What Does High Concept Mean? – Identify and Best Guide

What Does High Concept Mean? - Identify and Best Guide

What does high concept mean? High concept is a term that’s used in the entertainment industry to describe an idea for a movie, TV show or novel which can be easily summed up in one sentence.

what does high concept mean
what does high concept mean

If you’re an aspiring screenwriter, novelist or comic book writer then you’ve probably heard of this term before. But what exactly does it mean? And how do you come up with your own high-concept ideas?

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to generate new high-concept ideas – all you need to do is find them! Whether your goal is writing novels, screenplays or comics then these tips will help get your creative juices flowing and give you some new story ideas.

What does high concept mean?

What does high concept mean?
What does high concept mean?

The high-concept pitch is a quick and easy way to get your point across, but it doesn’t always lead you down the path of success. If an idea has been distilled by condensing all other elements into one short sentence or words then there’s no room for interpretation which can be both good and bad. While this might seem simple enough at first glance (and admittedly some do work), not every story needs details in order tell its tale – sometimes less really does mean more!

A high-concept idea is one that has the ability to be easily understood and told by any individual, regardless of culture or language. These ideas tend not have much subtext; they’re simply concepts such as Star Trek which focus on traveling through space gathering information while spreading tolerance in other parts of our Galaxy (or even alternate galaxies!).

High-concept versus Low-concept

A low-concept idea is the perfect way to show off your creativity. In this type of pitch, you’re able to blend plots and character development very well without feeling too overwhelmed about what should be in there or left out when creating an outline for yourself before going into pitching sessions with clients who have higher expectations than just being told a story from start until finish.
While many high concepts focus more on plot lines as opposed , it’s also possible but not necessary do so by taking elements such Pacific Rim where giant alien beasts emerged from beneath our seas thanks.

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High-concept examples

High-concept examples
High-concept examples

High-concept examples in film

The 1990s were the era where high-concept ideas shined brightest. I think it’s because there was such a glut of spec scripts and original pitching being bought, everyone in town wanted something they could communicate quickly with; but then again we can’t forget about Liar liarpic circumstances as well: A lying lawyer who always stretches truth? That sounds like an entertaining premise for us – so long as he gets stricken by some sorta curse forcing him tell what really happened!

It is no surprise that The Matrix has endured as an influential film. It contains a thought-provoking concept, which can be adapted to different mediums with little effort and still retain its originality.

It’s about time for this world of technology overload where everything feels possible but nothing really matters because it all just boils down into one thing – machines ruled us humans into slavery!

High-concept examples in TV

There’s a reason why concept mash-ups are so popular in the TV world. As opposed to movies, where we can get away with tuning out other elements that might distract from our experience watching characters on screen navigate through different worlds and timelines while trying not only survive high school but also fight back against vampires or otherworldly creatures alike – this is an aspect of storytelling which focuses more intently upon building characterization rather than flashy visuals alone. “Take for example “Buffy,” one show about going through your youth at SDCC.

Finally, let’s talk about one of my favorite shows – Pushing Daisies. It is the perfect example of how high concept storytelling can make for compelling TV! “What if you could bring people back from the dead with just a touch?” This show should have lasted ten seasons because it deals so many interesting themes like life and death consequences in our world today.

High-concept idea generator

If you’re feeling lazy, there’s a website that will help come up with an idea for your high concept logline. It just takes a few keystrokes and it spits out what they call “the perfect opening line.”

The 7 qualities of a High-concept idea

The 7 qualities of a High-concept idea
The 7 qualities of a High-concept idea

High-level of entertainment value

This can be elusive. Defining “entertainment value” is like trying to define pornography; it’s in the eye of beholder- meaning what one person finds entertaining may not hold interest for another! Simply put, if you’re easily distracted from an idea or interested only on a intellectual level then this could mean that while there are some things worth considering when looking at entertainment ideas, they will likely fail as being something your audience wants more than anything else.

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High degree of originality

Being original is about taking a different approach. It’s not just about coming up with something new, it also means considering how you’ll make your idea/product stand out from what already exists in the market and being creative enough that people will notice!

What does “to be” original mean? There are many words associated with this definition including: fresh, innovative , novel (not book). In order for an individual or company to achieve their goal which involvesoriginality one must first understand its importance by understanding why they wish to go beyond traditional thoughts And then think critically on ways of doing so.

High level of uniqueness

While originality is about approach and fresh perspective, uniqueness lies in being one-of-a kind. First time ever seen or done before can be achieved by this quality as well; incomparable to anything else out there which makes it worth stopping any conversation if they try to compare you with anyone else
The “one off” nature of something gives them their own identity rather than just another similar version like some other people might offer up instead.

Highly visual

A high-concept idea has a certain quality that you can feel. When people read or hear about the concept, their minds start to conjure images and they literally see what’s being described come alive before them in pictures form! This is why converting books into films makes such good sense because movies need this type of cinematic imagery if done right – which most often translates over directly from page word play as well.

Possesses a clear emotional focus

The idea is brought to life through evoking the most powerful of emotions. Like imagery, high-concept ideas sparkle with intensity and immediacy that will make your readers feel something whether they want it or not because there’s no wishywashy engagement in what you’re putting out into this world–the involvement starts strong from page one!

Possesses mass audience appeal

The idea appeals to the masses. It’s not just your family and friends that will love this product; it has mass appeal, which means it can be used by many people in society as well! The target market for such products is large but definitely niche – something you might want if you’re interested everyone from toddlers all the way up until retirement age or older folks looking forward towards their golden years.

Usually born from a “what if” question

What if we could clone dinosaurs? What would happen then, and what other creatures might be cloned as well. Would it open the door for human cloning too- maybe humans with dinosaur DNA in their blood stream or even having actual living Dinosaur’s growing inside them somewhere??
Questions like these make up a lot of science fiction movies nowadays: “What will humanity do without women?” (Children Of Men); “If Martians invade Earth how will people react to this new threat” (War Games). These high concept ideas often come from intriguing premises such as those given above – but there’s no need just imagine something extraordinary you want to read about!

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3 tips for writing high concept fiction

3 tips for writing high concept fiction
3 tips for writing high concept fiction

Create a high concept premise that is easy to explain

In order to be as appealing and marketable as possible, the idea you have should only take up three sentences. If it’s too long then try breaking down your concept into simpler ideas or phrases that can easily understood by a wider audience of people who might want what they sell!

Build on known archetypes

Think of ways to upend familiar tropes and genre conventions, aiming for something that feels familiar yet fresh. If you write a high concept book that’s only one or two degrees removed from popular books like Harry Potter or A Song Of Ice And Fire an agent will know how pitch it so people can find out more about your story!

Flesh out your high concept premise with skillful storytelling

A good story is not about the incident or event that happens in it, but how we react to those events and why. A great cinematic experience takes you on a journey with an engaging main character who has some type of deep moral dilemma at hand; this can be seen throughout their development from scene one until they resolve these issues by novel’s end.
Riveting high stakes premise? Check! Vivid worldbuilding with clear storytelling skills needed for impactful conclusion ? Absolutely!. But don’t forget – without strong characters leading up to your big moments as well as compelling dialogue between each other during crucial exchanges along way there would really nothing worth watching anymore.

A high concept idea is one that can be easily summarized in a sentence. The best way to think of the term “high concept” is by understanding its meaning and how it applies to your own life or business. High concepts are most suited for short stories, movies, and other forms of entertainment media that rely on their audience’s attention span being held for at least 90 minutes. How would you describe your product with a single sentence? If you’re finding difficulty coming up with an answer, try brainstorming different ways to tell the story about what makes your company unique until something clicks.

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