These Toronto Areas Have The Cheapest Townhouses RN In Case You’ve Been Thinking Of Buying

If you live in a downtown Toronto apartment, you can likely relate to dreaming of buying a roomy home and immediately feeling discouraged because they’re so damn expensive. But you might be able to finally make that dream a reality without spending a trillion dollars.

A new Strata report lists areas in and around the 6ix where townhouses are the cheapest. And if you’re an apartment person who just needs more living space, these neighbourhoods also have condo townhomes.

The average townhome sold for roughly $730,000 or $640 per square foot, Strata reports. Condo townhouses are also way cheaper than your average freehold townhouse — by nearly $367,000.

The neighbourhoods you want to keep an eye on are Scarborough Village-Guildwoood, York University Heights, Mount Dennis, Westminster-Branson, and Jane and Finch.

Right along Scarborough’s waterfront at Scarborough Village-Guildwood, the average price for a townhome comes out to $565,000. One three-bedroom unit on Scarborough Gold Club Road is on the market for way less than that at $499,900.

The average prices for York University Heights and Mount Dennis are $591,500 and $641,000, respectively.

Westminster-Branson at Bathurst and Finch offers the highest average prices on the list at $708,000, while the Jane and Finch area offers the most affordable options at $510,000 on average.

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