what does far reaching mean

What does it mean when someone is far-reaching?

: affecting many people or things : having a wide range or influence. See the full definition for far-reaching in the English Language Learners Dictionary. far-reaching. adjective. far-reach·​ing | \ ˈfär-ˈrē-chiŋ \

What does reaching too far mean?

To deceive, or get the better of, by artifice or cunning; to outwit; to cheat. verb. To reach too far.

What does wide reaching mean?

adjective. Covering a wide scope: all-around, all-inclusive, all-round, broad, broad-spectrum, comprehensive, expansive, extended, extensive, far-ranging, far-reaching, general, global, inclusive, large, overall, sweeping, wide-ranging, widespread.

How do you use far-reaching in a sentence?

1. The practice had far-reaching environmental consequences. 2. These countries need to carry out far-reaching reforms to modernize their economies.

What does it mean by forward thinking?

Definition of forward-thinking

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: thinking about and planning for the future : forward-looking a forward-thinking company.

Does far reaching have a hyphen?

Some style manuals (but not this site) recommend that phrasal adjectives be hyphenated regardless of their position, and a few such expressions (such as far-reaching) are always hyphenated regardless of position or style authority.

What does far-reaching influence mean?

adjective. If you describe actions, events, or changes as far-reaching, you mean that they have a very great influence and affect a great number of things.

Is a far stretch?

improbable; not naturally pertinent; being only remotely connected; forced; strained: He brought in a far-fetched example in an effort to prove his point.

Is out of reach definition?

Definition of out of reach

: not able to be achieved Their goal is out of reach.

What does wild range mean?

adjective. extending over a large area; extensive or diversified in scope: wide-ranging lands; a wide-ranging discussion.

What is another word for Reach Out?

What is another word for reach out?
hold out extend
lunge spread
reach give
pose put forth
put forward submit

What is narrow range?

A narrow range has fewer notes between the highest and lowest pitch while a wide range has many notes between the highest and lowest pitch.

How do you use far reaching?

Far-reaching sentence example. John’s activity indeed had far-reaching effects. I guess people don’t realize the far-reaching aspects of cheating. His far-reaching hand even extended to Italy.

What is the meaning of weighty in English?

having considerable weight; heavy; ponderous: a weighty bundle. burdensome or troublesome: the weightier cares of sovereignty. important or momentous: weighty negotiations. having or exerting influence, power, etc.; influential: a weighty merchant of Boston.

How do you use forward thinking in a sentence?

I think the forward thinking would be of two kinds. I congratulate the council on its forward thinking and approach to partnership working, which are critical. It is not part of the forward thinking that we should now apply. That is a good example of forward thinking and planning.

What does backward thinking mean?

the reasoning involved when you assume the conclusion is true and reason backward to the evidence. synonyms: regress. type of: abstract thought, logical thinking, reasoning. thinking that is coherent and logical.

How do you develop forward thinking?

5 Ways to Keep a Forward-Thinking Mindset
  1. Stay focused on a plan. Having a plan to focus on is the first step. …
  2. Lean on industry and peer-to-peer networks. There is no better time to lean on your network than when you’re feeling lost, uncertain or overwhelmed. …
  3. Control your news feed. …
  4. Find the energy in others. …
  5. Get away.
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Is forward thinking a skill?

The future is arriving faster than ever. The ability— but more importantly the willingness — to think forward will be a key component of organizational and personal success going forward. … My research suggests that forward thinking is a learned behavior, rather than an innate human ability.

Is far fetched meaning?

1 : brought from a remote time or place. 2 : not easily or naturally deduced or introduced : improbable a far-fetched story. Other Words from far-fetched Synonyms & Antonyms Learn More About far-fetched.

What is a far flung empire?

1 : widely spread or distributed a far-flung empire.

What does in the near term mean?

The near term is a period of time not far into the future. The term is used to describe events that may occur soon. … Traders will often use the term “near term” when expecting a price move to happen in the near future, or when a trade is taken for only a small amount of time.

Will have far-reaching effects?

If you describe actions, events, or changes as far-reaching, you mean that they have a very great influence and affect a great number of things.

What are underlying causes?

The underlying cause of death refers to the disease or injury that initiated the train of morbid events leading directly to death or the circumstances of the accident or violence that produced the injury. The underlying cause of death is the one to be adopted as the cause for tabulation of mortality statistics.

What is your off hand?

The adjective offhand describes a remark or comment that is made without previous thought or preparation. … As an adjective, offhand can mean careless, brusque, or inconsiderate.

What does far stretched mean?

1. Stretched beyond ordinary limits.

What does far cry mean?

1 : a long distance. 2 : something notably different the effects of the new law were a far cry from what was intended. Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About far cry.

How do you say Far fetched?

What does far out of reach mean?

1. At a distance at which someone or something cannot be touched or grasped.

What is beyond my reach?

Definition of beyond someone’s reach

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1 : not close enough to be touched or picked up by someone The ball was beyond her reach. 2 : not within someone’s power to do or achieve Our budget is strained, so buying a new car is beyond our reach right now.

How do you use provide in a sentence?

Provide sentence example
  1. Fred’s lady friends will provide all the support I need. …
  2. Our order should provide means to that end. …
  3. Alex was doing everything in his power to provide her with all the experiences of a natural mother. …
  4. They provide information such as reviews and user ratings.

What does widest range mean?

: extensive in scope : comprehensive wide-ranging interests.

What does the term large scale mean?

Definition of large-scale

1 : involving many people or things Their equipment is suitable for large-scale production. 2 : covering or involving a large area a large-scale map.

What’s another word for wide range?

What is another word for wide range?
broad range extensive range
large range array
extensive variety great variety
large assortment wide collection
wide selection

What does Thanks for reaching out mean?

“Thank you for reaching out to me” simply means “Thank you for contacting me.” This formal expression is commonly used in written (business) correspondence, often as part of an introductory phrase in thank-you notes and other kinds of formal letters, with the intent of presenting your thanks for services and …

What does far-reaching mean?

What does Far-reaching mean?

Far-Reaching Meaning | Definition of Far-Reaching

Far-reaching Meaning

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