What Is Concept Board? – Identify, Difference and How do for work

What Is Concept Board? - Identify, Difference and How do for work

What Is Concept Board? Concept boards are a great way to organize your thoughts and decide what you want before starting on a new project.

what is concept board
what is concept board

It’s hard to find good examples of concept boards online, especially if you’re looking for something specific like interior design or fashion.

We’ve compiled the best resources we could find about concept boards in one place so that anyone can create their own with ease. Check out our blog post with tips and tricks for creating the perfect board!

What is concept board?

Conceptboard is an online whiteboarding tool that helps teams come together to brainstorm ideas, collaborate on projects and centralize documentation. Using the feature packed ConceptB ox can be defined as a starting point for creative process when designing homes/rooms in new builds or renovation workspaces . What defines elements of this website are all information gathered from briefs given by clients who participate during consultations sessions at architect firms worldwide!

What is physically a concept board?

The way in which we use material objects, or “elements”, can convey a certain mood to other people. This will explain the overall feeling for your room’s design at that time and provide an insight on what you are trying achieve with these choices!

Why is it important to start always with a concept board?

Why is it important to start always with a concept board?
Why is it important to start always with a concept board?

The designer should create a Sample Board for the client to see. This will allow them understand what materials and colors are being used in design decisions, before proceeding any further with designing their space or office accessories such as furniture items etc.. The board can serve multiple purposes including but not limited too:
This is one way where designers use sample boards effectively – mainly when communicating ideas that may be difficult-to comprehend otherwise because of its abstract nature; showing off different color schemes without overwhelming visitors by having too many options available all at once (which would make it impossible/uncomfortable); giving clients insight into your creative process so there won’t be anymore questions after seeing these samples.

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The designer’s life will be much easier when they have a good memory. They won’t lose track of what was originally planned for each room, and can go back if things get out-of-hand later on in the project since it has been recorded from start to finish by them as well!

What is a mood board?

What is a mood board?
What is a mood board?

A mood board is a collage of images, texts and objects related to the topic. It’s used by designers who want to create an inspiring visual presentation that balances creativity with coordination in order convey their ideas about style or quality they’re going for specifically when it comes down digital design processes where this may also refer as “visual territory boards” since these help setup direction throughout rest other projects

Moodboards can be created from anything such us photography commissions if you are looking at what typeface might work well together while designing logos/ brands . Additionally ,they could become invaluable assets during creative brainstorming sessions because everyone will have something different but relevant on hand.

Mood boards are traditionally made out of foam and can take hours to create. They’re usuallyKinesthetically inclined higher impact than digital moodboards, but quicker for collaboration projects involving video or sound files as well as sharing online.

Difference between mood board and concept board


Mood boards are a mix of the creative freedom and coordination you want in your presentation. Mood board shows what’s going on with their work, but concept graphics give an idea as a starting point for designing something new or different from it!

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Another term

In digital design, mood boards may also be referred to as “visual territory” since they help set up a project’s direction. Concept Boards are known as presentation boards on the other hand (Online Design Teacher).

Physical form

Physical concept boards are usually made out of sturdy materials such as cardboard and can be easily seen by a large group. These types of moodboards, on the other hand, use foam to create physical representations that require more time for customization (Wyatt 2020).
A traditional method used in art museums is creating an electronic mood board which consists mainly from still images with little text added (Moretti 2017) while physically making them like paintings: applying paint onto larger surfaces so it’s easy enough when standing before one rather than having pieces cut up into smaller bits fitting precisely together.


Along with the use of different colors to represent each color in a design, mood boards are used for displaying samples or models that can be mixed together. The word “mood” suggests an attitude towards something-in this case how two materials should look when blended together aesthetically rather than their function on paper (a concept).


Some of the best mood board applications are GoMoodboard, StudioBinder and Mural. On the other hand there’s a variety to choose from for concept boards with apps such as Pattern Tap or Evernote available too!

How does concept board work?

Conceptboard is a visual collaboration platform that lets you work with your team and clients from across the world. Boards are flexible online whiteboards, so they adapt to your needs when brainstorming or designing an initiative plan! Create moodboards where others can give feedback on what will make them happy in order to map out strategies for success.

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Concept board features

Concept board features
Concept board features

Conceptboard is a centralized hub for all of your content and ideas. It offers low pricing options that are attractive to companies who want an alternative whiteboarding tool, but may be on the pricier side when compared with other programs in its category or those that come at less costly prices than what’s available now (which can include free alternatives). Here are some features worth noting:

  • An infinite, shared canvas to work on that you can access anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Collaborate across the globe in real-time with integrated screen shares and video chat. Embedded directly into your canvas, there is no need to switch applications or leave what you’re doing just because someone needs help on another device!
  • Design and edit your canvas with images, documents, or screenshots. Add media like Word files to easily move through the project without losing sight of what’s going on in a given document; use techniques such as scaling an image for different displays depending on which gadget you’re using (smartphone versus computer screen). You can even collaborate across platforms by sharing tools like Google Drive!
  • Share securely with the people in your organization or team, but also those outside. Securely control who can see what you’re sharing and collaborate to make sure everything runs smoothly!
  • The website design templates on this page allow you to get started quickly with brainstorming, meetings and product development.

Concept boards are a great way to organize your thoughts and ideations into one cohesive idea. They can be used in many different ways, from brainstorming with clients or team members to crafting a quick-and-easy mood board for an upcoming project. For more information about how concept boards work and the various parts of this design technique, check out our blog post on “What is a Concept Board?”

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