What is warframe rescue? How to rescue hostage?

The problem with warframe rescue is that it’s hard to keep up the pace, especially when you’re playing solo.
You can’t go back once you’ve moved forward in the levels! This makes it difficult to track down your friends if they get lost or stuck somewhere on their way to extraction.

This article will guide you by giving players an easy way to communicate with each other while playing warframe rescue.

What is warframe rescue?

Warframe rescue is a game mode in which two teams fight for control over an objective known as “the hostage”. Those fighting for control of the hostage are “the rescuers”, while those trying to protect the hostage are “the wardens”. The objective of the warframe rescue is for the rescuers to rescue the hostage and take them back to base.

What is warframe rescue?
What is warframe rescue?

Hostage behavior

The hostage will appear randomly on one of the enemies. If the hostage is white, it will be an okay-to-lucky hostage rescue, if it’s yellow or red, there is an increased chance of the hostage dying. I would recommend freeing hostages when it’s yellow, they are usually not in a very bad shape.

You have to complete a certain amount of missions without failing them. If you fail the mission, you won’t get a reward for rescuing anymore. You can even farm it if you want, but the chance of getting a hostage rescue is pretty low.

Rescue Missions

On Grineer and Corpus

Rescue Missions On Grineer and Corpus
Rescue Missions
On Grineer and Corpus

The goal of Grineer and Corpus rescue missions is to free the hostage without alerting a group of patrolling Wardens.

There are many prison cells, half of which are locked and the other half hackable. The hostage is in a room hackable cells, guarded by Wardens.

When a Warden is alerted, they will run to a terminal and activate an alarm sequence. The numbers of enemy reinforcements are summoned and the execution timer starts to count.

When the timer reaches 15 seconds, the hostage will bang on the door of the cell they are locked in. If you can’t rescue the target within the time limit will result in the hostage’s death and failure of the mission.

On Infested 

Rescue mission On Infested 
Rescue mission On Infested

The hostage will be trapped in one of many airlocks, aboard Infested Ships. First, the players must destroy the Tumor Node that is covering the doors to find the hostage is inside.

A lot of laser traps will be placed throughout the room. If you are tripped, the Tumor Nodes will gas the airlock and the time clock will start counting down. Moreover, a laser trap will also activate large pulsing orbs scattered throughout the level that reduce shields and drain energy upon contact, just like killing a Pu.


There are 17 Rescue Missions in total.

On the these planets such as Ceres, Earth, Eris, Europa, Jupiter, Kuva Fortress, Venus, Lua, Mars, Mercury, Neptune, Phobos, Pluto, Saturn, Sedna, Uranus. Rescue missions can be performed on many different planets, with different cell systems.

To find your hostage, you need to use the map’s Prison Complex. 

This block has a large number of static defenses such as Arc Traps, Laser Barriers, and Turrets. The prison complex has numerous hidden pathways, tunnels, and raised catwalks where inmates can hide from patrolling enemies. A swarm of Wardens and other enemy units patrol frequently on the paths.

Each mission has its own prison system with various traps. To approach and perform various tasks, players must rely on the terrain. 

For example, Infested Ship rescue missions do not have a central front gate, but rather two smaller gates with warning lasers crisscrossing the paths to them.

The Corpus Ice Planet, the cells are located on tall towers in the complex’s center.

The Orokin Moon prison complex has a portal room instead of a cell block.

On Kuva Fortress rescue missions, a prison complex with a central enclosed cell block surrounded by an inner ring of corridors.

The prisoners are housed in small egg-shaped tanks near a trench filled with deep water at the Grineer Sealab prison complex.


Rescue missions award a small number of credits. In most missions, this amount will be around 10% of the total mission reward. In combat missions against pirates, it may be a larger percentage, up to around 20%.

The actual amount awarded by a rescue mission is a random amount in a certain range.


How do I rescue hostage Warframe?

You need to do the ‘Rescue’ mission. This can be available under several different circumstances.

If a hostage’s health is depleted, they will enter a bleed-out state, similar to Tenno, giving players 20 seconds to revive the hostage.

How do you rescue Lua in Warframe?

Lua rescue mode consists of two levels:

– Rescue and Awakening: you have to find Lua pieces scattered around the map, and reassemble them.

– Lua puzzle: you have to solve a puzzle guarded by a sentinel, whose aim is to prevent you from completing the puzzle.

How do you rescue KUVA fortress?

This one is tough. The first step is understanding KUVA’s design and how it works. Somewhere between KUVA’s midpoint and endgame, the player will be tasked with rescuing a cadre of VIPs.

This is precisely why we require a reason to visit the Kuva fortress more frequently… if you know the way, it takes less time than earth spy/rescue.

There are TWO of these open doors on opposite sides of the room, but only ONE is open in Sorties (this might also be a random chance in normal Kuva Fortress but I am purely speculating). So, if you rush to one side and find it closed, run to the opposite side as soon as possible.

You can also unlock the front door, but due to the Guards and Turrets, you will need Stealth or CC. Just place the mines in the way before approaching the console.


This article provides insight into how to rescue someone in warframe. If you need more information, let a comment below this post. We will answer and help you find a good way to rescue your hostage

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