Top 10 best warframe abilities. Guide for beginners

The problem with warframe abilities is that it’s hard to keep track of them all.

Even though there are a lot, the vast majority are passive skills that you don’t even have to think about. 

We’ve created this simple guide for beginners and experienced players alike so you can learn everything there is to know about warframe abilities in one place!

What are warframe abilities?

Warframe abilities are usually defined as the powers that are unique to Tenno, granted by their Warframes. Abilities are special skills that all Warframes (including Archwings and Necramechs) have that can be used to provide tactical advantages in battle. By directly affecting enemies or bolstering teammates in some way. 

Every Warframe has four distinct Abilities that influence their gameplay and their role in a team. Because Warframes only have a limited amount of energy, which is depleted each time one is used. Energy costs differ between Abilities; the higher the energy cost, the more advanced/powerful the Ability.

What are warframe abilities?
What are warframe abilities?

Warframe abilities types

Warframe Abilities are currently classified into four types. They are divided based on their function: damage, buff & debuff, mobility, and perception. Certain Warframe Abilities can be classified in two ways, can be both a Buff/Debuff and a Damage type. 


Damage abilities that, when activated, amplify some of the player’s actions (such as reducing the cooldown of a Warframe ability after a kill, or simply increasing damage to direct damage to enemies). They can be activated by pressing the appropriate hotkey. They usually also have a secondary effect, such as applying for a Status.

Buffing and Debuffing

These Abilities, when activated, provide some kind of effect to the player. They are used to change the innate stats of a unit. Buff Abilities strengthen a Warframe or their allies, whereas Debuff Abilities weaken or cripple enemies. Some Abilities can even perform both simultaneously.


Mobility Abilities improve a Warframe’s ability to travel between two points or access normally inaccessible areas.


Perception Abilities are used to confuse or distract enemies, causing them to engage in false targets or completely obstructing their view of the player.

Ability Mods

Ability Duration, Ability Efficiency, Ability Range, Ability Strength, and Casting Speed are the five types of modifications that can be applied to Warframes’ abilities. 

Ability Duration 

is a mod that affects the ability in question. It decreases the time it takes for your Warframe’s ability to recharge. 

Ability Efficiency

Ability Efficiency  Mods, also known as ‘Mods’ or ‘Aura Mods,’ are special types of mods that enhance a specific Warframe ability. They can be added to Warframes, Archwings, and Companions. All Ability Mods affect the Ability Efficiency stat of ability by adding a percentage change to your current Ability Efficiency Stat.

Ability Range

In Warframe, Ability Mods affect the range of abilities. Some examples of abilities affected by the Ability Range Mod include Bullet Jump (Acid Mod), Rhino Roar (Augment Mod), Cataclysm (Dark Sector, only affected by the first cast),…

Ability Strength

Warframe Ability Mods increase the strength of your Warframe’s abilities.

This allows you to use them more often, and also increases their efficiency (such as the number of shields restored by an Energy Vampire or how much damage an Absorb does).

Top 10 best Warframe Abilities

From the very start of the game, Warframe abilities can be a little confusing. It becomes even more interesting when you have a different combination of Warframe with an ability.  Although it becomes more complicated when you are in need of long ranking, great damage moves for Warframe abilities, and even the most effective combos for Warframe abilities, here is a complete list of some best Warframe Abilities.

Slash Dash ( Excalibur-ability)

SlashDashMod- Best warframe abilities
SlashDashMod- Best warframe abilities

This is a warframe ability that can be used as an offense and defense. This power allows Excalibur to dash forward and cut through everything. It is very effective because it can slice the enemies even when they are in a group of large numbers. This ability also gives Excalibur speed that allows him to move faster and evade any incoming attacks.

Chaos  (Excalibur-ability, Nekros-ability)


Nekros’ death shroud can be used to increase the damage output of Excalibur by giving the power of more projectiles. The upgraded version of this ability allows Excalibur to throw blade projectiles that can cut off armor and health also. When you play as Nekros and use his Soul Punch, then you should remember that these hits are ranged, but melee hits are more effective.

Radial Blind (Excalibur-ability, Ash -ability)

RadialBlindMod- Best warframe abilities
RadialBlindMod- Best warframe abilities

Radial blind can be used in both offense and defense. As its name is mentioned, this move will allow Excalibur to release a wave of blindness by throwing his shield forward. He will also deal damage to nearby enemies when they enter the affected area. It will also blind those enemies who are facing the Excalibur from behind as well as those who are facing him. This ability can be very effective against enemies with slow movement speed and short-range weapons that cannot fire when they cannot see their target. Thus, Radial Blind is one of the best Warframe abilities to rank up fast.

Sleight of Hand (Ivara-ability, Loki -ability)


When Ivara uses her quiver and attaches a booby trap to the enemy or any object; then it will be difficult for them to move with that object because their movement speed is reduced by 50%. This ability can also prove useful against heavy units or those who have a stronger base. You can also attach the booby trap to your enemy and then run away from that place as they can explode after a certain time period.

Sentient rays (Nekros-ability, Equinox -ability)


This is one of the best Warframe abilities because this power will allow Nekros to damage his enemies as well as strip the armor and health of those enemies. As you upgrade this ability, it will create a large beam that can target up to 10 different targets at once. The upgraded version also allows Nekros to turn 60% of the health into shields which helps him survive.

Maim (Nekros-ability, Khora -ability)


This is an ability that allows Nekros to stun all the enemies around him. It will also deal damage to them if they are in the range of that power. There are many players who use this ability with Loki or Ivara because these two Warframes have high survivability rates. Thus, they can distract the enemies while Nekros uses his power.

Shattering Storm (Nekros-ability, Nova -ability)


This is one of the best Warframe abilities because it can deal damage to all the surrounding enemies and also reduce their armor. This ability has no cooldown period and can be used several times while in combat. The upgraded version of this ability also deals increased damage and more armor is stripped.

Primal Fury (Banshee -ability, Wukong -ability)


This ability can be used to deal increased damage against enemies who are using melee weapons. This power will increase the attack speed of Banshee which helps him in dealing high damage while he is in close combat.

Smite (Rhino-ability, Valkyr -ability)


This ability can be used to increase the attack speed of Rhino by 100% for 8 seconds. The major downside of this power is that it will consume all his energy and cannot be used until he has a full energy bar. Thus, it is best used in case Rhino is in need of energy and has no chances of getting it.

Sundering Dash (Inaros-ability, Nezha -ability)

This ability can be used to release a wave that will drag all the enemies towards Inaros and then it will damage them heavily. This power can also be used to escape danger. Thus, it is one of the best Warframe abilities which can be used depending on the situation.


What Warframe has the best abilities?

This is a very subjective question. There are many factors to consider when evaluating abilities. Some players might value the primary ability of a frame, some consider how abilities work together, while others might focus on more flashy animations. Personally, I tend to think of it as a combination of utility and coolness.

What abilities can you take from Warframes?

The answer is ‘not many. The only abilities you can take are the ones in the ‘Excalibur Umbra’ Warframe. This can be found in the very last mission of the main campaign. The Warframe is found in a pod and then gets destroyed by the hand of none other than Captain Vor (so you’ll need to defeat him first).

How do you get different abilities in Warframe?

You can use any unlocked Warframe ability to replace one of your Warframe abilities. By selecting the ability from the menu, you can see how much it costs to add an ability to a Warframe. Adding new abilities will necessitate feeding the Helminth resources. 


If you’re looking for a new game to play and want something different, we hope this article has been informative. What do you think of the warframe abilities? Let us know in the comments!

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