Vayne build wild rift ? vayne montage 2021?

vayne build wild rift
vayne build wild rift

How to play Vayne

Vayne is a dragon lane champion that focuses on attack damage to kill the enemy team. She really struggles in the early game because of her very short range and she doesn’t do a lot of damage. When Vayne reaches the very late game and has all her core items plus more, she can be useful and duel anyone in a 1 vs 1 with her high mobility and kiting potential. With Vayne’s Silver Bolts (2nd Ability), she does true damage on every 3rd attack which is great vs tank-heavy teams and does really well in the late game when you have a high attack speed.

Vayne Build Breadown

Gluttonous Greaves – Quicksilver

Vayne does really well when building attack damage items and also benefits a lot from attack speed. Blade Of The Ruined King is a perfect 1st item for Vayne. It gives her attack damage and attack speed that is needed but also has a great passive. The passive is when you hit a champion with 3 basic attacks or abilities, it steals movement speed from that champion. This is great when chasing down enemies with Vayne’s mobile kit. Blade of the Ruined King also gives you physical vamp which can help Vayne survive in the early laning phases. After you finish building Blade, you want to go for more attack speed that can help with Silver Bolts (2nd Ability) to get true damage.

Onto the runes, we have:

A very unique rune for Vayne compared to other Dragon Lane carries. As mentioned before, Vayne is a super late game carry so getting more attack damage later on in the game is crucial.

As an AD Carry you will always find yourself either getting a lot of kills or assists which works really well with this rune. You will gain health each time you get a unique takedown.

A great rune for if you get low in the laning phase and need that extra bit of healing and get some free money.

For summoner spells, Flash is a must on most champions. It’s a great spell to get you out of a bad situation or allows you to flash into the team to get the killing blow. The go-to 2nd spell is Barrier. The most important thing to note with barrier is that it does not last a long time so you need to make sure you use it when you are about to take damage.

Early Game

Vayne is a really weak champion in the early game. You want to stay as passive as you can and try not to die so you can farm up to get your core items and be able to scale into the late game. Don’t walk up and risk dying just to try and get the last hit on a minion for gold because sometimes enemies will take advantage of that and kill you because of Vayne’s short range. Remember you have Tumble (1st Ability) to get away from enemies and you can push enemies away with Condemn (3rd Ability) to help you survive.

Late Game

Once you reach the late game (and we are talking about the very late game) and have your core items plus more, this is where Vayne can use her duelling potential and carry the game. It’s always best as an AD Carry to stay grouped with your team. You want to stay as far back from the enemies as possible and allow your front line to go in front of you to tank all the damage. Most of the time you are the main damage output, so if you are caught by yourself and die, then your team is in really big trouble, so make sure you stay safe at all times.

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