what does the prefix cirro mean

What Does The Prefix Cirro Mean?


The Latin word ‘cirro’ means curl of hair. Composed of ice crystals, cirro-form clouds are whitish and hair-like.

What does cirro mean in medical terms?

(sir’rŭs, -rī), A structure formed from a cluster or tuft of fused cilia, constituting one of the sensory or locomotor organs of certain ciliate protozoa. [L. a curl]

What does the prefix Cumulus mean?

Cumulus. From the Latin cumulus, which means an accumulation, a heap, a pile. Cumulonimbus.

What does Cirrus mean in science?

cirrus. / (ˈsɪrəs) / noun plural -ri (-raɪ) meteorol a thin wispy fibrous cloud at high altitudes, composed of ice particles. a plant tendril or similar part.

What does the prefix Strato mean?

The stratosphere (strato- simply means “layer” or “level”) lies above the earth’s weather and mostly changes very little.

Do altostratus clouds rain?

Altostratus clouds are “strato” type clouds (see below) that possess a flat and uniform type texture in the mid levels. … However, altostratus clouds themselves do not produce significant precipitation at the surface, although sprinkles or occasionally light showers may occur from a thick alto- stratus deck.

What does the prefix alto mean?

mid-level clouds
– The prefix alto- means mid-level clouds, – The prefix nimbo- or the suffix -nimbus means precipitating, such as nimbostratus or cumulonimbus.

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How do you say cloud in Korean?

Translation: Cloud in Korean is 구름 (goo-reum).

What are clouds named after?

Most of our names for clouds come from Latin and are usually a combination of the following prefixes and suffixes: Stratus/strato: flat/layered and smooth. Cumulus/cumulo: heaped up/puffy, like cauliflower. Cirrus/cirro: high up/wispy.

How do you say cumulonimbus clouds?

How do you spell sirrus?

Are clouds that looks like the tail of a horse?

Cirrus clouds are made of ice crystals and look like long, thin, wispy white streamers high in the sky. They are commonly known as “mare’s tails” because they are shaped like the tail of a horse.

How are cirrus clouds formed for kids?

Fog Forms! Moisture condenses into fog as air is cooled from below. Cirrus clouds are the most common of the high clouds. They are composed of ice and are thin, wispy clouds blown in high winds into long streamers.

What does the prefix exo mean?

a combining form meaning “outside,” “outer,” “external,” used in the formation of compound words: exocentric.

What does the prefix Strat mean in anatomy?

-strat-, root. -strat- comes from Latin, where it has the meanings “cover; throw over” and “level. ” These meanings are found in such words as: prostrate, strata, stratify, stratosphere, stratum, substrate.

What does mesos mean?

a combining form meaning “middle,” used in the formation of compound words: mesocephalic.

What are the four families of clouds?

For identification purposes, you need be con- cerned only with the more basic cloud types, which are divided into four “families.” The families are: high clouds, middle clouds, low clouds, and clouds with extensive vertical development.

Do clouds have names?

Well, clouds have names, too! Some cloud names are cirrus, cumulus, and stratus. … “Names” can be for individual things or for groups of things (e.g., a cirrus cloud may be one individual cloud or it may refer to that group of cloud types.

What is the highest cloud ever recorded?

Noctilucent clouds
They are the highest clouds in Earth’s atmosphere, located in the mesosphere at altitudes of around 76 to 85 km (249,000 to 279,000 ft).

Noctilucent cloud.
Noctilucent clouds
Noctilucent clouds over Kuresoo bog, Viljandimaa, Estonia
Abbreviation NLC/PMC
Altitude 76,000 to 85,000 m (250,000 to 280,000 ft)
Classification Other
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What prefix describes clouds at low altitudes?

‘ Clouds that are found in the middle altitude are given the prefix, ‘alto-. ‘ Low altitude clouds are simply labeled by their root (stratus and cumulus).

What is an anvil head?

An anvil cloud is made of ice particles; these frozen particles form in the highest levels of thunderstorms or cumulonimbus clouds. The cool shape that you see with the flat top is due to rising air in storms. The air expands and spreads out as the air hits the bottom of the stratosphere.

What is the meteorological name for clouds that cause a thunderstorm?

Cumulonimbus (from Latin cumulus, “heaped” and nimbus, “rainstorm”) is a dense, towering vertical cloud, forming from water vapor carried by powerful upward air currents. If observed during a storm, these clouds may be referred to as thunderheads.

How do you say sky in Korean?

The correct word for how to say sky in Korean is 하늘 (haneul).

What is flower in Korea?

The word for flower in Korean is 꽃 (kkot).

How do you say winter in Korean?

Sample Sentences Using Winter In Korean

[gye-oul-ae-neun choo-woo-ni-gga dda-ddeut-ha-gae ot-eul ip-eo-ya-hae]. It is cold in winter, so you have to dress warm.

How do you say cloud in French?

What does Nimbus mean in clouds?

Definition of nimbus

1a : a luminous vapor, cloud, or atmosphere about a god or goddess when on earth. b : a cloud or atmosphere (as of romance) about a person or thing. 2 : an indication (such as a circle) of radiant light or glory about the head of a drawn or sculptured divinity, saint, or sovereign. 3a : a rain …

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Where did the name Cumulus come from?

Cumulus clouds are clouds which have flat bases and are often described as “puffy”, “cotton-like” or “fluffy” in appearance. Their name derives from the Latin cumulo-, meaning heap or pile.

How do you speak Cumulus?

How do you pronounce Strato Cumulus?

How do you speak condensation?

How do I pronounce Arcturus?

What does XM stand for?

brightest star
Sirius (/ˈsɪriəs/) is the brightest star in the night sky. Its name is derived from the Greek word Σείριος (Seirios, lit. ‘glowing’ or ‘scorching’). … With a visual apparent magnitude of −1.46, Sirius is almost twice as bright as Canopus, the next brightest star.

How do you pronounce Lyrae?

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