What is best warframe focus? Guide 2021

What is the warframe best focus? Many player don’t know exactly.

Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed and published by Digital Extremes for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The problem with warframe focus is that it’s hard to get enough of them to max out your weapons. It takes a lot of time and effort just to get one weapon fully leveled up. And this can be frustrating when you know how much more powerful those weapons could be if only they had the right amount of warframe focuses!

We have a solution for you –this article will suggest some best of focus that you should use

What is warframe focus?

Focus is a milestone system unlocked after completing the Second Dream Quest that allows the player to further enhance their playstyle by providing them with a set of Abilities and Passives associated with one of five Focus Schools: Naramon, Zenurik, Unairu, Vazarin, and Madurai.

What is warframe focus?

To begin gaining focus, players must equip a lens to either a Warframe or a weapon. These are used to generate focus, which is based on how much affinity is gained during a mission, with a percentage of the total affinity being generated into focus.

With your earned focus, you will be able to access nodes in the School Tree. Each node requires a certain number of points to be activated; you’ll need to focus on the first node to gain more points. Investing in the school Mastery will reduce the power’s cooldown.

How do warframe focus works?

You gain 1 Focus Point when you kill an enemy (can be done with your warframe or your weapons). You gain 1 Focus Point when you pick up a Health Orb and 0,5 Focus Points when picking up an Energy Orb.

You get more than this when leveling up because you get a certain amount of Focus Points every time that you level up. This value can be found in your profile.

Your Focus is only spent when you cast an Ability. The amount of focus used for casting an ability depends on the ability itself. If you look at an ability’s description you can find the amount of focus that will be used for casting it.

Types of warframe focus 

There are five categories of warframe focus, including:

The warframe focus
The warframe focus


Zenurik is the school of energy. Practitioners of this school form a sort of “energy priesthood” in their society, where they are responsible for understanding the nature of energy and teaching others how to use it. Some best focus in Zenurik are melee channel/energy focus / energy regen


Naramon is a tree-like symbol associated with the word “forest.” It is one of up to 5 Tenno focuses available depending on how players choose to ally themselves with Cephalon Suda during The Second Dream quest.

Unlike other focuses, players can only obtain the Naramon weapon precept through The Second Dream by using the Tenno-controlled warframe, not any weapon. Naramon has melee buffs, speed, and crits.


Focus school of choice for Nature & Life. Passive bonuses include 100% bonus to healing (split evenly across Health and Shields), affinity gained from reviving and killing enemies, fallen allies, and organisms.

Vazarin has healing, defensive, and affinity-gaining abilities.


Madurai is the focus school for people who enjoy fire but also want to be immune to all heat in the game. This means you can run into infested hordes without the ever-present danger of being melted to death by a stray fireball. In the focus school with the highest damage increase, you will be able to stack very high quantities of

Heat damage on top of your fire-type primary. Madurai focuses on the Vazarin school which tries to shine in survivability and utility, while still maintaining strong fire attacks. Madurai has damage boost / void blast boost / attack boosts


Unairu is one of the three types of Warframes focused on protection and defense. But as with all warframes, Unairu has its own unique approach. Unairu’s focus is on defense and protection. It offers a lot of survivability and control but doesn’t have much to offer when it comes to firepower.

Unairu is the warframe that you use when your team doesn’t have a lot of survivability, or when you want to make sure that your team members survive. Playstyle can be summed up in one word: controlling.

Unairu – damage reflection / increased void invisibility / armor.

Some of the best warframe focus You Need To Use

This recommended list demonstrates the best Focus Lens (schools) to use that may benefit the most from each school:

The warframe focus recommendation
The best warframe focus recommendation

Energizing Dash (Zenurik)

It is a powerful ability that can be unlocked by spending 30 points in Zenurik. Any damage done while linked to Energizing Dash will add up to the buff, and will only affect your damage output. Note that not all enemies can be affected by Energize Dash (i.e., bosses, or enemies that have no shields).

Energizing Dash is a very useful ability because it gives you a flat energy regen that doesn’t change based on your energy regen mods. This means that you will ALWAYS get the same amount of energy back, no matter how long you stay

Inner Might (Zenurik)

Inner Might is without a doubt the most flexible concept in all of Warframe. Without the need to invest in materials, refining cores, or anything else, it can be used in every single equipment slot. All players, new and veterans alike can benefit from it. It is a great concept for both beginners and advanced players. It is easy to learn and fun to use, players can experiment around with loads of different builds and create their very own playstyle without sacrificing much-needed resources. It is one of the least skill dependant concepts since no aim or precision is required and has a nice synergy with other equipment

Mind Sprint (Naramon)

The premise behind Naramon is to create a burst of speed for each brief moment of intense focus. All wireframes have some way to gain a speed boost, but Mind Sprint takes it to the extreme with a short burst of speed that is unparalleled. An intuitive player may look at this skill and think it is very similar to the Regenerative Molt ability of Nidus but there are some key differences.

The most notable difference between Mind Sprint and Regenerative Molt is the recharge time. While Nidus still takes a considerable amount of time to go back into stealth, an intuitive player would realize that Naramon should be constantly in a state of motion.

Power Spike (Naramon)

Power Spike is a strong mod that you should always have on hand and a very good candidate for Syndicate and Aura mods.

Power Spike Damage from all sources is increased by 50% for 8 seconds after using an ability. The mod has a priority of 0 and is mainly used on Warframes with abilities that deal direct damage. 

The following Warframes benefit the most from this mod:  30% Ability Strength, 20% Armor, and 15% Ability Strength. Casting an ability will give you a short boost to your damage and also a very short window to deal more damage since the buff will be lost as soon as you do another action. 

This mod becomes very valuable in a team play scenario, especially if the team is equipped with strong AoE abilities.

Protective Dash (Vazarin)

Protective Dash is a defensive ability of warframes. It is available to Vazarin path, level 25-35. Temporary invulnerability (similar to Iron Skin) and immunity to knockdowns. Additionally, if the caster has a shield equipped it will be destroyed as well (similar to Hysteria).

Newer and more experienced players can use Protective Dash (Vazarin) to approach, aggro, and kill stronger enemies easily. This is viable only when the caster is soloing, in a party, it’s still possible but not that effective. Using Protective Dash (Vazarin) you can rush in the middle of a group of enemies and kill them one by one.

Mending Soul (Vazarin) 

Mending Soul is a more supportive way of using your warframe, as you can see from the title. You empathize with those who are hurt and help them heal their wounds (both physical and emotional). 

This method makes the next four revives a player perform instantaneous. If players walk over a downed friend and press the revive button, they will instantly get up, consuming one stack of Mending Soul. 

Void Strike (Madurai)

Void Strike fires a projectile that deals AoE damage and ignores shields.  The mark left from the projectiles travels along the ground towards the targeted enemy, marking them for numerous other attacks. Each mark stacks up to 4 times, increasing the damage dealt by Void Strike and Energy Drop-like projectiles per enemy hit.

Unairu Wisp (Unairu)

Unairu Wisp is one of the three new warframes released in the Tree of Life update. Unairu may not be the most useful Focus school for general content, but when fighting Eidelons or enemies who rely on Operator damage, Unairu is one of the best options.

This is primarily due to Unariu Wisp, a Void Blast upgrade that spawns a Wisp for the entire team to use, granting double damage for 12 seconds.


How do you get Warframe focus?

To begin gaining focus, players must equip a lens to either a Warframe or a weapon. 

Affinity gained from maxing out an item is converted to Focus Points, which can be used to unlock and upgrade Abilities in specific Schools.

Focus Lenses can also be obtained as mission rewards on PoE/Vallis, or purchased in-game through the Market. ​You can also capture Eidolons and focus their shards.

Which is the best focus school for the beginner?

When you first start the game and have to choose a school of Tenno, the best one to go with is Zenurik. It is ideal for when you are running low on energy – this school will allow you to regenerate a large amount of energy – Energizing Dash allows you to form an energy orb.

What is the best focus for hunting eidolon?

For Eidolon hunts, I strongly advise you to choose the MADURAI focus school and prioritize maxing out the Void Strike, as this will increase your DPS every time you exit Void Mode. And you should use Void Mode frequently because it protects you from AoD damage from the Eidolon bosses!



Warframe is a third-person shooter video game that has been around since 2013. One of the most popular features in this game is the different types of weapons that exist, with each weapon having its own pros and cons. In order to choose which focus you should use for your play style, it’s important to understand what they actually do. We hope our guide will help you find one best suited for you!

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