ads are interested in capturing people’s attention while creating a feeling of trust and recognition towards the product being advertised.

Introduction to Image Advertising

IELTS Writing Task 2: Advertising - Quảng cáo
IELTS Writing Task 2: Advertising – Quảng cáo

In the past decade, digital advertising has become a major player in the marketing strategies of many companies. Digital ads can be placed on websites and apps, utilizing what is called an impression , where every time a user loads that site or opens that app, your ad will have been loaded too.

The industry that deals with digital ads is constantly growing and changing, and it has become difficult to keep track of all the developments.

One important part of digital advertising is called native advertising , which places ads on content-driven websites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc. Native ads are meant to look like the rest of the website’s content so that they blend in seamlessly with the rest of the content.

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Marketers strive for this because consumers are, according to some studies , more likely to pay attention to native advertisements if they do not look like traditional advertisements.

Another method of digital advertising is called image advertising . Image ads are simply photos with a text advertisement superimposed on them. These ads can be placed on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, or any other site where images are common.


How can businesses use image advertising to their advantage?

7 Types of Advertising (+How They're Used)
7 Types of Advertising (+How They’re Used)

Image advertising is a great way for businesses to get their products out there and noticed. However, it can be difficult to know how to do this successfully, because the image has to make people want to click on it and then take them through all of the stages that will eventually lead them buying your product.

You need to do is create an image that will stand out and also grab people’s attention. You can use bright colours, or bold lettering, but if your ad is too distracting then it might not be viewed as an advertisement, which you want because you’re trying to draw people in to looking at the products.

Using text on the photo isn’t advisable either because it limits the number of people that will look at it.

Your content has to be absolutely perfect as well, because you can’t afford for anything to go wrong now. People want information about the product, but they also want reassurance that it’s going to work and not be a waste of their money.

You need to give them this without being too pushy. If they feel that you’re trying to convince them then they’ll become suspicious and think that there’s something wrong with the product, which is what you want to avoid at all costs.

The ideology behind Image Advertising

What is Advertising? Definition of Advertising, Advertising Meaning - The Economic Times
What is Advertising? Definition of Advertising, Advertising Meaning – The Economic Times

The crux of the matter is that image advertising may be used to perpetuate gender bias. As an advertisement, it creates an environment where men are in control and possessive of women, while women are submissive and reliant on them for security.

The fact that these ads place emphasis on appearance above all else – youth, beauty, and the like – further perpetuates the idea that women should be judged by their looks.

The objective of Image Advertising

Testimonial Advertising Examples: Convert Buyers with Social Proof
Testimonial Advertising Examples: Convert Buyers with Social Proof

Throughout the history of advertising, there have been many different types of advertisements. From print ads to radio commercials to TV spots, each medium has found its own way to communicate with people.

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The rise of the Internet and social media has allowed advertisers to target their audiences even more precisely than before, taking advantage of personal information like age, gender, location and much more.

One form of advertising that has become increasingly popular in recent years is image advertising. Image ads appear on social media platforms like Facebook , Twitter and Instagram, but they can also be found on blogs or other websites that allow advertisers to share content with their readers.

Many people enjoy sharing images with friends over these same platforms, so the combination of compelling visuals with the ability to distribute them quickly and easily make image ads very effective.

Psychological effects of Image Advertising

Controlling the Uncontrollable – The Advertising Tug-of-War - RSM Discovery
Controlling the Uncontrollable – The Advertising Tug-of-War – RSM Discovery

In 1957, psychologist Ernest Dichter coined the term “Semantic Differential” where he was observing that people were relying more into personal emotional factors rather than rational. In this study, a few individuals were used to interpret what they thought of different words on an image.

An example of this would be if you are shown an image of a car, you would interpret what emotions come along with that image.

This study focus on the connection between visual imagery and words on different advertisements; it is to see how people interpret images in ads.

The use of color is essential because it can attract customers by stimulating their feelings. It was proved that there are certain psychological effects that are associated on having certain colors on images.

Benefits of Image Advertising

Video Advertising – Bước Tiến Mới Trong Online Advertising của Ambient Digital – Ambient Digital Vietnam
Video Advertising – Bước Tiến Mới Trong Online Advertising của Ambient Digital – Ambient Digital Vietnam

Image advertising is an effective way to market any business. However, many businesses don’t realize how impactful images can be when it comes to selling their product or service.

The Benefits of Image Advertising:

  • They are most likely to attract attention than text.
  • Images can convey emotions and feelings which words cannot.
  • There is no barrier between the business and the customer, they are not limited to words.
  • They can be reused for multiple different mediums; posters, social media sites, websites, leaflets.
  • Images with text can increase brand awareness by up to 50%.


Examples of Image Advertising

2017 MIAs honour Canadian OOH campaigns - Sign Media
2017 MIAs honour Canadian OOH campaigns – Sign Media

People are always more attracted to visuals than they are to text, so advertisers use this visual power of attraction to their advantage with the techniques of image advertising. Image ads usually delight audiences with powerful, entertaining or even straightforward images.

The image often works as a symbol for the product being advertised and the viewer only needs to look at it once for it to be remembered.

In addition, advertisers use words sparingly in order to focus on the visual symbols instead of making people read about the ad’s purpose, which is one reason why images are more powerful than words.

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One prime example of an image ad is the famous “Think Different” advertisement, which shows some of the world’s greatest innovators.

By using these influential people as symbols for their product, Apple Inc. encourages viewers to think outside the box and achieve greatness like them by purchasing Apple products:



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