What is a directorial concept? Do you know 5 things?

Did you know that there are different types of directorial concepts? What is a directorial concept?

If you’re a filmmaker, then it’s important to understand the difference between a Directorial Concept and a Treatment. Most filmmakers don’t have an understanding of these two essential filmmaking documents.

We created this guide so that every filmmaker can get up to speed on what exactly is the difference between a directorial concept and treatment. In less than 10 minutes, we will explain everything you need to know about them both!

What is a directorial concept?
What is a directorial concept?

What is a directorial concept?

A directorial concept is what an artistic director applies to the production of opera, dance, theater or any live performance. The term is often used in contrast to what is known as a “concept album,” which is an album that uses only one idea or theme throughout.

Directorial concepts are employed by artistic leaders of not just performing arts organizations, but also those of museums or dance companies. Artistic director is a term used to describe what a leader does for a performing arts organization. The artistic director serves as the primary person in charge, and gives projects direction.

In small companies it may be the artistic director’s responsibility to personally “concept” all pieces presented by that company. In larger companies, the artistic director will delegate this responsibility to others.

A directorial concept is what an artistic director applies to the production of opera, dance, theater or any live performance. The term is often used in contrast to what is known as a “concept album,” which is an album that uses only one idea or theme throughout.

The importance of the director’s vision

The importance of the director’s vision in a production cannot be understated. What the audience comes to see, what they remember and even what critics will say about it often hinges on how well that vision is executed. In opera, for example, the concept the director applies to a performance might determine which elements of an opera’s score are emphasized or downplayed—such as when an actor leans on a prop, which might help the audience understand that character’s motivation—or even put in or left out.

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How Do Directorial Concept Find A Vision?

Make sure you highlight the one word or image that speaks to your heart. Find music that represents the story and main character’s emotions in order for it be meaningful enough, so give each of them their own color!

How Do You Develop Your Director’s Concept?

5 quyển sách dành cho đạo diễn trau dồi kinh nghiệm, thêm yêu và đam mê với nghề - Readvii

The directorial concept will evolve through a combination of reading, research and reflection. It may take on different forms as you explore the following:

Reading about innovative practices in your field or industry to see how they’re handling certain challenges; this could lead into exploring new technologies that are available but not yet widely implemented (e.g virtual reality). The goal here is an informed exploration which allows us all opportunities for creative inspiration!

Researching the company’s past productions in an effort to understand if there are certain themes or elements that have come up over and over again. What might that tell us about the nature of our programming?

What are our audiences responding to, if anything? What is recurring in terms of non-verbal messages when it comes to the style of movement? What is recurring in terms of what the dancers are wearing? What might that say about our company’s aesthetic and philosophy?

Reading relevant articles or books that will hopefully inspire new ways you can approach a production. What themes resonate with you in current events, in literature, visual art, etc.? What themes have been present throughout history but continue to be relevant in the here and now?

What are you passionate about, even if it’s not related to dance at all? What are your interests beyond dance that could contribute to your artistry as a leader—in other words, what makes you tick, or gives you energy? What is happening around us locally in terms of visual art, theater, music, political issues, etc?

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What are some relevant conversations happening worldwide? What are some relevant conversations happening locally in our community? What is important to you? What would you like your company to say about our world today through the lens of this particular work? What do you want audiences to feel or think about after attending a performance?

The Design Concept

A designer’s goal is to create a world for the audience that feels as real and alive-like it could be their home. This means designing sets, costumes and lighting in such away so they can visually represent what happens on stage during each scene change or break between acts of theater productions–as well how these elements are used throughout different periods within history depending upon which time period you’re looking at!

A successful design will have clear support from its directorial concept through visuals including everything down.

A stage is a complicated space, filled with complex motion. There are many ways to design for it: objects and props you can use as imagery; textures that will Floor the audience in their seats or provide them comfort when they need it most – either way this show has got what’s needed! From lines-and shapes galore on every surface imaginable (depending how much time we’re given), light from above casting shadows below creating depth like no other place could really accomplish alone . All these components come together beautifully at just *the right moment*(that wouldn’t happen without those hardworking crew members behind us!)

Characters and Relationships

It is helpful to make detailed notes on all of the characters and their relationships, because then you will know if someone has a dark secret or not.

A summary of the physical description and development for key characters in Hamlet. The roles they play, their objectives/motivation behind certain actions or decisions that affect themselves as well other people around them must also be outlined clearly with specific needs when it comes to props (props)or costumes if required by script-writing standards

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A list can include: A protagonist who struggles between good vs evil…the enemy statesman – Polonius; Queen Gertrude her daughter Ophelia whose lack luster marriage proposal leads directly into conflict between Denmark’s King Claudius murdered act.

Đạo diễn Hậu duệ Mặt trời Việt Nam - Trần Bửu Lộc: Khả Ngân chỉ là một trong số nhiều diễn viên của đoàn bị ngất | Việt Nam Mới


What is a director’s vision statement?

A director’s statement is a written description which explains the motive and vision behind making your film. This can be included in proposals or press material that are made available to financiers, distributors etc., especially those who might finance it for distribution (i.e., producers).

What are the two types of directorial concepts?

The two directorial concepts are what you might call “core” and high-concept. The core concept is the most important thing in a film, it drives everything else forward while being easy for viewers to understand without too much explanation on how they can be involved with this world. A good example would be Star Wars which has had an impact across all cultures thanks largely due its success at capturing that perfect combination between accessibility yet complexity needed just enough so people could get into it but not have things look commonplace or boring before time was up!

What is a Theatre concept?

A production concept in the world of live theater is an interpretation of script. It can be described as drawing out and communicating underlying meaning from creative work, based on careful reading or interpreting what’s written on stage with actors’ performances included into it too.

A whole new way to look at creativity!


We’ve discussed the importance of a directorial concept and how it can help you create better content for your website, blog posts and other marketing materials. What is your personal experience with creating a directorial concept? Do you have any tips or tricks that work well for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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