What is a korean streamer? update to 2021

Have you ever wanted to become a professional streamer? Do you want to be the next big star on Twitch or Youtube?

 Have you ever wanted to become a professional streamer? Do you want to be the next big star on Twitch or Youtube? 

If so, then this is the guide for you. This is an easy step-by-step process that will show you how to grow your channel and make it successful. 

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1. What is a korean streamer

At the end of League of Legends World Championship, we saw one team standing at the top and they were Fnatic. Also, many teams fighting to gain the spot till quarter finals; but where were Asian teams? All three Korean teams got destroyed by western teams with a huge margin.

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a korean streamer

Asian League of Legends scene is famous for their talented players and high quality League of Legends games. Asian teams are one of the most competitive League of Legends teams in the League of Legends world, but why did this happen?

It is not only League of Legends scene that has fallen. Starcraft 1 and Starcraft 2 players were all Korean as well. The same reason was pointed on all those events; Koreans are getting paid less than western players. League of Legends scene started to revolve around korean teams and it was not different in Starcraft 1 and Starcraft 2 as well, but how come they lost their value along with League of Legends scene?

The number one conclusion is that League of Legends got extremely popular. More viewers were interested into League of Legends compared to any other League of Legends events in the past.

Korean League of Legends scene got a huge boost with famous League of Legend tournaments such as League of Legend Champions Korea (LCK) and League of Legend World Championship (Worlds). When Korean teams started to lose, many people were interested into what’s the problem is. As a result, League of Legends scene started to appreciate western League of Legends teams more.

 League of Legends is the most played game in Korea with a crazy amount of League of Legend players compared to any other region. Even if you count all League of Legends players from every region together, League of Legends from Korea still has more League of Legend players than any other


2. Why are they so popular

Life isn’t perfect, and League can’t be either since every game cannot be a win. League is fun and competitive, but League has its problems. League can be unbalanced by the frequent patch updates League receives which introduce new champions and items. Also, Riot Games (the company that created League) may not always listen to what League players want for League changes such as new skins or gameplay changes. League is still extremely popular, and League players have all over the world love League for its competitive gameplay, but League can definitely become a better game.

Giới trẻ và góc tối của nghề Streamer
They are very popular in korean

The streamer’s perspective: There are different reasons as to why League of Legends is so popular. In this article, we will discuss some of these reasons as it applies from a League Streamer’s perspective. We will also discuss League eSports and its effects on League.

One of the main reasons League is so popular is because League can be fun. League has a lot of champions to choose from, and the champion pool keeps growing every year. There are also different ways to play League, which all depends on what you want for your League experience. League streamers have helped contribute to League’s popularity by advertising League

3. Examples of famous Korean Streamers

Korean League of Legends streamers have been increasing in number over the past few years. League of Legends being a free-to-play MOBA that is based on the principle of 5 vs 5, with two teams fighting against each other across three different lanes and a jungle to gain maximum gold and experience for their team.

Korean League of Legends streamers are almost considered celebrities, as they have huge fanbases who watch them play League of Legends live for hours.

Korean League of Legends streamers are good at showing their viewers how League of Legends works and how the game should be played. League of Legends streamers also have a good community which allows viewers to join in conversations, communicate with League of Legends streamers or other League of Legends fans from around the world. If one follows a League of Legends streamer then it is easy for them to create a friendship with League of Legends streamers and viewers alike.


League of Legends skills through watching pro’s play. Watching these League of Legends streamers means that one can learn about how to gain an advantage over the enemy team by watching their builds, knowing what items to buy and who to focus on. League of Legends streamers also show viewers how they play certain champions and roles – this teaches viewers how they should play League of Legends as well.


4. Why do people like them so much 

The League of Legends pro scene is fiercely competitive, but there are always stories about players who don’t play to win. Players like this exist across all LoL regions, so it’s no surprise that they also exist in Korea.

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people very ike them

This week I’m interviewing League of Legends streamer Kired, known for his personal coaching approach to streaming League. He’s playing League of Legends now at max level, and he often says to his viewers “in League, winning is everything.”

I’m interviewing Kired because it seems like he has the same mindset as me. Kired is also a League player who puts victory above everything else. My questions for this interview are mainly about League players who don’t play to win, but about League players who don’t even try hard.

Kired, you said that League is your job. Could you tell us what kind of meaning League has for you?

I’m a League of Legends player who only plays League of Legends all day every day, and I get money from this game. So League is my job. League of Legends is my work, where I make money. League of Legends is what brings in earnings for me to live, so League means everything to me.

It’s obvious that League is your profession, but it seems like League has become more than just a game you’re paid to play. Have you thought about this?


5. Tips for becoming a successful korean streamer

If you are reading this, I assume you are interested in becoming a League Streamer. As someone who has had success on Twitch, I will tell you the following things about what it takes to be successful.

1) League of Legends streamers get paid around 5-15 dollars per 1000 viewers

2) League of Legends Dyrus is the most followed League of Legends streamer

3) Positive attitude. If you are looking to be successful, being negative will not help.

4) Having a fantastic personality is important

5) Get viewers on your League of Legends stream quickly by streaming with other League Streamers

6) Congratulations! You have gotten 100 viewers! Now what?

7) League of Legends Streamers will have to promote their stream every time they go live

8) League of Legends Streamers crush on other League of Legends streamers is an issue

9) League of Legends players are generally reckless people

10) Get viewers on your League of Legends stream quickly by streaming with popular League Streamers

11) League of Legends Streamers make around 7 dollars per 1000 viewers

12) League of Legends streamers can promote products with their Twitch emotes, but they will get banned if they annoy the viewer with it.

13) League of Legends streamer’s chat is important for keeping your viewers entertained

14) League of Legends Streamers go through periods of time where they will get 0 viewers

15) League of Legends League is like a second job for League of Legends Streamers

16) League of Legends streamer’s chat is important for increasing your viewership

17) League of Legends streamer’s never know when Twitch viewers will be in their channel

18) League of Legends League is like a second job for League of Legends Streamers

19) League of Legends streamer’s don’t talk much about their personal lives on their stream.

20) League of Legends players will spam your chat with curse words and it is important to have a way to moderate the chat.


6. How to start streaming on twitch or youtube live

The streamer that I watch League of Legends the most is Doublelift. He streams League of Legends, just League of Legends . No intro, no outro, just League. His personality is laid back and he has great game knowledge. I find his commentary to be very helpful when it comes to learning different strategies or ways to play League .

Doublelift’s stream also has a chat room, which makes it easy to interact with both him and other viewers. League is his job, so he plays League for hours every day , but I still find his stream very entertaining because of how laid back he is. Doublelift’s League streams are also located on Youtube  and Twitch  (although you need to be subscribed to League of Legends  on both of those sites), so you can watch his League videos with or without having an account on either site. League players may still find it entertaining even if they do not play League  themselves because he is a professional player and streamer and thus knows what League players want to see and hear .


Any League fan or League player would enjoy watching his stream because he plays League  all day and provides good commentary. League players can use his game knowledge to help improve their game, while League  fans may find the runs very entertaining even if they do not play League . League of Legends is an extremely popular game that many people watch on Twitch, so League players can find it fun to watch League of League  streamers just because of the sheer number of people that are playing League . That being said, League players may still enjoy Doublelift’s stream even if they do not care about watching other League  players play.

This blog post has been a whirlwind tour of the world’s top streaming platforms and how they can help you make your product or service go viral. The good news is that there are many ways to get started with video marketing, no matter what type of company you have. We hope this article has given you some food for thought about how to use these services effectively in your own business strategy.”


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