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Twin Melody is a social media account for the singing duo Paula and Aitana, two Spanish twins who have been recording music together for years. The duo first became popular on YouTube with their covers of songs and later became one of the most-followed European TikTok accounts. 

They have competed in national Spanish singing competitions as well as released their own album titled “Twin Melody.” In addition, the twins have released a number of singles and even filmed for the Disney Channel show BIA.

Twin Melody is a social media account belonging to two Spanish twins, Paula and Aitana Etxeberria, born in Pais Vasco, Spain.

As of September 2021, Twin Melody has more than 16.8 million followers on TikTok, 1.3 million followers on Instagram, 1.84 million subscribers on YouTube, and 76,000 followers on Facebook. 

The twins first started their journey in 2013 when they uploaded their first cover of a song to their new YouTube channel titled “Twin Melody.” A year and a half later, the Twin Melody YouTube account had amassed more than a million views and counting and several thousands of subscribers. Now, their YouTube channel posts a variety of videos, including covers of songs, dancing videos, official music videos for their songs and daily Vlogs to let their fans into their lives. 

In addition to YouTube, the twins started a popular TikTok account that has since amassed millions of followers, making them one of the most-followed accounts in Europe and in the world. They have collaborated and worked with big brands such as Levi’s and Maybelline. 

They first appeared on the TV show EITB in 2014 to talk about their success. By 2015, their music career had started to take off in Spain. The twins took part in the national Spanish singing competition “Cazastars” and won the entire competition. In addition, the twins had the opportunity to sing on television shows multiple times, including the popular Spanish show “Salvame.” 

In 2020, the twins filmed for the Disney Channel show BIA. They filmed on-camera dances as well as their own song for the show in Spanish. 

Since rising to popularity as singers, the pair have signed with Sony Music. Their first album was titled “Twin Melody.” Right now, the twins are working on more music for their fans. Their first single off the album is titled “It Was Beautiful.” 

The twins have been quite personal about their dating and romantic lives and have never introduced a significant other to their social networks.

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