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I am 100% that i did not do any spelling misstakes and when i press on recover password it send me to a link and says, service unavaible. Even when im doing it on the ubi website it says that something is incorrect but i for a fact know thers nothing wrong and i havent change my password. and now my accound is suspended. It doesnt send me the passwrod recovery email to my email when im logging in on the website. haha. Can someone please send me the link to change the password to this email ” REMOVED ” and yeah please. smal thing. when i started up my pc. ubisoft software sayd it couldnt connect to some server and logged out and now i can tlog it. pls send me link to recovery
Hello, StanBoi!Thanks for reaching out about this. Please never share personal information on a public forum. As such I have removed your email from the post. We were experiencing some degradation earlier and this may have been why you were unable to get the emails or connect. Can you try again please.

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Hey ydebukcsonr,Thanks for reaching out and welcome to forums!If you had a chance to check your spam and junk folders, yet you cannot locate it there, we would need you to reach out to us via one of the following channels, as we will be discussing your account related information:1. Support website by creating a ticket2. Facebook3. TwitterShould you have any questions, let us know!
Originally Posted by GGU_Alpha_I cant login into my main account because im not getting a reset password email please help I just got that account and now I cant get into itHey! Please follow the advice above.We are unable to discuss account issues here on the forums, as that would not be private.Please contact us using the methods above and we can investigate for you.

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