what is a type 2 civilization

What Is A Type 2 Civilization?

Type II Civilizations are civilizations that have control over more than one stellar system, and/or theoretically are able to harness all the power available in a single star (per Dyson).

What are the 3 types of civilizations?

The initial scale had three types of civilizations:
  • Type I Civilization: Can use and store all energy available on its planet. …
  • Type II Civilization: Can use and store all energy at the scale of its planetary system. …
  • Type III Civilization: Can control energy at the scale of its entire host galaxy.

What is a Type 0 civilization?

A Type 0 Civilization, as you can imagine, is one that has not yet been able to harness all the energy of its home planet. It is, therefore, a sub-global one that harnesses power from raw materials. They do not yet have the ability to leave their home planet but are making steady progress towards it.

What if we become a Type 3 civilization?

As a Type III civilization, we would not need resource management with almost an infinite energy supply. … Over time, we would eventually exhaust our entire galaxy’s resources. In this case, we’d need to advance to become a Type IV or V civilization to explore and harvest energy from the rest of the universe.

What if we were a Type 2 civilization?

Is there a type 4 civilization?

A Type IV civilization, or K4 civilization harnesses the power of its own supercluster of galaxies, and eventually its universe of origin, and become effectively immortal. A civilization this advanced could tap into the mysterious dark matter and manipulate the basic fabric of spacetime.

What is a Type 5 civilization?

A Type V civilization would be advanced enough to to escape their universe of origin and explore the multiverse. Such a civilization would have mastered technology to a point where they could simulate or build a custom universe.

What is a Type 9 civilization?

A Type 9.0 Civilization is one that has an energy consumption of 1096 watts and it can control the entire Hyperverse. They have broken out of all of the layers of simulations, and are now inside the physical location of the simulation.

What is a Type 6 Civilisation?

A Type VI or K6 civilization exists in the megaverse and is capable of creating and maintaining the fundamental laws of universes. They exist in an infinite amount of simultaneously existing multiverses that represent an infinite amount of instances and all laws of physics.

Is there a type 6 civilization?

Type VI. Even more abstract is the type VI civilization. The type VI exists outside of time and space, and is capable of creating universes and multiverses, and destroying them just as easily. It’s similar in concept to a deity.

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What is a Type 15 civilization?

A Type XV civilization exist on the highest planes outside reality where non-reality and dimensions intertwine and have unlocked the secrets of the absolute dimensions (ADs). … We are now the absolute masters of the ADs.

What is a Type 14 civilization?

A Type XIV civilization exist on the highest planes outside reality where non-reality and dimensions intertwine. These are absolute dimensions (ADs). There will be eventual discovery and access of the multiad, megad, parad and omniad in the adverse. 14.0. Entered the first dimension in AD.

What is a Type 13 civilization?

A Type XIII civilization exist on higher planes outside reality as supreme beings of the Light, and try to find out what exists in the 5th realm.

Is Star Wars a Type 3 civilization?

Author Robert Zubrin suggested an alternate scale with a Type I civilization having colonized its entire planet (like us on Earth), a Type II its native Solar System (we’re nowhere near that) and a Type III having colonized its galaxy. By Zubrin’s scale, yes, The Galaxy is a Type III civilization on average.

What is a type Omega civilization?

Type omega civilization is first civilization transcendented to infinity, able to control everything below. , meaning they control the Hyperverse and above. Type omega civilization builds structures in unknown way, possibly by harvesting dimensional energy.

What is a Level 1 civilization?

A Type 1 civilization (also known as the planetary civilization) has the capacity to harness all the energy of its home planet, utilizing all the energy that reaches the planet (like solar) and all the energy it can produce (thermal, hydro, wind, etc).

What type civilization is Star Trek?

Type I civilization
The Star Trek and SF Connection Since a Type I civilization is one that controls the energy of its home planet, just about any basic spacefaring civilization you find in SF novels could fall into the category. Our own civilization is frequently portrayed as Type I (in stories set in the relatively near future).Feb 3, 2012

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What is a Type 19 civilization?

Edit. A Type XIX civilization exists on the highest planes outside reality and has fully colonized absolute dimensions (ADs) and the infinitely branching planes of the omniad. Citizens of this level have a limitless and boundless existence, and the freedom to exist anywhere and everywhere in omniad.

What type civilization is Star Wars?

Similarly, in Star Wars the Galactic Empire uses technology from an advanced Kardashev Type III civilisation, the Infinite Empire.

What would a Type 4 civilization look like?

Type IV civilizations would almost be able to harness the energy content of the entire universe and with that, they could traverse the accelerating expansion of space (furthermore, advance races of these species may live inside supermassive black holes).

What kardashev scale are we?

Human civilization as of 2018 was producing around 18.4 Terawatts of power, placing us at just over 0.6 on the Kardashev scale as we’ve defined it (≈0.73 on Sagan’s version). The scale is logarithmic, and as such while 0.6 may appear close, K1 energy consumption would be around 9,450 times higher than current levels.

What is the highest type of civilization?

Type 5 civilization
A Type 5 civilization is the highest type defined by the Kardashev scale. This type of civilization would be able to manipulate all the matter and energy within their own observable universe and likely travel beyond it.Jul 30, 2020

Is Earth a Type 0 civilization?

Based on our energy efficiency at the time, in 1973 the astronomer Carl Sagan estimated that Earth represented a Type 0.7 civilization on a Type 0 to Type 1 scale. (More current assessments put us at 0.72.)

Is there a type 8 civilization?

A Type 8.0 Civilization is one that has an energy consumption of 1086 watts and it can control the entire Xenoverse. It is way more of God than man. But it can take 1063 years to reach this civilization!

What is a Type 18 civilization?

A Type XVIII civilization exists on the highest planes outside reality where non-reality and dimensions intertwine and have unlocked the secrets of the absolute dimensions (ADs) and transcended to the highest dimensions within. 18.0.

Is Earth a type one civilization?

Earth doesn’t rank even as a Type I civilization on this scale, that is, a civilization able to manipulate all the energy resources of its home planet. A Type II civilization can use all the energy in its solar system system.

What tier is humanity?

Tier 5: Atomic Age

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Humanity entered this age in 1945, when the first atomic bombs were deployed, and manned space travel was accomplished for the first time in 1961.

What are the levels of civilization?

A Type I civilization can manage the entire energy and material resources of a planet. A Type II civilization is capable of harnessing the energy and material resources of a star and its planetary system. A Type III civilization is able to marshal the energy and material resources of an entire galaxy.

What is a Type VII civilization?

A type VII or K7 civilization would travel, transcend and ultimately oversee or ”be” the Omniverse which is the collection of every single universe, multiverse, megaverse, paraverse, 11d dimension and 1st realm (reality). Everything is in the Omniverse, and there is only one Omniverse.

Is Dyson sphere possible?

Feasibility. Although such megastructures are theoretically possible, building a stable Dyson sphere system is currently far beyond humanity’s engineering capacity. The number of craft required to obtain, transmit, and maintain a complete Dyson sphere exceeds present-day industrial capabilities.

What level is Star Wars on the kardashev scale?

This gives the galaxy’s inhabitants a Kardashev number of 3.6. The fact that the power usage of the Star Wars galaxy is primarily from weapons of mass destruction highlights the fact that the Kardashev Scale doesn’t consider mortality when assessing the advancement of civilizations.

What is the Xenoverse space?

The Xenoverse is a 4-dimensional virtual-reality space that is the set of infinite metaverses. When data is lost on The Internet or The Metaverse, it ends up in The Xenoverse.

What is a Megaverse?

Multiverse, or megaverse, any hypothetical set of multiple universes in cosmology and other disciplines.

What is a super civilization?

: a highly developed civilization : a society that has advanced to a very high level of cultural or technological development After a claimed UFO encounter at White Sands, New Mexico, … [

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