what does overburden mean

What is soil overburden?

Overburden Soil is a general, unprocessed, fill material that can contain a variety of different materials, depending on where it is sourced. Overburden Soil can contain sand, rocks, clay and stones, and will typically lack the organic material and nutrients found in topsoil.

What is overburden in construction?

1. The entire thickness of soil over rock or over a specific bearing stratum. 2. An undesirable top layer covering rock, gravel, or other useful material wanted for construction.

What’s another word for overburdened?

What is another word for overburdened?
burdened encumbered
overtaxed overwhelmed
overfilled taxed
overcharged exhausted
overstrained overstretched

Is overburdened?

If a system or organization is overburdened, it has too many people or things to deal with and so does not function properly.

What happens overburden?

For minerals that occur deep below the surface—where the overburden is thick or the mineral occurs as veins in hard rock—underground mining methods extract the valued material. … When this occurs, the exhausted mines are sometimes converted to landfills for disposal of solid wastes.

What is the difference between spoils and overburden?

As nouns the difference between overburden and spoils

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is that overburden is (geology) the rock and subsoil that lies above a mineral deposit such as a coal seam while spoils is that which is taken from another by violence; especially, the plunder taken from an enemy; pillage; booty.

What is overburden in geophysics?

Overburden is a soil or rock layer by the weight of the overlying layer. … One of the method used to determine the amount of overburden of the quarry is by using geophysical survey. According to previous study, seismic reflection , electromagnetic and electrical resistivity have been used in mapping the bedrock[1-3].

What is overburden removal?

Overburden removal refers to the removal of top-soil to expose the coal seams making them ready for mining. Any delay in this process impacts the future-readiness of the company to sustain output levels.

What is overburden load?

Overburden pressure is a geology term that denotes the pressure caused by the weight of the overlying layers of material at a specific depth under the earth’s surface. Overburden pressure is also called lithostatic pressure, or vertical stress.

How do you use overburden in a sentence?

Examples of overburden in a Sentence

Verb She overburdened me with work. Why overburden yourself when people are offering to help?

What are two synonyms for overburden?

synonyms for overburden
  • encumber.
  • oppress.
  • overwhelm.
  • exhaust.

What is another word for too much work?

In this page you can discover 35 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for overworked, like: overburdened, overused, worked too hard, tired, too busy, bromidic, stereotypic, stale, stereotypical, timeworn and trite.

Is Overburdensome a word?


What is a longwall move?

Longwall mining is a form of underground coal mining where a long wall of coal is mined in a single slice (typically 0.6–1.0 m (2 ft 0 in–3 ft 3 in) thick). The longwall panel (the block of coal that is being mined) is typically 3–4 km (1.9–2.5 mi) long and 250–400 m (820–1,310 ft) wide.

Does strip mining still exist?

Mountaintop removal coal mining, often described as “strip mining on steroids,” is an extremely destructive form of mining that is devastating Appalachia. In the past few decades, over 2,000 miles of streams and headwaters that provide drinking water for millions of Americans have been permanently buried and destroyed.

How are open pit mines rehabilitated?

Rehabilitation management is an ongoing process, often resulting in open pit mines being backfilled. After mining finishes, the mine area must undergo rehabilitation. Waste dumps are contoured to flatten them out, to further stabilize them against erosion.

What is overburden management?

Abstract. The management of overburden is an important task in open pit exploitations. Site topography and morphology as well as geological and geotechnical properties of natural and remoulded materials are the most important factors affecting the disposal phase.

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How does overburden affect the environment?

Alkaline mine drainage or runoff is most common in the West, where alkaline overburden may be exposed to water during mining. … These toxic substances kill aquatic life and can contaminate water supplies causing serious adverse human health effects.

What is overburden removal cost?

4.13 Overburden Removal cost: is the cost incurred to remove the overlying material from the mine site. 4.14 Ratio Variance: It is the variance between current ratio and standard /average stripping ratio in terms of quantity of mineral produced during the period.

What is an overburden rock?

Overburden rock, an essential element of the petroleum system, is that series of mostly sedimentary rock that overlies the source rock, seal rock, and reservoir rock. … Source rock temperature is largely determined by thickness and thermal conductivity of the overburden rock, heat flow, and ground surface temperature.

Is mountaintop mining bad?

The air and water pollution caused by this mining practice, which involves deforesting and tearing off mountaintops to get at the coal, is leading to increases in cardiovascular disease, lung cancer, pulmonary disease, and birth defects, his research shows.

What is overburden where does it go during a mining operation?

In mining, overburden (also called waste or spoil) is the material that lies above an area that lends itself to economical exploitation, such as the rock, soil, and ecosystem that lies above a coal seam or ore body. … Overburden may also be used to restore an exhausted mining site during reclamation.

What do Miners do with the overburden?

The excavators either dispose of the overburden to a suitable location for land reclamation or store the waste material for future backfill after the coal/minerals are removed. The top soil from the stockpile is spread back onto the reclaimed surface of the stripped mine.

What is effective overburden pressure?

The effective overburden pressure at a given depth is the vertical stress at that depth due to the weight of the overlying soils. A plot of the effective overburden pressure versus depth is called a po diagram and is used in many static analysis methods.

How do you calculate overburden?

Multiply the density log reading value by the total depth (in meters) of the measured area. Multiply the sum of Step 1 by . 01 to obtain the overburden pressure.

What is overburden in civil engineering?

Overburden stress also called vertical stress or overburden pressure is the pressure imposed on a layer of soil by the weight of the layers on top of it. Overburden stress can cause errors or drift in CPT measurements, creating the need for correction factors in deeper test depths and soft or fine-grained soils.

What is net overburden pressure?

Overburden pressure is the pressure on the rock from the weight of the rock and earth above the formation. When the overburden pressure exceeds the fluid pressure in the pore space, the formation is compacted. … To illustrate the effect of net overburden pressure, consider an unconsolidated sandstone.

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What is a word for to much?

Too-much synonyms

The definition of excessive is something or someone that goes beyond what is normal, acceptable or necessary. 8. 4. overgoing. 8.

What are synonyms for unfair?

synonyms for unfair
  • arbitrary.
  • biased.
  • cruel.
  • discriminatory.
  • dishonest.
  • illegal.
  • immoral.
  • improper.

What does oppression mean in history?

Oppression is malicious or unjust treatment or exercise of power, often under the guise of governmental authority or cultural opprobrium.

How do you say someone is overworked?

  1. exhausted.
  2. fatigued.
  3. overburdened.
  4. strained.
  5. overloaded.
  6. overtaxed.
  7. stressed.
  8. tense.

Was snowed under Meaning?

1 : to overwhelm especially in excess of capacity to absorb or deal with something. 2 : to defeat by a large margin. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About snow under.

What does exploiting others mean?

As a verb, exploit commonly means to selfishly take advantage of someone in order to profit from them or otherwise benefit oneself. … As a verb, exploit can also be used in a more neutral way that doesn’t imply selfishness: to make the best use of something, especially an opportunity, to create a profit or other benefit.

How much does a longwall cost?

The cost of a typical longwall installation is $9 million; total capital cost of the technology per ton of coal mined over the life of a system is about $1,50.

What is the meaning of the word OVERBURDEN?

What does overburden mean

Overburden Meaning

Overburdened Meaning

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