The Xx Best Songs : Critic'S Picks, The Xx&#39S 15 Best Songs: Critic&#39S Picks

The xx is an English indie pop band from Wandsworth, London, formed in 2005. The band consists of Romy Madley Croft (guitar, vocals), Oliver Sim (bass guitar, vocals), Jamie Smith, also known as Jamie xx (beats, MPC, record production), and formerly Baria Qureshi (keyboard, guitar). They are known for their distinct and minimalist sound that blends indie pop, indie electronic, indie rock, dream pop, and electro-rock and the dual vocalist setup of both Croft and Sim. Their music employs soft, echoed guitar, prominent bass, light electronic beats, and ambient soundscape backgrounds. After a four-year lapse between releases, including Smith’s solo debut in 2015, In Colour, the band released their third album, I See You, on 13 January 2017, which debuted to critical acclaim and peaked at number one in the UK and number two on the Billboard 200. Here are all of The xx songs ranked.

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10. On Hold (I See You, 2016)

“The production is unsurprisingly nice and lush, but the vocals have all of the passion and sincerity of an 80s romance movie duet.

9. Chained (Coexist, 2012)

“There’s the XX I remember. A dreary track that makes fantastic use of each singer’s natural chemistry. Lovely blends of simple bass and sparse flashes of beautiful melodies.

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This basically sticks to the formula the”

8. Say Something Loving (I See You, 2017)

“There is something wrong with this single. This is one of my favorite bands, even though it is going to take me some time to like their new album as much as I loved their previous material. I love the song and the genre. The performance is good as well. There seems to be something missing, though. Maybe it is Annie Lennox.”

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1. Do You Mind? (xx, 2009)

“This song is about a deep connection that can be compared to love at first sight with loves first touch. I absolutely love it. It seems like this song is about a one night stand kind of situation and wanting it to become something more afterwards.”

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