Top 11 warframe essential mods. Update 2021

What are the Warframe mods? 

Warframe is an online, free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed and published by Digital Extremes for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

If you’re just starting out in Warframe or if you’ve been playing for a while but want to get the most out of your time investment, then this article is for you.  We guide you everything there is to know about mods in Warframe so that whether it’s your first day or your thousandth, these essential mods will make sure that every single one of them counts!

What are mods in warframe?

Mods, short for modifications, are a type of item that can be equipped with Warframes, weapons, and companions. Mods eventually become the single most important aspect of a player’s arsenal.

Mods are equipped in the mod screen, which is brought up by clicking on the ‘mods’ button at the bottom of the Warframe’s main menu. The mod screen has several tabs that organize mods by category.

Mods are equipped to either the 8 slots in the center of the screen or the 4 slots on the bottom left. Each slot is an exact copy of its respective category, so you can equip the same mod to different slots. Every type of Warframe and weapon can be equipped with a total of 30 mods, 10 per category and 3 per slot.

Each mod increases a certain aspect of a Warframe, weapon, or companion’s abilities and effectiveness in battle. Most items have several mods that may be equipped, but only a total of 3 per item.

What are the types of Mods in Warframe?

There are various types of mods such as:

Stance Mods

Stance Mods are melee weapon mods that increase the weapon’s capacity while also providing the user with unique attack combos. Use only one stance mod at a time.

Aura Mods

One advantage of aura mods is that they stack with other players, so if everyone brings corrosive projection to a mission, the enemies will have no armor at all.

Nightmare Mods

Nightmare Mods are dual stat mods obtained through completing nightmare mode missions.

Conclave Mods

Conclave Mods are mods that can be obtained from the conclave syndicate area/ PvP matches inside the relays. 

Corrupted Mods

Corrupted mods are dual stat mods with one bonus and one negative effect. Every mission spawns a special door, and inside that door is a corrupted mod that can be obtained by using the key that the door requires. 

Primed Mods

Primed Mods are vastly improved versions of standard mods. These mods are only available from Baro Ki’ Te.

Augment Mods

Augment Mods are weapon/warframe-specific mods provided by syndicates. Different syndicates have their own set of mods.

The essential mods in warframe every player should have

Not all of these mods are useful for everyone, so if you can’t or don’t want to farm for those mods, feel free to get what you can get, this list is just a reference of the best mods to have.


VitalityMod - Top the best warframe mods
VitalityMod – Top the best mods in warframe

Vitality is one of the best mods for Warframe that you should take no matter what. Not only is it an amazing mod for survivability, but it also gives you more energy.

The +10% health is really just the cherry on top. It’s a really good idea to take this mod in every mission. The time between throwing successive traps is reduced by 2 seconds. So you won’t be able to throw a total of 8 trip mines within 10 seconds, but you will be able to throw a total of 6 trip mines after 5 seconds.

Reduces the amount of time required to aim (2-second reduction). Since you can aim in the air, this mod really is a must-have.

Fleeting Expertise

FleetingExpertiseMod- Top The best warframe mods
FleetingExpertiseMod- Top the best mods in warframe

Fleeting Expertise is very important, as it reduces the cooldown of your Warframes abilities (super) and your weapons (not super). Some abilities like Trinity’s Well of Life or Loki’s Radial Disarm can be lifesavers, but you have to wait a long time before you are able to use them again.

Fleeting Expertise reduces the cooldown of your Warframes abilities by 50% and increases your weapon’s status/elemental damage by 20%, lasting a total of 8 seconds, at max rank.


RedirectionMod- Top the best mods in warframe

Redirection is important because it increases your Warframe’s maximum health up to 30%, but also reduces their shields by an equal amount. So it’s a tradeoff that you get higher survivability, but less shield capacity.

It is a good mod in general, but especially when you play with a tank Warframe like Rhino or Valkyr.

Corrosive Projection


Corrosive Projection is a utility mod that damages enemies over time while reducing their armor. It is best for weapons with high armor penetration, such as shotguns and rifles.

Corrosive Projection is a utility mod that slowly damages enemies while decreasing their armor. It works best with weapons that have high armor penetration, such as shotguns and rifles.

Perhaps more intriguing is the Mod’s stackability. When four players use this mod together, they can reduce enemies’ armor by up to 72 percent. This may be sufficient to easily dispatch elite enemies and even bosses.



Intensify is one of the best mods you can get in Warframe, whether for solo or group play. It’s an end-game mod that gives many benefits to your warframes and weapons, including increased damage. It’s a popular standard mod for solo players as well as groups, particularly those who farm Archwing missions or bosses that have a high health pool. Many consider it absolutely necessary to use for high-level enemies, and also highly suggest it for end-game weapons.

Intensify increases your damage by adding a flat percent bonus to whatever damage you are doing. It also stacks additively with mods that increase damage but do not do anything to damage over time.



Continuity is one of the most essential Warframe mods every player should have. This mod is best used on high health/low armor enemies or where you are trying to get the critical chance. 

For example, when you are in a squad doing syndicate missions or boss runs, you would want to put this mod on enemies with high health and low armor. Use this mod in the last slot of your mod load-out to increase the percent of critical hit your Warframe has.

The Void is the main place to farm this mod. Go to a mission station and select The Void and choose a Void Tear mission. When you spawn, look for a large circular ball with a light of energy inside it and destroy this ball by shooting at it.



Vacuum is a mod that is very useful when in a team with multiple players. The mod gives a chance to pull in pickups, health orbs, and energy orbs towards a player. This mod is highly sought after in end-game content, as it can improve the survivability of the team.

The Vacuum mod is a must-have for anyone who plays in a team and regularly uses Warframe abilities, as it makes gathering orbs much more efficient.



Stretch mods will allow you to hit enemies further with melee weapons. So if your mod using a melee weapon is underwhelming, try slotting in Stretch mods to get the most out of it.

With the Stretch Mod, players can increase the range of their Warframe abilities by up to 45 percent.

Stretch works best with AOE attacks in Warframes. That way, they can land in the middle of the room and trigger an AOE burst – this time, with Stretch allowing players to hit almost everyone in the room.



This is a great mod for any frame with energy/elemental damage as it will reduce the amount of energy needed to cast an ability. To give you an example, this mod reduces the energy cost of casting Nova’s 4th ability by 33%. A great all-around mod to have on any frame for both energy management and power strength.

Energy Siphon


Another great mod in the same category as above is Energy Siphon. While it may not reduce the cost of a frame’s ability as much as Streamline, this mod will give you back energy if you have energy leech on your weapon.

Power drift


And while we’re on the topic of energy, power drift is a mod that I would recommend every Warframe to have at least 1 point in, as it will give you a bonus of up to 30% energy capacity.


What are mods good for?

This mod helps you in several aspects, but most importantly it gives you an edge in every fight and allows you to do high damage with weapons like shotguns and rifles.

How do you get good mods in Warframe?

Do your Sorties on a daily basis: they frequently reward you with Endo or Ayatan Sculptures.

Never miss an Ayatan Star again: Ayatan Stars are highlighted on the screen whenever a teammate discovers one. Always grab them because they increase the Endo value of your Sculptures.

Sell your Legendary Core: If you sell the Core and use the Platinum to purchase Ayatan Sculptures, you will gain more Endo.

Recycle: Recycle the majority of your duplicates. You’d be surprised how much Endo you can get this way!

The best mods for beginners in Warframe

You don’t need to be concerned about corrupt mods as a beginner right now. That will come later when you begin to consider builds for each warframe. What you need right now is to be able to survive and kill the enemies in the first few planets of the game. You’ll need Vitality, Redirection, basic damage mods for your weapons (Serration, Hornet Strike, and Point Strike), as well as toxic and electric elemental mods for each of them (so you can get corrosive damage). This is the fundamental information you will require. Sure, if you can get something with multiple shots, that will help.


You may not want to have all of these mods because maybe you don’t like the stat changes, or are playing solo. If you are new to warframe, I highly recommend that you have these mods. We hope our Warframe Mods Guide helped you better understand how to use your Mods.

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