What is Virpil Rudder Pedal?, Installation process for the product

The virpil rudder pedals are a new product on the market that can be used to replace your old, worn out rudder pedals. It is designed with an aeronautical-grade aluminum and has a three axis system with adjustable tension and sensitivity settings. The pedal also comes with built in anti-skid rubber patches for those who like to play their games at top speed!


What is Virpil Rudder Pedal?

The Virpil Rudder Pedals is a compact stand dedicated to sim games. It provides adjustable resistance and brake, but most importantly it has an integrated wheel which can be turned 360 degrees. You can bind any key (of the keyboard) to rotate the wheel and provide additional input. The latest version of the pedals comes with 3 additional buttons that are arranged in a triangle. If you own the pedals, you can already see how it works together with War Thunder .

The pedals are ready to be used as soon as you get them – just plug and play. You don’t need any drivers or software installations. The design of the pedal is made for gamers who prefer simplicity, but still want everything they need in one place instead of having additional units scattered around their desk.

How does it work

The Virpil Pedals support all Windows versions from Windows XP and up (32-bit and 64-bit). I tried my luck and installed the driver on my Windows 8 laptop: it worked like a charm. The resistance settings seems to work fine too – when I tried it at 2 o’clock position, it felt like it should be. The brake works well (it is deactivated by default), but I didn’t try the wheel rotation feature yet. Maybe next time!


Structure characteristics of virpil rudder pedal

1. The rudder pedals are made of high-quality materials, including an aluminum alloy frame and a stainless steel pedal
2. They have a rubberized grip to provide more traction when using them
3. The pedals are adjustable for different gamers’ needs, with the height being able to be adjusted from 100mm to 200mm
4. There is also the option of adding extra weight for increased realism in flight games
5. The price ranges from $199-$229 USD depending on where you buy it from
6. It has adjustable sensitivity settings that let you control how much force it takes to move each axis
7. This product is compatible with major consoles such as Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC (Windows)

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The Virpil rudder pedals are designed for flight simulation games such as Elite: Dangerous, Star Citizen and IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad. The pedals can be combined with any joystick or throttle controller and come in different sizes depending on what type of aircraft they’re used for. They allow gamers to control their virtual planes’ yaw (turning left or right) as well as roll (tilting sideways)

How to install virpil rudder pedals in your sim racing cockpit

In this article I’ll state my ground rules and steps on how to install the virpil set of rudder pedals from the offical virpil store.  The procedure is fairly easy, but it can also be a bit time consuming depending on what you’re running in your cockpit already.  I have a custom rig so my installation took a little longer than normal.

Let’s get started!

Parts list: You will need all of these parts to complete the pedal assembly: ● 4x M4*50 Cap head screws ● 4x M5 washers ● 8x M5 nuts ● 2x metal plates for mounting pedals onto base plate (optional) *Replace with metric equivalents if required STEP 1: Remove old pedals

Removing pedals is very easy, all you need to do is remove the plastic end caps for each pedal that hold the cable in place.  Once removed you will easily be able to pull out your old pedals by pulling on the cable.

STEP 2: Fit the metal plates (optional)

If you are putting these directly onto a wooden or thin metal base plate then I would highly recommend fitting two pieces of MDF/Aluminium or something similar to act as a decent thickness spacer between the metal and wood.  I didn’t have any laying around so decided not to go this route!


STEP 3: Secure new pedals into place using M4 screws For my setup I wanted to run these directly off my shifter mount with no spacer like I mentioned in the previous step.  To do this you will need to secure the pedals with M4 screws and washers; make sure you use plenty of loc-tite as these WILL come loose if they’re not!

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Secure pedals with 4x M4*50 Cap head screws (with 2x M5 washers & 4x M5 nuts – not shown) STEP 4: Wire up your shifters, buttons and pedals If you bought a set of shifters and buttons from virpil or another trusted brand then it’s only a matter of plugging them into each other and securing it all down.  I opted for an old school max seating rig so I had to custom order some cables and solder all my connections.

I bought a 4-1 cable for the shifters, buttons and pedals with each end being connected in parallel

Then ran this under my playseat where I secured them at one end using an M5 screw & nut, then did the same on the other end before plugging it all in

STEP 5: Solder joints on new cables If you are running something similar to what I have done here, make sure you use heat shrink wrap or tape to prevent shorts between your cables.  I also recommend covering exposed wires on your power extensions/cables underneath your rig for safety reasons.  Be safe!

When soldering the ends of any wire always make sure it is done carefully and once cooled you can heat the solder to make sure it has made a solid connection, also remember to cover exposed joints with heat shrink wrap for protection!

STEP 6: Cable ties Secure down cables/cables runs under your rig for safety and tidiness.

I ran my USB cable (which powers the pedals), throttle extensions and various other cables underneath my rig before securing them into place with some cable ties.  This provides more than enough slack of the cables if needed but keeps everything nice and tidy. STEP 7: Attaching Y-cable to power box For this step you will need to detach your newly installed pedals from whatever base plate they are secured onto.  Attach two mini USB connectors to the power box on the right side (where your USB cable is attached) and attach one end to each pedal.

STEP 8: Attach Y-cable to pedals Now you will need to attach your Y-cable (3-way splitter) into the matching mini USB slots on both pedals.  Make sure it’s nice and secure! STEP 9: Reattach your pedals back onto your base plate Now reconnect everything together by reattaching your left/right pedals back onto whatever base plate they’re secured too – make sure you don’t forget this step!

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NOTE: Make sure that when you fit the metal plates for mounting your pedals that they are flush with the ground, I mounted mine slightly higher than necessary because it made it easier to secure the pedals down.  It’s better to have them slightly higher than they need to be than not high enough! STEP 10: Finished product

Now just attach your shifter(s) back into place using the corresponding M6 screws and done! Congratulations, you’ve now installed one or more of virpil’s incredible CNC’d Pedal Sets onto your rig!  Please let me know what you think about this DIY in the comments below, I would also appreciate if you could share any photos of how yours turned out – Cheers. *M4 bolts are classed as mild steel so will rust over time if left untreated/exposed to the elements*

Benefits of using virpil rudder pedals

The benefits of using virpil rudder pedals in War Thunder are endless. It is one less thing that you need to worry about when flying, as it takes care of the steering process on its own and even has spring loaded thumbs so your hands don’t get tired from gripping tightly while flipping through various aircrafts or changing fighters mid battle!


The unique design makes use extremely simple with no programming skills needed at all which means anyone can enjoy them without having any previous experience playing games like this before their first flight ever leaves the ground – perfect for beginners who may not have spent hours mastering different control schemes within game such as War Thunder.


The Virpil rudder pedals are a versatile product that is perfect for any aircraft with side-stick controller input. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your old military grade pedals or want something more affordable, the design of these new products will surely meet your needs. With durability in mind and an increasing number of satisfied customers, it’s clear that this company has put thought into what pilots need when they fly! We hope you enjoyed our review on the Virpil rudder pedals, please let us know if there are any other posts about aviation accessories you’d like to see in the future!

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