How To Get Warframe Best Burst Rifle S: Warframe, Category:Burst Fire is an online action game that’s a hybrid of shooters and RPG games. While the Cedo and Bubonico shotguns are some of’s best shotguns, they don’t have that mid- to long-range capability that rifles possess.

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When it comes to picking the best primary weapons in, you may be wondering how to sift through the rubble and find the top-tier ones. While mods can give you a leg up in combat, the best and fastest method of defeating the alien-infested lands is by equipping yourself with the right rifle.

Here are seven of the best rifles to use in

Top 7 Rifles in

1) Trumna


UNLOCKABLE: To get Opticor Vandal, earn 100 points in Orb Vallis in the event Thermia Fractures. You can only get this weapon once.

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Think of the Opticor Vandal as the run-off-the-mill Opticor on steroids. It features an increase in the following stats from its counterpart:

critical chancecritical multiplierstatus chancemagazine sizereload speedcharge rate

All these stat increases at a sacrifice of 600 points of damage if you choose the Opticor instead.

If you fancy yourself an accurate shot, you’ll find that the boons you’ll receive from the Opticor Vandal make for much more exciting gameplay.

Cons include low Impact and Slash damage, which makes the weapon less effective against shields and health. Explosions from the gun inflict self-stagger causing recoil as well. You also can’t control the shot timing when the gun is fully-charged, making it quite finicky to handle.

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