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So I stream on twitch and then export the past broadcasts to youtube. I click for it to export in 15 minute segments and…it doesn't. It uploads the whole thing. So…like…anyway to sort this? The whole thing gets exported despite not having a proper verified youtube channel either?


Is there any particular reason you want them as 15 minute segments?

Youtube enforced it a long time ago, but for the most part, they've removed those limitations, as it also doesn't take that much to be “verified”. Check here:

I'm verified. I just wanted my videos to be much shorter, like the regular 15 min length, so that people don't see a 4 hour upload and don't watch it because of so. But I guess it does save me making thumbnails haha.

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Honestly what I do instead is use the highlight maker on my streams, and chop them up how I want them. Then export those 'highlights' to youtube.

As far as I know the export in 15 minute segments just doesn't work anymore.

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You're better off going to video producer, clicking highlight, and then create highlights how you want. It gives a little more freedom in how you can chop up your videos, and it's fairly painless to do. After that just export them and you're good to go. As a bonus the highlights don't get removed like regular VODs do, so you can keep those videos on your channel.



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