What Is Hp Digital Imaging Monitor? Solved: What Is The Hp Digital Imaging Monitor

HP has experienced popularity as a computer manufacturer, but its product lineup also includes printers and scanners, as well as digital cameras. Amateur and professional photographers alike may rely on this readily available hardware and accompanying software, such as the HP Digital Imaging Monitor, to transfer photos or print hard copies.

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HP includes software with its all-in-one printer products, including the HP Officejet Pro L7400, L7500, L7600 and L7700, as well as digital cameras. HP has included the Digital Imaging Monitor software to provide functionality to the custom buttons that print, scan, email and otherwise manipulate documents on these HP devices.

According to HP, its digital imaging software enables the computer to recognize equipment such as an all-in-one printer or digital camera as an HP device. In the case of a digital camera, HP Import Photo software will automatically launch when the digital imaging software is working correctly and identifies a compatible HP camera as connected to the computer. This method requires less effort from the user to download digital photographs to the computer. The user can determine whether this software is enabled by looking for the Digital Imaging Monitor icon in the Windows system tray.

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HP”s Digital Imaging Monitor software will appear in the user”s Task Manager when viewing all open processes. If this software is using a high amount of processor power or memory, the user may choose to temporarily close the program to free up these resources without compromising the computer. The user can still use the all-in-one printer or digital camera; however, he or she will have to manually transfer images or rely on software to perform printer actions instead of the physical buttons.

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According to HP, the Digital Imaging Monitor may cease to operate correctly after the user uninstalls the related HP Solution Center software. This is due to the fact that both programs share a common Windows Registry entry and this entry becomes deleted when the user uninstalls the other software. To remedy this, the user should right click on the Digital Imaging Monitor icon and click “Run As Administrator” when using Windows Vista.

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